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Another Honest Truck: 1969 Dodge D100


Yet another in our series of “honest trucks,” this 1969 Dodge D100 is a seldom seen (compared to Ford/GM) truck that still has some good working life left in it. It’s available in Merced, California and is up for sale here on eBay, with a buy it now of $3,600 and bidding starting a lot lower (Thanks, Dan!)


This truck sure looks nice in these first two pictures. It’s listed as having 44,800 miles but I’m pretty sure it’s at least 144,800. You’ll see why in the closeups below.


Ouch! I do appreciate the seller posting clear pictures of the painted over body damage. I’m really not sure why someone would paint directly over rust, but who knows? It appears most of the damage is on the passenger side.


Yeah, we have dents as well. But remember, this is a work truck, right? The seller tells us that the rust is the result of being parked next to a sprinkler for years! The seller says there is no cab rust underneath. The seller says the repaint is old but that they have recently buffed it to a nice shine.


I’m guessing, based on the rest of the rust, that this plywood isn’t just to protect a pristine bed. But we really don’t know.


On the inside, we have the ubiquitous old blanket covering the seat. The seller says the parking brake, tachometer and fuel gauge don’t work, however apart from some grinding shifting into third at higher RPMs, the four speed transmission is fine. I like the rubber floor in a work truck; carpeting is much more difficult to clean.


Underhood we have a slant six with about 30,000 miles on a rebuild. If it was done correctly, there should be a lot of miles left! You have to wonder why it needed the rebuild in the first place; perhaps the seller can answer that question. If it weren’t for the rust, I’d be much more interested, but it’s still an unusual example of a handsome work truck!




  1. Frankie

    Please… That little area is such a minor fix, for how clean and well taken care of the price is so worth it. You can’t get a better deal for a clean running older truck.

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  2. DAN
  3. Jim C

    I wouldn’t be so sure that it’s not original mileage. A lot of work / farm trucks are driven short distances, around the farm or local area, but take a good beating from things be loaded / unloaded constantly. I wouldn’t be surprised at all if that was original mileage on a well used, local truck.

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    • Leroy

      Jim,. You’re saying the engine had to be rebuilt after only 14,000 miles?

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      • Jim C

        Eh, who knows, just a theory.. could be they never changed the oil in 14,000 miles, or the block cracked over a winter, random weird stuff happens on a farm! Maybe a chicken pooped on the distributor and caused a misfire, cracking the block .. lol

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  4. Chebby

    Says the truck has rust because it “was parked next to sprinkles for years”….who knows, Sprinkles could be an old blind dog who kept lifting his leg on it!

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  5. Doc

    Sprinklers, farm country is full of ’em. 3rd gear grinds? Mileage is definitely questionable. I wonder what is under the plywood in the bed??? repaint had to have been done over the rust, probably trying to hide it, an old trick that doesn’t last. Saw a ’50 Studebaker on a lot in Oahu they tried to cover rust with paint did not work what a joke..

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  6. Steve B

    Even though this isn’t a great example, Sweptlines are finally getting the recognition they deserve and are noticeably rising in value.

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    • Roger

      Probably only because of an appearance on GMG lol, and of course there BF short lived shop truck!

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      • Steve B

        Not even sure what that means, but yeah, Swepty is the new Hemi

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  7. stillrunners

    shame shame on you boys….

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  8. nathan

    this is my moms truck everything is still the wat it is till this day on

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