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Amazing Survivor: 1977 Volkswagen Rabbit

Survivor Rabbit

We wouldn’t normally get too excited about a VW Rabbit, but when an early one this clean shows up, we take notice. The seller claims that it is all original and that it only 35k miles on the clock. The paint does look impressive and I don’t see any good reason to not believe the claims. I would have a hard time spending more than a couple grand on one of these, but I suppose that if you were in the market for one, this could be the very best left out there. It’s located in Talking Rock, Georgia and is listed here on eBay where bidding ends shortly!

Rabbit Interior

The inside looks just as impressive as the outside. I normally dont like yellow cars, but this one looks stunning!

Fuel Injected Four

The seller claims that they wouldn’t be afraid to drive this car anywhere. Lots of work has already been done to make it safe and reliable.

1977 VW Rabbit

New struts and tire went on and for some reason the wheels were powder coated. There’s no obvious rust underneath and there’s no obvious reason to not love this car. Bidding might be getting too high for this car to see daily driver duty, but it looks like a bargain when compared to some of the other low-mileage survivor cars we have featured lately.


  1. Luke Fitzgerald

    its probably going back to Europe – judging the price

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  2. Rancho Bella

    These were great little cars (with proper car). But, they rust from the inside out like 914’s

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  3. saintmike801

    Wow, that’s in good shape. I worked in sales and financing at a local VW dealership from 1974 to 1982 and was there when the first Rabbits came out. They were very unreliable and you sort of held your breath when one was delivered, hoping they made it home.
    Hard to believe that someone has kept this one so clean and non-rusted.

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    • Ross W. Lovell

      Greetings All,

      Surprised St.Mike, we had two of these one of the first couple of years of production and one of the last year that they called them Rabbits, they seemed indestructible.

      The first one was a 4 speed base model. Mileage was great and 0-60 the car could beat just about anything…………to 60, after that I was educated on taillight design. Put about 175K on that car, and traded it.

      Next one was a sunroof car, bought new with A/C and a 5 speed. The only issue was VW seemed to brackets for various engine options from Chrysler and the quality suffered, though it did have a 5-speed.

      Didn’t have any of the rust issues, more importantly they used a better grade of Bosch switchgear than they did in the 90’s, my Jetta introduced me to cheap poorly designed Bosch switches. Never knew they existed in this form after owning some Fintail Benzes.

      All in all, liked the cars. The first one screamed and it wasn’t a GTI. Second one was a 4 door so it had a weight disadvantage.

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  4. Donnie

    Ansester of the street tuners of today .

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  5. piper62j

    Kwazy Wabbit….

    These were good cars back in the day.. they ate like a bird and if I remember correctly, were cheap to own and dependable..

    Nice one..

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  6. piper62j

    Donnie.. How old are you?

    This site is more for adults that have either worked on these cars or owned them thru the years and provide a lot of knowledge and history about them..

    Please be kind enough to keep your comments and opinions at a level we can all enjoy..

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  7. jim s

    sold tor $8600. i enjoyed driving a lot of these back then. the first ones that had a carb instead of FI were a pain but other then that they were good cars. nice find.

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  8. Mark Wilson in NC

    “various engine options from Chrysler”…Never happened. Chrysler did use a 1700cc version of a Rabbit engine in their early Omni/Horizon cars….nice to see such a survivor.

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  9. Charles H.

    Knew a lady that bought a new 1975 model, she had nothing but trouble out of it, when it wasn’t something major, it was it was nickel and dimeing her to death, it was a bright green color, so instead of calling it a “Lemon”, she called it a “Limon”!

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  10. Mark S

    A good friend of mine had one of these with the Diesel engine that little car lasted for over 600000 kms he did have to rebuild the body at 300000 as it was getting pretty rusty if I didn’t see it for myself I never would have believed it. It was a great little car, I believe my friends only complaint was poor electrical systems.

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  11. Mark-A

    Definitely an Early car with the Swallowtail rear lamps & bumpers (both Short bumpers & Small lamps) make this an extremely desirable vehicle especially in Europe! I’d love to own it & retro fit the 2ltr 16V Mk2 GTI 16V engine on a pair of Weber/Deloretto 40mm carbs! 170hp & not much weight! Hours of fun

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