Amazing Original Condition! 1985 Jeep Grand Wagoneer

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Some of you may have nostalgic memories of riding in station wagons on family road trips when you were young. If you’re of my generation, the station wagons of the sixties and seventies made way to the S.U.V. culture in the 1980s. The Jeep Wagoneer kept the wood panels that were such a familiar look during the 70s but added four-wheel drive to make family ski trips and camping adventures easier. This 1985 Grand Wagoneer can be found here on eBay with a current bid over $8,000! Located in Lakewood, Washington, this Jeep has probably had some great adventures in the Pacific Northwest. Although it has seen some mileage, it is still in amazing condition. Check out more of this amazing Jeep below.

The interior is a really nice red color that looks like it may have been refreshed. You can see the trim package on this particular Jeep features power seats, windows along with wood grain dash and steering wheel. It also features a C.B. radio and vintage cellular telephone.

The engine compartment is very clean and has almost been detailed too much. This much shine on a 34-year-old truck should raise a red flag for a potential buyer. A thorough inspection along with a review of any receipts that come with the sale would be a good idea. The ad says it “runs and drives like new” and hopefully that’s the case.

The overall condition of this Jeep is very good. The ad says it was stored in a barn since 2004 where it had some boxes stacked on the hood. You can see some paint issues there, but the rest of the paint looks fine. So what do you think of this great classic 4×4? Does it bring back any memories for you? Share your stories with us.

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  1. grant

    If it served duty in Lakewood, it may well have been a pavement queen, ferrying the kids to private school and soccer practice. Would explain the condition. Nice Jeep.

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  2. DayDreamBeliever DayDreamBeliever

    Spotted that angle iron on the front, and yep…. Confirmed by the seller that this was towed behind a motor home. Might have another 100K rolling miles on it.

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  3. Francisco

    The seller said the vehicle was mainly towed (actually he wrote “told” sic) by an RV. This got me wondering. Do the freewheeling back wheels turn the odometer while being towed. If so, it’s possible that the actual mileage of the truck is a lot less than 150k. This might explain the lack of rust as RV’s generally don’t travel on snow covered roads. It also might explain the newness of the engine compartment and upholstery.

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  4. ccrvtt

    You might be able to score a similar vintage Range Rover for the same price (maybe not the same condition). But then you’d have to put up with the exorbitant parts prices and scarce availability.

    I would take this Jeep in a heartbeat. Nice find.

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  5. David

    With all the revival cars built in recent years; this model seems a natural to return. It’s a beautiful trim line.

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  6. XMA0891

    IMO, ’85 was the last great year for these great trucks. Old-style wood-grain dash, steering wheel, lipstick red leather and shag-carpet all look great. Too many miles for Wagonmaster to consider, but still-in-all a great find! Sunny Sunday cruising-only – I would love to have it in my garage.

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  7. CaCarDude

    Had a neighbor that owned one of these identical color combo, not sure if the year was the same but close. I helped him maintain it mechanically a few times and did a new headliner in the beast when the original went south, fun job but working in another friends upholstery shop I was able to complete and came out better than new. The big Chrysler engine was a very thirsty monster I do recall, got about 8mpg on a good day.. downhill. A nice looking ride but not one I would care to own.

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  8. Stevieg

    This would not have a Chrysler engine. It would be the AMC 360. Even after mother Mopar bought AMC, it still ran the AMC engine.
    Being a life long Wisconsinite, a Milwaukeean to be specific, I really love my Kenosha Kadillacs lol.

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    • leiniedude leiniedudeMember

      Hi Stevieg, I am also a member of the Kenosha Kadillacs Army! Take care, Mike.

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      • Ike Onick

        Kenosha Can.

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  9. Chuck Foster Chuck F

    I just looked at one of these yesterday from FB Marketplace, a Florida Gulf Coast beach vehicle, and it has the rusty rockers to prove it, although I didn’t ask the owner if he got it here or his native Canada, hmmm. Asking $5k, and has 110k miles, it needs some work so I passed.

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