Amazing 1961 CalSpyder Ferrari Replica

When those iconic scenes in Ferris Bueller’s Day Off unfold, with the Ferrari 250 California Spyder replica ripping out of the high school parking lot or shooting backwards into the woodlands behind the garage, one thing is clear: replicas suddenly got a little cooler. I know some will immediately disagree with that statement, but watching that movie as a much younger version of myself, I didn’t know nor care that it was fake: it was beautiful, and sounded amazing. This 1961 Ferrari replica is another detailed copy of the desirable California Spyder, and it’s been taken to another level even above and beyond the movie car, with an LS7 under the hood paired to a six-speed manual. Find it here on eBay with bids up to almost $90K with the reserve unmet.

That sort of bidding is amazing to me, as most replicas rarely see that kind of action. But most replicas also often fall well short of the detail on display here, and it’s clear the builder sweated lots of nitty-gritty components that normally get ignored on kit car builds. From the switchgear in the dash to the leather-trimmed console and seats to the thick red carpeting, it really feels like a car wherein no expense was spared. The exterior looks like it is dripping in raven black paint, accented by freshly plated chrome bumpers, headlight covers, and the pair of driving lamps inserted into the grill below. The car also comes with power steering, power disc brakes, and a limited-slip rear end. Even functional A/C!

Under the hood is the modern interpretation of whatever domestic V8 likely got stuck under the hood of the movie car, and what an upgrade it is: the 7.0L LS7 V8, complete with custom painted valve covers featuring the car’s model name. The listing notes the builder of the Ferrari as Mike Rennucci in Arizona, and that the title presents the car as a “1961 CalSpyder Ferrari,” which the seller points out should save some headaches when the car inevitably moves to a state that might give a car like this (and its owner) the third degree about its origins as a kit car. The listing notes that among the car’s many impressive features, the chassis is a custom-fabricated and powdercoated frame with 12-position adjustable coilover shocks at each corner.

The level of detail continues all the way to the trunk, with handsome red carpeting inside and surrounding the spare wheel/tire. The polished bits look tidy out back as well, with no blemishes noted on the bumpers, and details like the taillight lenses and paint present as being in as-new condition or close to it. The seller notes the rear bumper is stainless, while the front bumper is chrome. Now, when it comes to kit cars, buying from an established builder is a good starting point, and the CalSpyder by Renucci looks like the real deal based on its website. It’s no surprise to see bidding as high as it is with that background in mind, as it would likely cost far more to have a new one built just for you. What do you think – will this CalSpyder replica clear $100K?

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  1. bobhess bobhess Member

    Nice build. Interesting that a car close to 100K has MG Midget $35 taillights on it. eBay pictures look like someone with really big feet stepped on it. Will agree that that’s the best looking interior I’ve seen in a long time, kit car or not.

    • James HGF

      Yes, lousy photos for whatever reason. Rear lamps are correct. Pair available from “misterfiat” eBay vendor in Atlanta for $1,995.00.

      Ferrari/Cobra, etc. emblems on “replica” cars a bit too much. I know, there’s a gazillion out there.

      One glance at the wheels shows it’s not real.

  2. Elanguy

    Odd that they couldn’t get the photographs to display correctly as bobhess points out. But yes, a nice replica and worth over $100k I suppose. You would get a nicer one for $600k, but I doubt anyone is choosing between those two price points.

  3. 66FB

    Look closer, they aren’t MG midget taillights.


    Appreciate that these builders went with a custom frame and high end interior touches.Too many in this space just drop a body over Corvette mechanicals…and call it a day.(never a good look) Nice build…I like it

  5. bobhess bobhess Member

    I’ll bite. What are the taillights off of? I know that there are real Ferraris with similar lights but what got me going was the squashed picture and what look like the Midget trunk lid hinges. Lights are European with the orange turn signal on top of the red. Either way, nice car well done.

    • Cobra Steve

      They appear to be European Volkswagen Type 3. European style was a flatter lens compared to the US version.

  6. bobhess bobhess Member

    66FB…Caught it! The rounded lower corners of the bezel are a Ferrari feature.

    • James HGF

      The bezels are an important part of the assembly as the basic lens orange and red or simply red is found in the upper assembly for the Fiat 1200/1500 spiders. Not all lens are identical. So one cannot count on all Fiat upper lens being correct for a Ferrari.

      advert for tail lamps – scroll down for complete assembly photos:

      At the bottom of the page is listing for new bare block w/o cyl liners. Click on that and a new gearbox for a 250GTO or SWB is on offer.

      The 250GT Pinin Farina coupes again use the same light assemblies as the California spider or in this case the CalSpyder.

      Much of the CalSpyder works at a glance if not familiar with the real cars. The interior is another point. However it suits the car and I’m the clientele.

      • James HGF

        Oops! …missing word…and I’m ‘sure’ the clientele.

  7. Mitchell Member

    Buy it and immediately take it to the next LS Fest

  8. Tom c

    I wonder what it cost to build this.

  9. gerardfrederick

    Absolutely georgeous. Considering the ¨reliability-quality¨ issues of the real thing, I am willing to guarantee THIS machine is vastly superior to the original.

  10. bikefixr

    I’m tepid about ‘replicas’ clones, ‘tributes’. If you made a replica $100 bill the Secret Service would have along chat with you. But if you feel compelled to profit off the efforts of Ferrari, so be it. But I would never use their emblems, logo, name…nothing. That goes over the line. I would also suggest that with all the $ spent on this, is that the BEST the stereo installer could do with the front speakers? Cut a hole and stick ’em in? Maybe mount from behind and either make a tasteful grille to match or perforate the leather. That’s just butt-ugly.

  11. Dallas

    Builder knows his customers… no real ’61 Ferrari ever had cupholders, but this replica does :-)

    • Dave Mazz

      You nailed it Dallas….that’s the main reason why I never bought a 1961 Ferrari :-) :-)

  12. Joe Haska

    I have never been a fan of kit cars, and they are usually very easy to pick apart.
    But I do like this car,some minor things but I wouldn’t let it leave my garage , as it did in the movie.

  13. Mainlymuscle

    I have one of the original 50 or so that were built in 1989/90 by Renucci and his partner Goyette.Ferrari litigated them out of business.This original series was not a kit car,they were hand built and took 6 months .All had carbureted 302 sbf/Tremec 5 speed.I have zero interest in debating the concept of replicas with those whose only original is a “Schwin “,other than to say that if you are going to reproduce something it better be worthwhile ;
    I.e. one of the most valuable cars ever made.I have shown mine ,along with several of my other cars for 3 summers,and it would not take both hands to count the number of folks who question it’s authenticity.Virtually no one knows,or cares ,what a “real “ one is worth .One either loves they way it looks or they don’t.Most prefer it to my 360 spider 6 speed parked next to it.
    Was it Ferris himself who stated “ I highly recommend one “ ?
    Mine is titled as 1960 Ferrari 250 GT which happens to correspond to when I was reproduced!

  14. Mont Hunt

    I’ve noticed that most tributes, clones, etc sell for 50-70% of the real thing. Considering the last real one sold for $17 Million, I think $100,000 is a bargain.
    Not to mention, this one has more power, more reliable, less finicky, and cheaper to maintain and repair!

  15. Ian

    The wheels are the primary letdown for me. Borranis would seal the deal, those scream Dayton

  16. PRA4SNW PRA4SNW Member

    SOLD for $105,000.

  17. chrlsful

    funny, 2 good pic out of all those (& in garage @ that). Got the price tho. Nice low
    50K mi? legal to put all those Ferrari badges on it?

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