Amazing Survivor: 1968 Dodge Dart GTS

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While it’s had one repaint in its life, this Dodge Dart GTS is highly original and is in beautiful condition. The seller has owned this 383 4-speed equipped Mopar since 2004. During their ownership, they’ve replaced consumables and done only the necessary work to keep it running it’s best. It is ready for its next owner to enjoy and preserve, so if you’d love to have it, you can find it here on eBay in Williamston, Michigan with a $38,000 asking price.

The GTS option turned the Dart into a more serious performance machine, with more engine options, such as the high output 340 and 383 V8s. It also included a unique hood, side stripes, badges, and bucket seats. The 383 was rated at 300 horsepower and this one is paired to a 4-speed and the 8 3⁄4 rear engine. This is a potent combo that should prove to be very fun! The seller has had the heads refreshed and a new distributor installed, the original comes with the car.

The interior appears to be in great shape. The carpet has been replaced, while the rest of the inside appears to be original. It’s a really well-optioned car, so it should be enjoyable to drive. There doesn’t seem to be anything needed to improve it, so this is truly a turn-key muscle car.

What a great looking machine! The GTS option really makes this Dart special and desirable. The $38k asking price does seem high, but the seller offers the option to make a lower offer. It definitely is worth a closer look if you’ve been hunting for a great turn-key classic! So, what do you think of this Mopar?

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  1. Chris

    The asking price is a great number to start with on this car. The seller appears motivated to sensible offers. These are rare with the 383 and a 4 speed combined with one respray since new makes this a great buy. Although the 340 was a much better performer in the A body. Nice car.

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  2. MorganW Morgan Winter

    I don’t remember the “8 3/4 rear engine” option…sounds like it would be a handful! Just kidding, nice car.

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    • Oingo

      I frequently find at least one auto correct spelling error every article.

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      • PatrickM

        Frustratin’. Ain’t it?

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  3. Dave

    These Darts were always enigmas. The 340 was a new engine then and was rated at 275 hp, the same as the 383 2v, although in reality there was no comparison. The 383 Road Runner engine was rated at 335 hp, so why did Ma Mopar create an oddball motor just for A bodies, especially when the 440 and 426 Hemi were available for the truly brave? Was the Dart version of the 383 4v the same motor as the 2 barrel?

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    • Chris

      No, the Dart received the high performance 383 which was the same one that came in the RR and SB. But since the 383 was a tight fit into the A body the driver’s side exhaust manifold was recast into a rather funky shape that killed flow. Thus knocking down power to the advertised 300 vs. 335. Funny thing is if you’re restoring one of these and that manifold is missing get ready to cough up $1500 IF you find one!

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    • Sandy Claws

      The 275 HP rating for the 340 was at least 50 shy in reality as to keep the insurance companies not so eager and to allow for greater sales to the younger target audience. 383 vs 340, no choice, the 383 was fine at a drag strip, not so much around a corner esp when giving it gas to power through it. Pop the hood at the drive in and the local kids might have been thrilled with the 383 but the wiser knew better. Myself, I would have preferred a good running 318 with a free flowing dual exhaust and that 4 speed in this car. Better all around in my opinion, though even a slant six would have gotten the job done. 225 was the best engine ever in the history of mankind. After WW3 only thing left viable will be cock roaches and slant sixes.

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      • Eric

        I guess the cockroaches will have to learn to drive.

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      • Stillrunners

        Been offered before…rare it’s still together….consol car too!

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      • Robert Holt

        I would definitely agree that the old 225’s were almost bulletproof, my first car was a ’76 Dart Custom, and that little slant 6 would surprise the crap outta you! I’ll never forget meeting up with some friends for a scavenger hunt one day. I got there early and parked way up in the parking lot to watch my buddies come rolling in one by one, and when the last one rolled in, I lit that little car up and completely hid it in a glorious cloud of white smoke (hee hee). Funny, all my buddies thought it was on fire… I loved that car, I learned how to drive and drift in that little copper colored 4-door.

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  4. Jim

    Very nice Dodge Dart GTS👍

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  5. GPMember

    Great looking car, Maybe around 3,800.00 brand new? Anybody know, just a fun fact.

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  6. PDXBryan

    I’ve loved Dart GTSs since I saw one in a Hot Rod Comic book when I was a wee-beast! It was the 340 4speed that really was the killer but this big block really looks the business too. I’m with Sandy Claws, a worked on slant 6 would also have a definite attractive funk factor!

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    • Robert Holt

      It’s me again…got lots of Dart stories 😁 I had a buddy in high school who had a ’69 Dart GT, bright yellow with black stripes and a beautiful white interior…a 340-4 speed car, that thing would fly! With my buddy driving and 3 other guys in the car, we went up a long local hill at 145mph, the fastest I had ever been in a car at that time. What a sweet ride!

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  7. Terry Bowman

    On a bet once, I took a 225 and drained the oil and water to see how long it would take to blow up. Well 35 minutes later and at around 2000 rpm’s it stopped running but did not blow up, the cam broke. Great Motor, just wished I kept one.

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  8. DAVID6

    😲I HAVE A 72 G20 SHORTY O1O 350 T400
    TEXT ME👍😎

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  9. Chad F

    300ci Santy – the gasser that’s a diesel
    MB 5 cyl diesel?

    I’m wid ya on the slanty tho (had 2 170s & drove a fleet of K cars w/225).
    But not what these other 2 motors offer in durability.

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  10. TortMember

    Very nice in every way but would prefer a torqueflite. Nice, clean and without any factory stripes or decals! Love it!

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  11. Steve S

    The manual transmission is more fun to drive than the automatic and the manual transmission gets a little better gas mileage also and he probably meant 8 3/4 rear end

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  12. Miguel

    I have posted this Mexican GTS before. it looks much like this one, but it had a 318 from the factory.

    They could be twins.

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    • 36 Packard

      That is a beautiful car. I have noticed that Chryslers from Mexico and Australasia usually have lower powered engines in them. Is that by law or more common sense? I know you could get 2 BBL slant sixes and small 4bbl 318s in those places. I think a 318 with a dual exhaust and a small 4bbl (say, a 340CFM) would have been the perfect compromise over a fuel thirsty 340 that also made your insurance company richer, though the 2bbl was in actuality a very nice design by itself.

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    • Robert Holt

      Wow, twins indeed! Beautiful cars, makes me wish I was filthy rich.. but on the 318’s, I dated a girl who was in the Delayed Enlistment Program with me who had a ’74 Dart Swinger, with a 318 auto.. she liked me because I had the ’76 Dart and I thought she (and her Dart) were smoking hot. She made the mistake of letting me drive it one day when we were going to Cherokee on an outing (hee hee hee), and I properly showed her how to light that baby up. We didn’t date long after that, I think she thought I was a little too wild for her… man if she only knew how much I loved the smell of burning rubber in the morning (or the evening), she wouldn’t have ever let me pilot that little rocket. Very respectable motor, sweet ride, nice girl, good memories… thanks y’all!

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  13. PatrickM

    Nice car except for the exhaust problem. Also price way out of reach for my wallet. Might be worth it, but, not sure.

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