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1929 Rat Rod Project

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What we have here is another unfinished project that you way wish to tinker with? The seller is calling this a 1929 Ford Rat Rod and is asking $9K OBO. It is currently parked in St. Louis, Missouri and is listed here on craigslist.

1929 Rat Rod Project Engine

With this unfinished “T” bucket project you get a 350 Chevrolet topped with three duces and an Offenhauser intake. Some may say this mix is like oil & water, they just don’t mix. You will have to decide for yourself.

1929 Rat Rod Project Interior

We don’t know if all the old license plates are just being stored in the bucket or they are acting as the “new” floorboards? You may wish to ask some questions of the seller.

1929 Rat Rod

This project rides on Hurst drag cheater slicks on the back with Hurst white wall up front. With the owner’s permission this might be an interesting garage to visit sometime if you are allowed to! We don’t know if all of the pelts and/or “fun furs” are part of this deal or not? They probably are and isn’t that different? Is it “T” bucket project time for you or do you already have one?


Auctions Ending Soon


  1. MountainMan

    Interesting touches on this bucket for sure. I like the car overall but would make some changes. Probably a good place to start if somebody wants a T hot rod. The seller says OBO in the CL ad so could be a good deal for somebody

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  2. Brakeservo

    Which is worse, being topped by three duces or three douches??

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    • George

      I’d prefer three deuces…

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  3. Brakeservo

    I just noticed the paucity of lug nuts holding the wheels on. Whatever that’s a sign of, it ain’t good!

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  4. Donnie

    it looks like a bear blue up inside it

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  5. TLouisJ

    Read a “Build a traditional Hot Rod” magazine once that talked about to expect to expend a min of 1000 hours of your time. Being in a Rat Rod build myself in my spare time for the last 3 years I thought that was nonsense. Then it said “including the time you spend chasing parts”. Ohhhh….that’s different. I collected parts for 10 years before I started building. Would hate to be trying to find the same parts today at current prices. Solid looking body. Can’t tell if the frame is boxed. Interesting gusseting of the wishbones. Do not like front ends with the tie rod in front and there is quite an angle to the steering drag link, both of which can create handling problems. $9,000 ? BUT it would take anybody a long time to get this far. :-) Terry J Oregon Go Ducks

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    Then, his alarm clock went off…

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  7. Gerry

    I believe this is “29” ford “A” , not a model T bucket. Not that it makes much difference?

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  8. TLouisJ

    Not sure what it is. The sides of the cowl look like a ’28-’29 Model A but the firewall and the vent door (vs a gas tank filler) on the top of the cowl are more like a T. Dash and windshield frame aren’t Model A either. Terry J

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  9. TLouisJ

    Wrong again. Look up a ’27 Model T coupe/sedan. Has the same type of lower cowl reveal as a ’28-’29 Model A. Terry J

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  10. Mark S

    YIKES can you say death trap…! I think you can. That is one scary looking front end, let’s put a v8 in a car that can’t be steered and has no roll over protection. The owner is dreaming if he thinks this is worth 9K.

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  11. skloon

    Is that some sort of prototype airbag filled with fur ?

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    • Brakeservo

      No son, that there’s one of them there darn furrin cars.

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  12. TLouisJ

    Roll over protection. That’s a real catch -22 , even in my RaTT roadster build. Many sources say that a roll bar is only useful in event of a roll over. If you do not also have proper padding, head gear, and restraints then a roll bar is very dangerous to your head in the case of even a low speed collision which is more common statistically. Soooo…would you put a roll bar on that old Hot Rod AFTER re engineering the suspension? :-) Terry J

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    • Mark S

      25 year as a mechanic and an additional 15 year as a welder fabricator tells that this thing is a death trap. Never mind the roll over issues the slap together workmanship and lack of engineering is what will get you killed. The front streering and suspension are a disaster. Done by someone that clearly has no idea what they are Terry if you want to ride in this thing by all means go for it.

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  13. TLouisJ

    Think I’ll pass Mark. Had a pal in ’65 that had a similar bucket with a 265 Chevy. Scary, but being scared was the whole point back then. No more. Just looked at the C/L ad. Front spring is attached to the wishbones about a foot back of the front axle. YIKES is right. :-) Terry J

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    • Mark S

      Cheers Terry

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  14. Wayne S.K.

    Damn, all of those poodles look vicious. Or hungry. Or both…

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  15. Mike

    I think it has been sitting for so long it started to grow into something from the back of the garage, wasn’t that the title of a 50 scifi movie?

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