Amazing 81 Mile 1970 Hemi Cuda!

1970 Hemi Cuda

If the claims are all true, this could be one of the most desirable Hemi Cudas to ever hit the market! The auction house says it’s the Holy Grail for Hemi lovers and well, I would have to agree with them. It is supposedly all original and unrestored. The most amazing claim though is that it has only covered 81 miles in the past 45 years! The story of how that happened is believable and only adds to the allure here. There is no doubt that Mopar enthusiasts will be lined up around the block at Indy to bid on this one when it gets auctioned off in May. Will you be there?

Cuda interior

Apparently, the first owner purchased this beast strictly for drag racing duty. They removed the intake, exhaust, rear end, and tires before replacing them with heavy duty pieces. The stock parts were then carefully stored away before hitting the track. Unfortunately, the owner passed away after only one racing season though. The car then went through a series of wise owners. One of them mounted all the original parts back in their proper places and another replaced all the fluids and did a little fine tuning. Luckily, none of them seems to have had the desire to modify or restore anything on the car. Only to preserve it!

Cuda side

The muscle car bubble may have burst long ago, but there is no doubt in my mind that this Cuda is going to sell for some serious money. It could even set a new record. There is good reason for all this hype though. Cars this special don’t come along very often and especially not in this sort of condition. The auction house has obviously done their homework and surely the documentation proving all the claims will be provided to serious parties. Even if this wasn’t a completely original car, it would still be very impressive. The Tor Red paint and black interior look handsome and appear as new. The most exciting aspect though is the mighty Hemi residing under that Shaker hood!

426 Hemi

The huge 426 cubic inch Hemi  V8 was rated at 425 horsepower and 490 foot pounds of torque! That was some serious muscle for a street car. Many were used for racing, as was this car, but most ended up covering many more miles in their lifetimes. It’s doubtful that this beautifully preserved example will see any more miles either though because it will most likely go into a collection where Mopar fans can ogle it for decades to come. Personally, I would rather have something that could be used for a little stoplight drag action without the fear or destroying something so priceless. But, if you have a million bucks burning a hole in your pocket there are definitely worse ways to blow it!

Source: Mecum Auctions


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  1. J.W.

    Even if I had the money I wouldn’t bid because I’m a firm believer in these cars were made to be driven. Our 70 Mach1 has 40K invested in it besides the cost of the car and we drive it to every show we go to, even out of state ones because that’s what it was built for not to look at sitting in my garage or on some enclosed trailer.

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    • james g

      It should be taken around the country to different concourses like a F100 (and they drive it around the show) with 26 miles on it they bought with 7 i believe and is taken to different car shows like the hilton head concourse.

  2. RIC Parrish

    $Million +, Oh stop J.W., if you had a multi million dollar painting would you take it to the beach? There are plenty of cars you can buy to hammer on the street, this is an incredible antique, the best of an entire auto industry era.

    • JW

      Ric I didn’t say I would hammer on it or trash it but I would drive it and put miles on it. If I had that kind of money I would also have the best insurance money can buy. People must remember someday it all will fall apart, just look at the young ones who are not even interested in cars at all, then you have the ones who only like the new cars and imports. IMO our beloved classics will go the wayside the same as the model T so why not enjoy them. This is just my opinion of cars in general and I’ll never have this kind of disposable cash anyway so these museum pieces are safe.

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  3. Dirty Dingus McGee

    I think if anyone wants to see this in person, they best head to the auction. Dollars to donuts it’s gonna end up in some rich persons private “museum”. Sadly.

  4. John

    If you really want to cry, read the story of this car and how in 1977, this car was purchased for 3500.00.
    I remember seeing the auction and was amazed at the low miles on the car. It took me a few minutes to find it.

  5. geomechs geomechs Member

    If I could afford to buy something like this, I’d drive it. I don’t care who built it or how rare they are, they were all intended to get bug splatters all over them. I doubt if I would live long enough to put 10K miles on it but it would still be a driver with very few miles.

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  6. AL

    In 1986 I turned down the opportunity to purchase a 70 Hemi ‘Cuda drag car purple, automatic column shift, radio delete, steel wheel car. It was campaigned as “The Scavenger” the odometer, from recollection, was 6.7 miles. It was in Lacrosse Wi. I sold my limelite Superbird and bought my 70 Hemi Charger 4 speed car instead and Still own it today. If I was in the position to purchase this 81 mile Hemi car I would be a bidder.
    Anyone interested I have a really nice “69 Hemi GTX B5 4speed?

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  7. Scot Carr

    ~ !@@! ‘John still has the Ziplock baggie that contains the rubber he burned off the tires on his test drive and she sits here today ready to go.’
    That is history –

  8. Ron

    I remember seeing such a car in 76 when I was in high school. Could of been had for about $3000 but bought a 67 goal instead. Either to store or drive is up to the new owner , I have no problem with that. Just glad to see this car is still in all original condition.

  9. Rex Kahrs Member

    A zip lock bag with what?? Burned rubber particles? That’s just mental.

  10. Pete Leppard

    Kinda odd, this car does not have the ” hockey stick” decal on the rear fenders with the engine size

  11. krash

    I wonder if the seller will take 50,000 Target gift cards in lieu of cash….

    Love the color, the car, the story..

    ..unfortunately, it’s not my story to tell..

  12. Tim

    The spring classic in Indy is a fun event, see 100,s of cars up close. I love to look & dream but sadly auctions like this are making the hobby more difficult to get into.

  13. stillrunners stillrunners Member

    Like that L79 Nova posted the other day which I’ve also seen before…..just have to wonder…..

  14. Mark 'cuda man

    It looks orange in the pictures which gets me excited to start restoring my non-hemi twin to this car. Mine is a 1970 vitamin C orange one owner 383cid 4-speed 41k original non-molested and original drive train and running gear. But like most of these legends sat in the original owner’s back yard for 15 years. Sad this happened to a lot of these cars. Gathering parts now……..

  15. JW

    Here’s a picture of my friends Cuda he picked up some years back as a black basket case next to some guys garage on his way home from work. His wife thought he was completely nuts when the flatbed delivered it. It’s a 340 Automatic but it’s been heavily modified as far as drivetrain goes.

    • dordud

      Was that black basket case in Kansas City?

  16. dordud

    JW- was that basket case in Kansas City?

  17. JW

    dordud, I’ll get back to you on that Saturday as I’m meeting up with him ay a local car show then I can ask him. I know he said it was black when he got it and now he finds that black Cudas were pretty rare so he may repaint it back to Black. OH sounds like a AC/DC tune to me.

  18. JW

    dordud, I talked to the owner of the Cuda I posted a pic of and he said he bought it in Parkville, Mo.

  19. Ric Parrish

    Antique specialty cars are just as important as any other form of art.
    The simple fact that driving them ruins their significants instantly. These ‘classy guys’ who feel they would have to hammer them up on the street would probably make a coffee table out of the Mona Lisa.

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