Anything Left? 1969 Porsche 911 Targa

If you aren’t familiar with The Ship of Theseus or the sorities paradox, it is a fascinating philosophical question about the originality of an object. It is especially interesting with regard to restoring classic cars. When you replace parts of a car, when does it cease being the original car and is, in fact, a different car? In the mid-2000s Hot Rod icon Boyd Coddington actually faced charges in California for a “Ship of Theseus fraud” which he eventually pled guilty to. Coddington’s shop was building full custom hot rods that included new chassis, drive trains, and body panels but the cars were still registered as classic vehicles which allowed them to avoid emissions restrictions and tax liabilities. This 1969 Porsche 911 T Targa falls into a similar category. While it is being sold for parts on a bill of sale, what if someone decided to rebuild it? You would have to replace nearly everything on the car, but it would still have its chassis numbers and body tags still in place…So is it still the original car? It can be found here on eBay with a requested opening bid of $500. Let’s take a closer look at this car and see if there’s anything usable on it.

The car was apparently involved in an accident in 1980 and at first glance, there is almost nothing left of this car. However, once you look a little closer, you can see some bits and pieces that may be usable for another project. The ad says the chassis/VIN number is 119110449 and the paint code is 67-81-9101-H, which is believed to be silver.

According to Hagerty, the average value of this car is $38,500. While the engine, transmission, gauges, wheels, suspension, and interior are missing, there might be something of use. What do you think?

Man, this thing was crashed really well. It appears that it has been already picked clean of some bolt-on parts. Overall, it seems like there isn’t much left worth saving, but you never know. How about you?

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  1. sisuman Member

    This company regularly lists Porsches in this kind of condition on the Los Angeles Craig’s List.

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  2. bobhess bobhess Member

    $500 for a left door handle, heater motor, and possibly the left rear bumper piece doesn’t sound like such a hot deal.

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  3. Cadmanls Member

    Honestly looks like it was pulled out of a scrapyard. Price reflects someone wanting to make a quick buck. There is a derieair for any seat. Did I say that nice enough?

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    • Jesse Mortensen Staff

      It was pulled out of a scrapyard…

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    • grant

      It’s being sold by a well known Porsche scrapyard. Also, parts? What parts? It’s just a ball of metal now.

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    • Dave Mazz

      A very refined statement. But considering the sad shape this car is in, maybe the ass and saddle words are more appropriate. :-) :-)

  4. Skorzeny

    It’s worth it’s weight in scrap metal. No more. Targas were kind of homely anyway. I say this having had a VERY memorable ride in a euro spec ‘77, white.

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  5. Benjy58

    Looks like this guy is trying to clean out his junk yard. Lots of exotic junk but mostly yard art, I mean backyard art. If you did would it be an instant divorce kit.

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  6. F Again

    Dang. Wouldn’t even make a good doghouse.

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  7. Phil

    I own a 69 Targa, and it has been a money pit due to rust. There is nothing of value in the above posting. Not even the title and vin are worth $500. Someone already ID’d most of the useful parts – maybe the stainless targa trim as well – but I couldn’t see if it’s complete. If you need those usable parts, you need more than that, and you probably need your head checked.

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  8. Weasel

    $500 dollar yard art? Sure. Kinda cool for that. Throw a fake skeleton in it and tell stories to the neighbor kids.

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  9. Classic Steel

    Looks like it will buff out 😎

    Might i suggest a Karman Ghia Porsche conversion 😺 and call it Ghorche after crafting the targa top area, dash and affixing the vins 😬

    Its 100% junk folks👀

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  10. Billy1

    I thought we previously and unanimously agreed never to feature anything from the these dorks?? The only sell 3 things:
    (1) junk,
    (2) rusty junk
    (3) and “I need a tetanus shot” junk.

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    • Weasel

      I failed my economics class in high school twice (along with many other classes) so I’m pretty stupid as most anything goes but isn’t this simple supply and demand? If someone wants it, they’ll buy it. The seller has a 100% rating with 1350 individuals giving feedback.

      I usually don’t comment on things I don’t like. One of my foster parents taught me that one. I’m not a big motorcycle person so no comments, nor do I dig the Japanese cars so, again no comments.

      I think it’s kinda funny but there’s that saying that one humans trash is another humans treasure.

