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'57 Corvette body

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Listed here on eBay, sitting in Saginaw, MI. is a 1957 Chevrolet Corvette project with a BIN of $7,500. This is the 3rd interesting, to say the least, Corvette project that has turned up recently. Is there something in the water that is making people chop up Corvettes? In the case of this ’57, there really isn’t much left other than the floor and door jams. Well, you also get the right side of the driver’s side seat-belt, but it’s not factory original.

'57 Corvette body end

Here again, there is very little information given with the ad. The images are all we know about this “titled” project.

'57 Corvette body door

The passenger side door appears to be attached to the body, but it looks to be missing all the parts that go with it.

'57 Corvette body tag

There is this tag attached to the body, but I’m a bit nervous as to why the tag isn’t riveted to the body. Was this a resale red Corvette?

'57 Corvette body top view

Paul, the owner, has a clear title in his name with the tag. He provides a phone number for you to ask all the questions you want about this project. He says: Project, many parts missing. The only parts that are included are the ones you see in the images, so not much is included for $7,500. So do you think this one ran when parked?


Auctions Ending Soon


  1. Paul

    You’d be giving your money away at any price. I’m not certain about the C1s but the C3 tags are all riveted.

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  2. RayT

    At least he’s not marketing it as a “numbers-matching ’57 Fuelie four-speed! Just needs a few parts to complete”

    Beyond the tag, I see nothing of value here. At best, it’s expensive wall art.

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  3. randy

    Wow! Another gold digger, where do you find these folks, and I have to ask “why” would you list this one? Money?

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  4. Mike R

    The term ‘Hutzpah’ comes to mind…


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  5. MH

    Buy the one from a few days ago too and put them together and you’ll have a corvette (sort of).

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  6. Steve K

    Back then all Corvette vin tags were mounted using phillips head screws. Then in about 1960 they were spot welded to the steering column. They didn’t rivit them until late 1964. Nothing unusual about that vin tag.

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  7. JW454

    Looks like another vin tag a title for sale here.

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  8. sir mike

    I just don’t understand…

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  9. Mark S

    Excuse May lack of knowledge on reproduction parts but are bodies and frames available for these. That would justify buying vin. Tags and titles for this stupid high money. From where I’m from bill of sale will due, there is even a form on the back of the registration. To me there is no way these tags are worth that kind of money. You have to start from nothing. Wow.

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  10. randy

    The tag is worth a lot especially if you have a stolen car of the same year, swap tags and it’s no longer a stolen car. It’s almost like promoting illegal activity.

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    • Mark S

      I noticed that this hulk has the tag held on with screws, how easy is that to change.

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  11. Bob B

    Really?? VIN tag, a title and steal a 1957. Man, that’s a cheap way to build a 1957 corvette for under $10,000. Oh, then U can mount the “other part” on the garage wall, or just toss it! Just sayin………..

    Spot on Randy!!

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  12. G.P.Member

    I GUESS I WOULD WATCH THE PERSON WHO BUYS IT, then ask the person who is selling it for a picture by picture restoration.

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  13. Cory

    I just wonder who saves this crap for so long. I get the selling it part, that’s just greed, but after someone cut this up, presumably to repair another one, why the hell did they save this part?

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  14. gunningbar

    This guy should forfeit the right to ever even RIDE in a car after this. Really.

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  15. P

    What did this sell for?

    I’d bet you would see Rex Reed JUNIOR before I’d give one dollar.

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