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Another Beautiful Brazilian! 1972 Chevrolet C10 Pickup


Last October, Barn Finds featured the “Suburban-esque” version of this Brazilian market Chevrolet called the Veraneio. As it turns out, the same seller now has the pickup version of the same vehicle up for sale now here on eBay. The stylish truck is located in Miami, Florida. Thanks to Jim S. for this fantastic find!


Again, like with the previous Brazilian vehicle, I think the styling of this truck is really cool. It also looks to be in remarkable condition, although I’m sure this isn’t original. Sure is an unusual location for the spare tire! I think the whitewalls set it off nicely as well.


From the front, the styling is clearly GM, but certainly different from the typical American trucks. And yes, it’s not a barn find, but hopefully you’ll excuse us as this one seemed special enough to share! I for one love this vehicle, and it’s obvious from looking at it someone else did too.


The bed is a traditional-type wooden bed, and appears to be in terrific shape. Note that the spare location appears to be factory–I sure hope there’s a drain hole in the bottom of that tire well!


I’m sure the embroidered seat covers weren’t stock, but it’s nice to see how much someone must have loved this vehicle.  It certainly looks like a nice place to spend some time. It’s certainly a little plainer than most US pickups on the inside, but I like it a lot. The seller has already taken care of any title and importation issues as there is a clean title included. Part of the reason the truck looks so nice is that it only has 35,000 miles.


I have no clue as to whether the underhood appearance is correct, but it looks terrific! This is the original inline 6 the truck came with. Honestly, this is one of the few vehicles we’ve featured here that I wouldn’t change anything about, I’d just enjoy it. But I’m wondering how many of you would prefer this truck to a similar condition and vintage US Chevrolet version. Let us know in the comments!



  1. Mark P

    Love it, I’d need to build a garage for this one though. You’ll have the only one of these most places you take it. You said it looks like GM in the front though I see more Ford as in this Cortina.

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    • Mountainwoodie

      I agree and even a little Opel like, Be a great conversation piece and useful!

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  2. Dean

    I love this little truck, especially the forward rake of the cab. And the interior looks great, and not really any plainer than similar vintage Chevy’s here. I think I would much rather have this one than the same age in a North American truck.

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  3. Joe

    Very nice looking truck. A real head turner. Reminds me of a Tonka truck I had as a kid in the 60’s, same color.

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  4. Mr. Bond

    Surprised there really is nothing in common with NA versions of that vintage C10. Maybe just the driveline.

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    • Geoff (57 Olds) S.

      Like the Australian Holdens etc; different but still lovely!

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  5. JamestownMike

    REALLY stupid place to put the spare! Neat to see but I prefer the 72 American C10 by far!

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  6. CJay

    The front has similarities to the Opel Kadet, taillights look like mid sixties Chevy pickup.

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  7. JW

    I do like this truck especially the color, the white seats are a bit too much for me in a pickup.

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  8. Brian (Michigan)

    Very cool. Love seeing vintage vehicles I’ve never seen before.

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  9. Woodie Man

    Looks like the bastard offspring of a ’65 Datsun and an seventies Chevy. But I like it. Or maybe its a ’72 Chevy from Bizarro Jerry’s world. Too bad its so nice you wouldn’t want to use it as it was meant.

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  10. Howard A Member

    I like it too. It’s just the right size. Funny, while it is a ’72, many parts look right out of the early ’60’s. Look at the wiring. Even I could figure it out. I tell ya’, many things America is great for, but sometimes, I wonder if other countries don’t have the right idea. I’ll bet the US automakers got together, and said, “Don’t let Americans find out about this truck. It may be what they actually want”.
    As far as this straying from BF’s nature, I don’t think vehicles necessarily have to be found in a “big, red farm building” to qualify as a BF. In the short time I’ve been here, I’ve seen BF’s kind of shift to interesting vehicles found everywhere ( let’s face it, not too many barns in the big cities) that we can actually afford. I think BF’s is doing the classic car hobby a ton of good by showing us all kinds of PLAUSIBLE projects. If you want it, here’s the ball, now you run with it, kind of thing. They don’t cover races or tell us the latest VW news, just classics. Thanks for a great site.

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  11. MacVaugh

    I hope you live in a warm climate. I don’t see any sort of heater in that truck!

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  12. Gerry

    Here’s a Chevy that my brother-in-law has in Sao Paulo – very nice truck:

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  13. Gerry

    And, in the other corner, there’s this – a former embassy worker brought it down and then the gas embargo hit. The worker sold it in Sao Paulo and it ended up in my brother-in-law’s garage. It runs extremely well – the BIL is a grade A mechanic and his son races cars and carts.

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  14. Geoff (57 Olds) S.

    Stylish and unique truck. Beautifully maintained/restored, and would look great with a couple of surfboards in the back.

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  15. Charles

    It looks like a nice old truck. That will draw attention at the local car shows! Why did Brazil build a model that was so different from the North American version of a Chevy truck? It seems like the added costs of design and tooling would make the practice costly and inefficient. I am not critical of the truck, just wondering why there is a difference? .

    Gerry, your Brother in Law has a cool collection!

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    • Howard A Member

      Hi Charles, apparently, ( according to Wiki) the Veraneio was introduced in 1964 and was still in production through 1988 with few changes. I’ll bet they had very little in this truck, tooling wise, unlike the US that piled the options on and changed designs frequently.

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  16. taxijohn

    That is gorgeous!

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  17. jim s

    reserve not meet at $ 16850.

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  18. David S Wells

    did any one notice the truck has the older straight 6 that was discontinued in the early sixties in the U.S
    I wonder if they just used the old tooling in other countries.

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