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Asleep For 15 Years: 1962 Oldsmobile F-85


From reader Bob K: Found this on the UP Craigslist. Thought it would be of interest to your readers. It’s been asleep for 15 years. As the former employee of a hubcap store, I initially had a tough time getting past the awful aftermarket wire wheel covers on this 1962 F-85 convertible. Once I did, though, I liked what I saw. It’s located in Escanaba, Michigan and is for sale here on craigslist for $3,500. This appears to be the Cutlass model, which was the upscale version of the F-85 in 1962. As Bob said, the seller has had it tucked away for 15 years, but at least it’s been stored indoors. Since we know nothing about the mechanical condition of the car, assume the worst, but if the car is really that solid it may well be worth the money anyway. Anyone in the Upper Peninsula to take a look and report back?


  1. Ed P

    The seller said “fair” condition. From the pictures, this car is better than that. Not one of my favorite cars, but this could be a great deal.

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  2. Fred

    Still around after originally being posted over 3 weeks ago…. must be something the photos don’t show. Like a stuck motor?

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  3. Howard A Member

    I agree, the hubcaps are pretty cheesy. Judging by the rust, they are cheap knockoffs ( pun intended) of the Chevy wire wheel hub cap. As far as the car, it does look halfway decent, but what crummy pictures. C’mon people, you want to sell it or don’t ya’, and it’s not like we can just swing over and look at it, unless you live in da’ UP, der hey. ( Escanaba isn’t exactly on I-80) It has the 215 aluminum V-8, which didn’t take kindly to sitting for long periods of time and I’m sure it’s stuck tight. There is a following for those engines, the car, I’m not sure. Probably pretty rare, being a ragtop and all, as very few people saved a ’62 F-85 in the 70’s. My brother had the wagon of this car, and nobody wanted it. A guy ended up buying it, just for the motor.

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  4. Dolphin Member

    Body looks pretty good for the upper MI peninsula—-from what you can tell from the few pics. Would need some underside shots, or at the very least, rocker, floor, and trunk shots to make it worth traveling to see.

    Hint to seller: Pretend you want to buy a car like this. What would you want to see in the pictures to convince you that it’s worth driving more than across town to view?

    The body, especially where rust might be. Also the engine bay, where that special aluminum engine is. Is it still in there? Probably, from the stance of the front end, but I’d like to know for sure. Is the engine/engine bay missing anything, like engine accessories….heads….intake? Who knows?

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  5. Gary

    Could not agree more as what Dolphin has stated. How hard would it be to pop the hood and give u one shot of the engine? Have to admit I like the car, seeing it still has a top and probably a good frame structure is a plus. His asking price is about right for the condition, hope a bit negotiable. In the OCPG for late 2013 a number 1 is shown at $16k. This was the first year convertible model F-85/Cutlass.

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  6. Paul B

    A friend’s parents had his-and-hers of these, Cutlass V8 convertible and coupe when I was a kid. Cool cars. F-85s and the Buick Specials had a premium feel lacking in other compacts except the Lark V8 — which these cars immediately made to look hopelessly old-fashioned and dowdy, even though the Lark was more roomy and comfortable. This is a pretty rare vehicle in ragtop form and I hope someone saves it and gets it going again.

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  7. Gordon

    I had a 1962 F-85 Cutlass Jet Fire when I was in college. A fun car, but I always had trouble with the turbo-charger.

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  8. Duffy

    To the owner of 1962 F-85. If you really want to sell it take a picture of the engine compartment, mention rust issues in the floor, trunk, rocker panels and underneath of vehicle. Is engine stuck or will it turn by hand. More pictures, more information. If it’s not as bad as you say, I will buy it.

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  9. Cain

    This is the first time I have seen a car on here from the Upper Peninsula! There are quite a few cars up here just waiting to be found. A number of times while I have been driving, I have seen a glint of chrome shining or a fender peaking out of a shed or garage. I live about 3 hours away and if someone would like me to check it out, I will.

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  10. dbigb1 Member

    Maybe some one can tell me if this has the trans. in the rear?

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  11. John1963

    The Pontiac version of these cars (Tempest) had the tranny in the rear. Olds and Buick did not. I have a 63 Cutlass convertible with the dual path 3 speed. These also came with a 4speed!

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