Arizona Car: 1967 Ford Fairlane 500XL

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This 1967 Ford Fairlane 500XL was bought new in Phoenix and it has been in Arizona for the last 53 years. I’ll say it again, it’s where I should have been for the last 53 years. This sun worshipper can be found here on eBay in beautiful Sun City, Arizona, as opposed to Overcast City, Minnesota where I live. There is no reserve and the current bid price is over $5,800. Let’s check it out.

You’ll have to click on the eBay link to see the photos, there are quite a few but there are only two photos showing the entire exterior of the car, the first two shown here. They say that it was originally Springtime Yellow which is my personal second favorite color after the color of Bill Gannon’s four-door Fairlane on Dragnet. It’s a fifth-generation Fairlane and they were only made for two years – 1966 and 1967. I’m a sucker for stacked headlights so this is by far my favorite design for the Fairlane.

This ’67 Fairlane 500XL was bought a decade ago as a project car but the seller says that the current owner is getting older and they can’t take on another project. Being an Arizona car, they say that it’s a clean and dry car and they have included some underside photos in the listing. It has a C4 automatic and this car hasn’t run in 15 years since it was parked in the backyard, I’m guessing where the photos were taken.

The engine isn’t a monster 390 or 427, but the 200-hp 289 cubic-inch V8 should move this car along nicely, once it’s running again. The seller mentions that it was smoking a bit when it was parked 15 years ago and it hasn’t been started since then. I’m sure that most Barn Finds readers could get it going again. How would you restore this Fairlane?

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  1. Rex Kahrs Rex KahrsMember

    Scotty, I feel your pain, and 5 years ago I just decided I’d had enough of shoveling snow and scraping windshields. We sold the house in the great white north, found a place in sunny Florida, and as I write this it is a chilly 65 outside here at 10:30 at night. SO, as I tell everyone who keeps TALKING about doing something, well, get off your butt, make a plan, and DO it!

    I spend a couple of months up north during the summer so I get the best of both worlds. And here in FL I can cruise my classic cars year-round. Arizona is nice too.

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    • Angrymike

      One of my mother’s friends moved to Arizona from Cleveland Ohio, she hates it, says there’s no going outside during summer months and misses the changing seasons.
      I really like this, put a lil more hp in that lil 289 and it be set !

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      • Jack Dale

        Set for you, & that’s cool. I’d like to find a “Barra”-australian head, and slap it on a 4.9L 300cu -6 with a clean-up bore taking it to “302”. Probably have 3 – 400Hp with higher compression, duals via the Barra, plus that’s crossflow, so how about some Webers or Delortos on the intake-side? I HATE a black interior,–should be soft red leather or a purple. Put copper-painted, regular-look, REAL wire-wheels all around on 16″ rims. Maybe a fast-back roof could be gleaned from a ’68-69 parts car. –‘LUV the stacked lights, but a “forward-tilt” never made ‘sense’ to Me in ’66, so I’d find a way to slant the front back, like “Fox”-body ‘stangs while lowering the hood to not make the front so “barn-door-like”, maybe killing your ETs, ’cause its not “slippery”, compared to like a ’70-71 front Torino clip. Gotta have a 6-spd tremec to a 9″. Gotta have A/C for cruising the ‘Zone, White’s a great color for Az, just “Pearl-it.” –Dreams are AWESOME, eh? ‘Good luck with yours, and Mike,–Buddy,–“give-up” ‘Anger’–it causes Strokes & other bad stuff;). You don’t want to only be “wrenching” on your wheelchair, before your time, ’cause some Tool made you mad.

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  2. HoA Howard AMember

    Love the Bill Gannon reference, still my favorites shows of all time. Like the car too, my favorite Fair-a-lanes[sic]. Not crazy about stacked headlights, but if you ask me, if you were going to restore a cushy intermediate from the 60’s, this is your best bet. Something about the roofline, like a mini 7 litre Galaxy. Very cool find.

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    • Gaspumpchas

      Just the facts, Howard, just the facts.


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  3. James Martin

    Nice to see a Ford that isn’t a mustang or a galaxy.

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  4. Green66

    In my view at 6 grand it’s already to expensive to bring it back east. I’ve been looking for a 66 or 67 fairlane for awhile now. Too bad I won’t find one this complete or “rustless” in the northeast. BTW, car should be yellow if the data plate is original.

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  5. chrlsful

    luv the stacked head lghts, any ford…
    side view – straight lines stem to stern (pre-‘hump over the wheels’).
    Pretty big car by today’s standards so fine 4 my DD, but…
    gimmie the ’83/6 foxwaggy (Ltd/Marquis).

    Check out the wiki ranchero @ the top & 1/2 way dwn the page (turquoise) for the ultimate (3rd gen) of these vehicles in my mind.

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    • GTiDave

      At the bottom of page is a Fairlane 500 R code. Nice but is it worth anywhere near the ask of $260K??

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  6. B C Ford Nut

    My Buddy waskind enough tohelp me and list this vehicle for sale and I just wanted toshare a coulle of comments on the vehiclewhereas I have owned the car so long and give a little history on the 7 Fairlane 500XL.
    I purchased this Fairlane in 1993.I droveit into the back yard and parked it;engine ran well,no rapps or excessive noises from block or valve train,however upon starting-up exhaust gave off small cloud of smoke,of which was not uncommon to the era of 289’sdue to valve guides probably needing replacement.Tranny worked well ie,drive/reverse/neutral w/o any problems. I felt then as I do now if someone wanted to rebuild /build-up the 289 it would be a successfull venture! I moved residences several times and flatbed-moved “my-next project”each time vowing to renew plan’s to to restore this jewel! Life has a way of getting in the way of the best laid plans and time goes on at an accellerating pace.I would have one request of the successful new owner …would you please share pictures of this project once You Complete It? At this stage of my life I have learned not to plan dinner at breakfast time! Best of luck to all interested parties.Thank You For Your Interest!Hope this helps!

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  7. Butchb

    My favorite Ford. I’ve been 1/2 way shopping for one of these for a long time. This car looks like it went to Mexico for a repaint, or at least South Phoenix.
    That whack in the rear Q-panel! Lots of bondo back there and bet theres a lot more to be found under that white paint. Having the buckets, console and AC is a plus. I would have stopped at $4000 on this one.

    Couple of years ago one of these came up for sale in Southern AZ with a 390, stick, air, buckets, just beautifully restored with the right performance upgrades for $16,000. I didn’t have the dough but called everyone I knew trying to get them to buy it because I knew it was worth twice the asking price.

    A couple of weeks later it showed up for sale at a Classic Car dealer for….$33,000.

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  8. Troy s

    I’m not brand loyal but I’ve always really liked the old Fords just a little better. For me the ’66-67 Fairlanes like this are “on the money” compared to the same year GM’s and Mopars in appearance. I can’t really say that for the ’68 on up Fairlanes and Torinos regardless of roofline.
    Mechanically this could be built into something Ford never offered…a real tiger tamer, stronger than the GTO, although it’s a half century too late. Day two street prowler, show and cruise, not many around so they do attract attention.

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  9. Butchb
  10. TimM

    I had a chance to buy a fairlane when I bought my galaxie 500!! The guy I bought it from had a 67 for sale but I opted to buy the 65 galaxy with the rag top due to the fact it was a convertible!! The fairlanes are great looking cars though and I wish I would have had the money to bring both home!!

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  11. Francisco Giamboni

    Hi Pal
    Are you still with the car ?

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