Arkansas Barn Find: 1966 Chevrolet C-10 Short Bed

The seller says that this 1966 Chevrolet C-10 short bed pickup was bought brand new at a dealership in Arkansas on December 31, 1965 and it stayed in the same town for 55 years. That’s cool, and despite the heavy “patina”, as they say in 2021, it looks rock solid. They have it listed here on eBay in Eads, Tennessee and the opening bid price of $9,999 hasn’t been clicked on yet. There is also a buy-it-now price of $11,500 listed.

I can picture how great this truck would look with a nice, new, shiny paint job in the original light blue color, and I’d keep the red rims, that’s a great look. But, for the time being, I’d leave it as is even though I know that’s a controversial thing with some people. Unfortunately, the seller says that the great-looking tires and rims are for another truck and this one comes with the wheels seen in this photo. At least they mentioned that in the listing rather than when the shipper came to pick up the truck, even though I wish they wouldn’t have teased us with the other wheels.

The first-generation Chevrolet C-series (K-series for 4WD models) was made from late-1959 for the 1960 model year through the 1966 model year. This is the least important piece of information of all time, but, they’re my favorite of the Chevrolet pickups of any generation. As with the surface rust/patina, that’s just an opinion and we all have a favorite era of Chevy pickup. What’s yours?

The interior looks pretty good to me, but there isn’t much padding here other than the seat which has a cover or blanket on it, so I’m guessing that has seen better days. It appears to have a 3-speed manual transmission with a column shifter and most parts would be available to restore this truck inside and out if the next owner wanted to do that. They’ll have to get it at a good price, though, as Hagerty lists a #4 fair condition value of $8,700 which is above the seller’s initial bid price. Maybe that’s why nobody has bid on it yet?

The back half – the short bed – needs a lot of help and the other end, the engine needs a bit, too. This one is Chevrolet’s straight-six which could have been a 250 or 292 cubic inch. One of you will know by looking at it which version it is as both were available in 1966. It runs but it’s running off of an auxiliary tank/jug as the gas tank and fuel systems need some work due to sitting for quite a while and it needs a new master cylinder. How would you redo this shortbed C-10?

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  1. Steve R

    This is a solid foundation for a project based on the the always desirable short, wide body style. For those that don’t like “patina”, maybe you should consider buying one of the other short bed fleetside trucks the seller currently has listed on eBay.

    This seller is good at finding this sort of truck, his listings have been featured on this site more times than I can remember. He almost always keeps the hubcaps, which is annoying, but I’d buyers let him get away with that tactic, that’s on them.

    Steve R

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  2. jim

    That could be fun for $1500. 12K is lunacy, madness, insanity and crack addicted, syphilitic dementia level crazy all rolled into one.

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    • Skorzeny

      This is way more than a $1500 dollar vehicle jim. $1500 gets you a Camry or an Accord with about 350K on it. I get it, this is not worth that to you, but this is a cool truck, and will EASILY get the money the seller is asking. I think a Ferrari for $33,000,000 is crazy, not this truck.

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      • Steve R

        The loudest voices tend to be from those that are permanently on the sidelines and content with being there. Sellers like this one are repeatedly finding vehicles somewhere, the problem is, it takes time and more effort to find them than it does to complain in the comment section of a website.

        Steve R

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    • 370zpp

      syphilitic dementia.

      Can we say that here? . .

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    • Jett

      Please,people that list a truck like that for that price have no idea of it’s value.

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    • Ed Hoffman

      U are right would cost 50K plus to restore!

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  3. Mike

    Worth what someone is willing to pay for it, and not a penny more.

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  4. Duaney

    Obviously not a “barn find” since it’s sat outside most of it’s life.

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  5. TPK

    Definitely Not a 5 figure truck! I agree its only as worth as someone is willing to pay but I wouldn’t pay that much. It needs everything!
    Having said that, I do think it makes a nice start to a resto-mod project. It reminds me of the condition my 1970 was in when I started mine.

    And…What is up with the heater controls? Anyone know? The 1966 I grew up with had the usual up and down slide controls

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    • Tim L Hoekstra

      The single heater knob pulls out for heat…then has 3 fan positions as your turn it to the left.

  6. Johnmloghry Johnmloghry Member

    These pickups always bring back a great memory to me. When I returned home in 1967 from my term with the U.S Army My dad was driving a 66 Chevy pickup like this one. It was a company truck that belonged to the carpenter union where he was a business agent. It had the 292 with three on the tree. I rode around with him to some of the construction jobs he was visiting. My dad passed January 4, 1978 exactly 29 years to the day after my mother passed. I miss him so much, but I believe him to be in Heaven as all things work together for good for those who believe.
    God bless America

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  7. Francisco

    I’d say $7500 is more like it.

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  8. Scuderia

    good looking truck and worth a fair amount. As Francisco mentioned it’s likely more a $7500 truck than a $10K truck (which it might be if running and driving and a little more info on rust). BTW it’s a 250 and not a 292 (short pushrod covers). #onlyoriginalonce

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  9. jrc

    did anyone see mecum truck madness houston

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  10. Mark

    I’d clear coat it as is. Leave interior as is. Get the fuel system working and drive it!!!!
    When the brakes need work switch to disc brakes in the front, then the back. I love the rims that are on it.

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  11. Johnmloghry Johnmloghry Member

    I always get a kick out of these posts that talk about switching a vehicle from drum brakes to disc. Apparently these people have never researched the cost involved. The parts involved just to do the front brakes is usually in excess of $1000.00. You must consider the cost vs. improvement vs. driving conditions. If the vehicle is to used as a daily driver or just to show at meets or occasional rides. Also you must consider how your state will license the vehicle and restrictions they apply.
    I considered the idea of putting disc brakes on the front of my 64 Buick Riviera, but rejected the idea since the 12″ drum brakes work just fine for the use of the car.
    God bless America

  12. Tim L Hoekstra

    The single heater knob pulls out for heat…then has 3 fan positions as your turn it to the left.

  13. Mike Brown

    Comments on what it’s worth and/or how much it’ll cost to do this or that always make me chuckle. As has been said many times on this post alone, it’s worth whatever someone is willing to pay. Then, what this or that will cost is completely THEIR decision, after all, it’s their property. I’ve never personally cared for this style of GM truck (or ANY shortbed for that matter) but, I’m not going to beat up on anyone who does. It’s their preference and I’m fine with that. Personally, I prefer my square body trucks with 8′ beds and when I buy one, I restore it as close as possible to stock condition. If upgrades are available that I feel are worthwhile (switching from 16.5″ to 16″ wheels on 3/4 and 1tons for example), I make them. I recently had a coworker ask me how many trucks I have. I answered her honestly with 7. She then asked what I needed 7 trucks for. My reply was I don’t NEED 7 but, if it’s any of your business, I happen to like old trucks. Hopefully this truck finds a good home and the new owner is able to do what he or she wants with it.

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  14. john hugh

    barret jackson erection


    Clear coat the patina, slap a LS whatever under the hood with drivetrain to match, and cruise around walking away from contenders at traffic lights.

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