Another 1970 Plymouth Superbird On Craigslist?

1970 Plymouth Superbird 2

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A couple of days ago we featured a Superbird that was listed on craigslist and today we have another! This one is claimed to have covered only 44k miles since new. The seller also mentions that the suspension, brakes, and fuel system have been rebuilt. Could that mean that this winged muscle car is original and unrestored? This could be quite a catch for the serious Mopar collector. Find it here on craigslist out of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania for an eye watering $175,000. Thanks goes to Mark W for the tip! Keep these winged wonders coming guys!

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  1. Van

    Have you noticed that we are all a little dense.
    Take any car, the better the engine option, better suspension and brakes, the more likely it will not be driven.
    It’s the Tom Slick addition with Steve McQueen track pack. Of course I only trailer it, it’s only got 11,001 miles.

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  2. Cassidy

    only one picture and a very brief paragraph! And you want how much for your Bird?? Think scam first and foremost!

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  3. Frankie

    For cars like this you would/should get in touch with Galen Govier at GTS. He’s like a guru in all things Mopar, cars like this. He’s worth the money and he’ll inspect and research the car to make sure your getting what’s been advertised.

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    • Steve B

      MMC Detroit > GTS

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  4. DolphinMember

    Every time I see one I think about Mopar making Superbirds with special aero pieces for fast tracks, and that has always impressed me. Yes, Mopar mainly wanted to beat the other guys, and yes they wanted it to help sell cars, but it still shows they could do it if they wanted to, and win with it.

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  5. angliagt

    I remember that the dealers had a hard time selling these
    when they were new.

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    • DolphinMember

      Yes, they had trouble moving a race car for the street. It’s the other Mopars thay wanted to sell…like sedans and wagons…because the success and news of the Superbirds rubs off on all their other cars.

      It’s: Win on Sunday, sell on Monday.

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    • PRA4SNW

      The same can be said for Shelby Cobras. My father recalls seeing brand new ones for sale several years after their release for greatly reduced prices.

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  6. Pfk1106

    If I recall Maryland wouldn’t let the dealers sell these cars due to safety concerns

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  7. Charles H.

    The state of Maryland, would not allow them, because they required cars to have a front bumper, and the Superbird did not have a front bumper……

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  8. JW454

    I recall seeing these sitting on the car lots when they were new. I thought these were the greatest looking cars ever built. What car crazy thirteen year old wouldn’t? I’ve had one on my bucket list for a long time but at this price level, it’s just a dream unless the lottery fairy visits soon.

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  9. Robert White

    In 1970 I was living in Toronto and a friend and I walked from Don Mills & Shepard Ave to Scarborough to see the 1970 Roadrunner they had on a car lot. The walk was worth it. Great car and ultra unique in the high perf line of 70s cars. The car on the lot was orange too.


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  10. Gregory Weil

    Not true about Maryland. My Dad had one in his dealership (Weil & Scott in Baltimore, MD). I was just 9 or 10 years old. .

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  11. stillrunners

    Areo wars…Smokey Yunick was the real master….

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  12. Stephen

    I remember seeing one of these drive past my house when I was a kid. I thought it was silly looking then and still do to this day.

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  13. John

    Why would a car with 44k miles need all new front suspension and brakes? Same for its carpeting.

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    • PRA4SNW

      Maybe referring to the bushings aging out and calipers/pads/drums seizing after a period of non-use.

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  14. charles

    I was 16 years old and riding my bike on rt 29 just north of four corners Maryland, near the WSSC building and the old dam. Three of these drove by, all in different bright colors, and each with an attractive young woman at the wheel (blonde,brunette, redhead). I was slack jawed until they were out of sight and realized it must have been a touring show for advertising. probably going to Baltimore to see Gregorys dad!

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  15. lrry

    As a Pennsylvania Resident, RUST BELT. We use more Salt than KFC Chicken uses.. Buyer beware regardless of assurances.

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    • Earl

      I know the owner of this car he is an older gentleman, it is real. The car was originally sold in St Louis MO.

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  16. scooter8

    I was leaning against my brothers pals 69 Z28. when i heard breaking torquing on the block down, figured time to get out of the street. it was a new red superbird coming flat out! got to the intersection the same tlme as an chev. wagon.hit her she swerved into the Z28! still in gear and gas pedal still pushed. pals fireman pop comes out to move her.anyway wagon takes off across the street. hits another car. her eyebrow was stuck to the windshield like a catapillar(?)! the bird hit the corners deep curb.wiped out nose! driver ran? cops chased us away for beeping the horn. i was about 13?

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