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Are The Miles Real? 1964 Country Squire


This supposedly original 1964 Ford Galaxie Country Squire is in really, really nice cosmetic shape. We’ve featured at least three 1964 Country Squires before here but never one this nice. This is so nice, I end up questioning it’s originality. Either way, it does look like a really nice, original specification car. It’s located in Ontario, California and is up for sale here on eBay. Bidding is currently at just over $1,500 but of course it hasn’t met reserve yet. I wonder what the seller is looking for out of this pretty wagon?


I wish there were more closeups of this car so that we could judge whether it’s a repaint or not. From the shots we have, not only the paint but the plastic wood and Di-Noc look great. That would be extremely unusual for a car this old, but I suppose it’s possible with excellent care. While Ontario is certainly dry, we don’t know how long it’s been there as the license plates don’t look very old.


The chrome also looks very shiny, but again, we don’t have closeups to tell for sure. I do like the fine grille and the little sights on the fenders.


The interior looks very nice as well. I can’t see any obvious signs of a repaint in the door jambs, either. The more I look at this 62,465 mile car the more I like it. The upholstery looks good and the car “does not appear to have any rust issues.” I’d rather have some more details; is there a Barn Finds reader in Ontario that could take a look for us?


Even the 352 looks absolutely remarkable under here. Clean decals, nice washer fluid bag, even shiny master cylinder! If this is an original car–wow! And if not, it looks pretty darned nice anyway. What do you think it will go for?


  1. Mike H. Mike H.


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  2. piper62j

    Too good to be true. ???
    I like it..

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    • Paul


      Does that Galaxie have 2 or 3 bedrooms? Lol

      Check your link you posted.


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      • piper62j

        I couldn’t kill the post soon enough.. Lately, the barnfinds postings take forever to load.

        Sorry ’bout dat!! :)

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    • Mike H. Mike H.

      Wow, I want to live and a place with a cool name like “Weeki Wachee”. My town (Maple Grove) doesn’t sound nearly as exciting.

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      • David Montanbeau

        Could live in Hell MI.
        Climax NY.

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      • DrinkinGasoline

        How about here ?

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      • Gary K

        There is always Weed, CA A friendly small town, just off HIGHway 5

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      • Mike

        how about Monkey Mountain, Missouri

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  3. Howard A Member

    One of my all time favorite Ford’s, and a wagon to boot. From what I see, it truly looks original ( the brake master is new, btw) Lesson for all other advertiser’s, who try to pawn off high mileage cars with low mileage speedo’s, this is what an original car looks like. I’d love to know the story on this car. Be a great family cruiser, except a tad thirsty.

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  4. RayT Member

    The Di-Noc looks as if it has been around — but cared for — for quite a while. I can see this as being what the seller claims, but perhaps spiffed up (engine bay details) for sale.

    I used to live next door to Ontario, and would not have been surprised to see this wagon on the road when I was there. It’s that kind of area; the climate is very friendly to cars, as long as they are garaged (sun damage can be a problem).

    Tried rmward194’s link, and it has been removed. Maybe someone has already gotten themselves a nice old ride! Wonder how much it went for….

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    • Mike H. Mike H.

      I just tried it and it worked just fine for me.

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  5. Mike H. Mike H.

    My only observation as to the originality is that my 1965 Galaxie (and most of the other similar vintage 352’s) had gold paint on the air cleaner and valve covers, not blue. The blue color and tone look pretty original, and maybe the gold was something new for 1965, but this could be something changed or “spruced up”.

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  6. Don E

    @ Mike H. : All my pre 66 Fords have had gold air cleaners, valve covers and correct black engine blocks, as well.

    it’s really difficult to see enough detail in fleabay pics to pick out flaws if any.

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    I dunno if it is all Henry Ford or just a lot of cosmetic updates through the years. The 1964 Ford has to be the most solid and appealing to the eyes. I never cared for the Ford slab block look that replaced this beyond jet age style.

    I can say this. Would have been a proud day for the original owners who drove it home from the dealer and all subsequent owners it may have had. A wagon historically has been more of an appliance. Nothing says family like the wagon. Instant feeling of Greg Brady rolling moms car to school. The stigma replaced by the minivan. That being said has to say quite a bit. about the former owners who have treated this car like many others have treated their two door hardtops.

    In the early 70’s a family up the street with 8 kids had a 64 Squire like this in teal, wood panels mostly intact and all. Car would have been about 5 years old and beat even then. Industrious as the Senior patriarch of the family was had repaired the lower rusted off quarter panels with with a ribbed panel section of a screen door that had fallen off the house. Not sure if he had been going for the 57-58 Eldorado look. But sure saved in tetanus shots with all of the kid playing around it thinking now.

    Thousands of all wagons of all makes have suffered pretty much the same fate. Refreshing to see a nice original with out patina, lowered custom wheels, etc. Good luck to the seller. Nice car

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  8. Tiger260

    Not a ‘Galaxie.’ The wagons were a separate line in 1964 and were not included in the car lines until 1969, at which point the Country Squire was badged as an LTD.

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  9. piper62j

    Initially based on the Ford Custom Deluxe and the Ford Crestline that replaced it, in 1955, the Country Squire became a distinct model as Ford separated its station wagon and sedan model lines. While sharing trim with the Fairlane and then the Galaxie, the Country Squire remained a separate model line until 1968. For 1969, Ford consolidated its sedan and station wagon model lines, with the Country Squire becoming part of the Ford LTD line, gaining its model prefix. With the 1983 split of the Ford LTD and Ford LTD Crown Victoria, the LTD Country Squire remained part of the full-size line until its discontinuation.

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  10. alabee

    When looking for a used station wagon in 1969 I test drove one of these. When I got up to speed on a highway the perforated cardboard started to disconnect in several places and fly around the car. Didn’t buy that one.

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  11. Ron Engel

    You can find these nice wagons around in Ca. A lot of these are being “sucked’ out of the state and going East. Along the coast you can find them with surfboards stuffed in and out, including my Chev wagon!

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  12. Peter R

    currently bid $8,100 and reserve not met – also only lists automatic under the equipment heading – seems to me there should be a longer list

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  13. pfk1106

    We had two ’64 Galaxies in our neighborhood. A white convertible with red interior, and a burgundy coupe with black interior. The burgundy was a 390 with a 4 speed. Cool car to a teenager. My father coveted the convertible since it was fully loaded.

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  14. Gary Chittenden

    If this was in Ontario Canada, it would sell for an easy $20,000.

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