Amazing Garage Find! 1959 Ford Edsel Ranger 2-Door

This 1959 Ford Edsel Ranger is advertised as being owned by the same gentleman since 1982. Showing only 77,000 original miles, this car is a true survivor. Found here on eBay with a current bid of $4,250, the car is located in Barnesville, Minnesota. Check out the photo of the car below once it was cleaned up!

The standard engine for the Ranger trim package was a 361 cubic inch V8 rated at a stout 303 horsepower. Supposedly, the owner of this vehicle “started it every couple years” and that the last time it ran was about two years ago. The gasoline was drawn from a gas can in the trunk because the original tank contains old gas. If that’s true, a good flush of the original gas tank or installation of a replacement should get this car running again.

There are a few photos in the ad showing the interior, although an overall picture is not available. You can tell from the photos that this car appears to be in original condition and in great shape. The car was well taken care of and the garage seems like it was dry and free of critters.

Here is the car after it was removed from the garage and cleaned up. Although Edsel’s were arguably one of the biggest design flops in automotive history, they have recently picked up steam as desirable collector cars. Finding one like this in original condition is rare. If you’re in the market for a unique collector car, this may be the one for you. What do you think, are you a fan of Edsel’s?

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  1. Dirk

    Nice car. I think Edsels are currently underrated in terms of value. Not a bad investment in the under $10k range if condition is as it appears.

  2. jw454

    I’m sure it still needs a few things here and there but, it sure looks good. I’d take it. The reserve seems to be met so it will sell. Go for it guys!!

  3. Rodk

    Finally a seller who put the time and effort into cleaning the car up to show what you truly are buying. I like seeing the before and after pics it shows some pride in the car it allows you to make a much more informed decision. Cudo’s to the seller.
    I agree these cars don’t seem to get the attention that they should get. Most of the ones I have seen are rust buckets and not worth fixing. Hope it goes to a good home.

  4. Gaspumpchas

    Even though the styling was unpopular, these were a good well built car, Had a friend who had one handed down thru his family and when the fInally got rid of it it had over 300k! I personally like the styling!

    Good luck to the new owner–one sweet survivor!

  5. Steve

    That passenger door does not line Up well with front quarter, so a careful look for previous damage repair is in order

  6. fred w

    A few initial teething problems, along with the horse collar grille, and the Edsel became late night TV show fodder, which sealed it’s fate. Too bad, they were actually fine cars.

  7. fish56

    Looks like a nice, affordable collector car. Only issue I’m not sure about, looks like both doors have bad gaps to the front fenders, open at the top, real close to the bottom. Is that just sign of worn hinges or ?

  8. Miguel

    It does look like a clean car however a few things I noticed.

    He says he has not tried to start the engine but it has new Minn. collector plates. Why plate a car that doesn’t run.

    The car is not listed in the Edsel registry so maybe it was in the garage all that time.

    I find it interesting the car would be bid up so high already as it is a non runner. I find it hard to take the word of somebody on the internet. The engine could be frozen for all anybody knows.

    An interesting style note.

    Notice the name Ranger pressed into the door panel just above the window crank. I don’t think I have ever seen that before. My Edsel wagon did not have that.

    • jrmedsel

      The model name (Ranger, Corsair, Villager) was embossed into vinyl on the front door panels on all the 1959 Edsels.

  9. Oliver Rojas

    Very nice find. May the buyer enjoy it for many years. Much historical value to this car serving as an emblem to Edsel and Henry Ford’s creative potential.

  10. Warren

    The 361 FE was the top line engine for the Ranger. Standard engine was a 6.

    • Mike Williams

      Four engines offered in ’59, 223, 292, 332 and 361, To bad they didn’t offer a six in the first year, it might have survived.

  11. 86 Vette Convertible

    Clean, straight, run, no visible issues, what’s not to like? Decent price too.

  12. Steve harrison

    We still have our dad’s 58 Edsel Citation convertible that he has owned since 1972

  13. Martin

    It has been painted so not original although the flipper is careful not to say it is. But that makes me questuon the mileage claim.

    • Miguel

      If you read the Ebay ad, the seller says this car was always well taken care of.

      The first picture on this page differs from that claim.

  14. Bob C.

    Hope it finds a good home. These cars didn’t get a fair chance in life, and this one looks like it can get a really good second chance.

  15. JC

    The ’58: yikes. Ugly car with a lot of mechanical issues (there’s a REASON that the Tele-Touch transmission buttons didn’t carry over to the next year). The ’59: much improved, one of the best looking cars that year. But- too little, too late. A shame, really.

    • Lawyer George

      JC. I strongly disagree that the ’58 was ugly. I thought they were cool when I first saw one. I found a white 2 door pacer with 303 horse and 3 speed on the column in 1960 which I bought for $800.00. It had less than 30,000 miles. I just loved the looks of that car. When the 1959 model came out, my first thought was “Ford ruined them.” Kinda like they did with the ’58 Ford Fairlane 500. (or the 1941 compared to the 1940 model)The 57 had decent lines but the ’58 looked like Ford had sawed the front end off and glued an out-of-scale replacement in place thereof. Kind of reminded me of a kid with huge braces on his teeth. They have grown on me a bit, but still much prefer the 1957 Fairlane Convertible over the ’58. As far as the 59 Edsel-I can’t see myself ever buying one, but I would relish a ’58 Edsel Convertible. I had no mechanical issues with mine.

  16. Rick

    Dear Barn Finds, it is an “Edsel”, not a “Ford Edsel”. While it was manufactured by Ford, “Edsel” is the brand. Just like a “Lincoln” is not a “Ford Lincoln.” Thank you. Rant over.

    • RayT Member

      Yup. A product of the “M-E-L” (Mercury-Edsel-Lincoln) Division of the Ford Motor Company.

  17. Johnmloghry Johnmloghry Member

    I had a 59 Edsel Ranger 4 door sedan. 292 v8 a/t very base car manual window cranks and seat, no a/c, it did have power drum brakes and power steering. Was a good car until it through a rod. I just parked it in the woods where it broke down and left it there in the mountains in Washington state.

  18. Terry Johnson

    I’ve won a few bets over the years about when FoMoCo built the first Ranger. One knowledgeable car guy thought he had me with knowledge of the “Ranger” F100 from the late 60’s. :-) Terry J

  19. Roseland Pete

    Fortunately, it has those always desirable “original miles.”

  20. Hank

    This guy won’t answer my questions about the motor if it’s seized up or free. Condition of floor pans, inner rockers frame rails. He said he would call me but never has. We buy 150 -200 cars every year, I would be willing to pay more but he must be hiding something. If your going to run an on line auction you need to be prepared to monitor it and respond to questions. Very disappointing!


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