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Super SUV: 1993 GMC Typhoon Turbo AWD

The concept of vehicles aging past the point of any likely rise in value is a concept we see played out in real-time as vehicles from the late 70s and early 80s increasingly flat-line on the pricing curve. This isn’t a bad thing, as it introduces some stability to a wildly fluctuating market. However, the GMC Syclone and Typhoon are two vehicles I expect will see values move upwards for years to come, owing to their attractive looks, outrageous performance, and limited production numbers. This is a rare Apple Red 1993 GMC Typhoon listed here on eBay with bids to $13,600 and no reserve.

The seller claims he has thoroughly enjoyed using this Typhoon, and it shows with almost 150,000 miles on the clock and still looking quite clean. While production was extremely limited, the numbers grow even smaller when you factor in the color scheme of this truck, Apple Red over Argent Gray, which the seller claims makes it one of just 101 made in this combo. The body still presents very well and the seller claims this extends to the undercarriage as well. This is an important point as we have seen neglected Typhoons and Syclones are not immune from rusting to death right in front of you.

Now, perhaps the best part about this limited production, high-performance truck is the fact that it’s not in mint condition. The seller doesn’t pull any punches here, nothing it is not a show truck and that he has driven it often. While we should absolutely keep some Syclones and Typhoons under wraps for posterity’s sake, the ones that have been driven should continue to be driven. With comfortable seats, an interior loaded with power and convenience features, and ample passing power with a tap of your right foot, this Typhoon will have no issue blending in and keeping up with modern traffic.

The turbocharged 4.3L V6 made an incredible 280 horsepower – at least, it was incredible for the time. This sentiment extends not only from the scorchingly quick 0-60 times but the fact you were getting those numbers behind the wheel of a grocery-getting SUV. I’ve said it before and I’ve said it again that the early 90s were a special time in automotive history, with manufacturers unafraid to take chances and build limited-production performance models that weren’t killed off by bean counters before they got out of the clay mold stage. This Typhoon will likely fetch a fair but reasonable price, and it will almost certainly look cheap compared to what it will sell for in the coming years.


  1. Avatar photo CW Member


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  2. Avatar photo Nelson C

    I agree, Jeff, manufacturers were trying their damnedest to build a performance version out of almost everything. Much of it was cladding and graphics but now and then something like this would leak out. This one looks pretty good for a used car. Might be fun to add to a driver collection.

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  3. Avatar photo Mike S

    I wonder if the seller laid down all of those patches of rubber in the parking lot.

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    • Avatar photo Robert

      That’s funny, Mike, I was thinking the same thing! I mean, the guy said he’d driven and enjoyed it for a long time, and at 150 grand on the clock, I’d say he’s figured out how to make this little gem perform wondrous smoke shows…I had a buddy in high-school who’s dad owned a shop, and him and his brother were always tinkering around on something interesting, souping up old cars and trucks. We’ll he acquired one of these with a blown motor, and promptly installed his favorite motor(one that had wrung the gears out of several vehicles prior to the Typhoon), a hotly tuned 454,I believe originally out of an old Chevelle…he also tubbed it out with the big Mickey Thompsons ,and man that thing would hide your house in glorious clouds of white smoke..ahh, the good old days

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  4. Avatar photo Joe Haska

    If you have ever driven a Syclone or Typhoon you would want this car, I know I do. From the pictures it looks like a super deal, of course the bidding has a way to go. I would not be surprised to see it go over twenty.

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  5. Avatar photo Matthew Dyer

    Interesting how SUV has become so inclusive of a term.
    The GM humility oversight to build these was epic. Full frame and all.
    Every now and then…

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  6. Avatar photo Dan

    Yeah, I know the engine is different but this is really an SUV version of a Grand National. Combining an intercooled turbo with an AWD SUV may not seem like a big deal today, but in 1993 it was out-of-the-box thinking and today these are starting to catch on with collectors. Enjoy now, restore later, and sell for more than your total investment. I love this.

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    • Avatar photo Matthew Dyer

      1st Gen S10 at its finest.

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  7. Avatar photo Rw

    These were no designed to lay rubber,AWD spinnin ain’t winnin

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    • Avatar photo John Muller

      They were obligated to make them 4WD because the first 2WD versions could not be controlled in a straight line.

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  8. Avatar photo ClassicP

    I remember reading about this in Motor Trend and the one thing I remember is nothing could touch it red light to red light on a rainy day. Never got to experience one but I’d bet I’d like it.

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