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    • Bill Shields

      You guys keep on laughing but he keeps on selling!🤑

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  11. Gaspumpchas

    Another “you gotta be kidding” Listing- picked clean like a turkey carcass after thanksgiving. Judging by the stuff on the rack, this guy deals in rust and is trying to make something out of nothing? For resto or for parts? I see neither, the front was cut off with saw.
    Cheers anyway

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  12. Kenbone

    Hockey puck

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  13. Francisco

    Didn’t run when parked.

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  14. SMDA

    Am I the only one here that thinks the buyer here will use it to rebadge a stolen car?

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    • Alan Brase

      Without a title? I guess you could get a title from a no-title state, but where from there? Any vehicle brought into my state, Iowa, from any other state will at least get a VIN inspection from a State Patrol Enforcement Officer. The numbers are on this vehicle in 4 places. additionally doors and hood have last 3 digits. Your chances of sliding that by a state officer are very much less than 100% sure and fraught with hazards if treachery is involved. It would be a much easier job to straighten this chassis to like new than if you added in a 5 year criminal sentence to the criminal caper plan.

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  15. Bob Baird

    The actual hatchet that George Washington, as a boy, cut down the cherry tree with is still in existence. Over the years, the handle has been replaced eight times and the head three times.

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  16. Paolo

    What I find interesting is that no one wants to pull the plug on these wrecked Porsches. No matter how long ago or how badly they were wrecked, people just squirel them away in big deteriorating hoards. Evidently the belief is that there will always be some value in even the merest Porsche shaped shadow. And not only that but they have a huge inventory to meet the demand for mangled projects.
    It’s apparent to me that no wrecked Porsche gets sent to the shredder. I’m starting to realize that there is a whole fraternal order devoted to accumulating, buying, selling and trading all of these little carcasses sort of like the underground, international collectors of exotic and rare butterflies and moths. Stick a giant pin through it and display it under glass.

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  17. sir mike

    Porsche people are a strange lot…they see value in anything with the Porsche name on it.

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  18. Mike

    “No reserve” but the starting bid makes it a reserve. Can I bid lower since it is no reserve?

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  19. robert w johnston...... becher ontario

    i would love to take a stroll through that yard!!!!!

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  20. Haig L Haleblian

    Pallet is worth a deuce

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  21. Paolo

    Why even fool with a piece of debris as your starting point? Pick an engine and drive train that suits you and custom build a chassis and body around it. Wouldn’t that take less time and money and be more satisfying than tormenting yourself with this trash?

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  22. Comet

    Looks like a VIN and title donor.

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  23. George

    Sort of like Shelby collectors

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  24. Mike Mazoway

    Normally you can save the lug nuts after a wreck like this suffered. You can’t even do that with this one.

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  25. misterlou Member

    Trigger’s Broom.

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  26. Jack Quantrill

    Forget the Ship of Theseus. Whoever buys this is on the Ship of Fools! Looks like it was pushed off a Cliff after useable parts were gleaned.

  27. Twostroke

    Obviously ALOT PEOPLE home now, crazy amounts of peeps posting…lol

  28. dgw

    The 356’s on the rack in the background may get this guy some actual money.

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  29. Richard Hollis

    Isn’t this onw of those cars that just needs a minor repair to get it going, but I do not have the time?

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  30. Gray Wolf

    Maybe Graveyard Cars should start doing “Porchies”! LOL!

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  31. DonC

    I love this site….but when did Barns Find becomes Junkyard Finds?

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  32. Brakeservo

    Sounds like you are describing Beverly Hills Hair Club!

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    • JBD

      Beverly Hills Car Club has better cars!

  33. PRA4SNW PRA4SNW Member

    Finally, you have featured one of this seller’s junky “cars” and it has 0 bids.
    The Porsche market is truly crashing – LOL!

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  34. JBD

    Finally a car that can never be restored!

    • Paolo

      It’s like falling in love again for the very first time.

  35. Poncho

    Uhhh…yeah. I’ll take 2 please. Beyond yard art.

  36. PatrickM

    I normally would nor comment on such a piece as we have here. But, like a few have already said…”You gotta be kidding me.”

  37. Dave Mazz

    Bidding has ended, zero bids. I wonder why :-) :-)

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