Asleep For A Decade: 1964 Pontiac GTO

My favorite Pontiac GTO is the model’s first year, 1964, and here’s a quite-nice coupe here on craigslist in Temecula, California that can be had for $15,000. The 1964 model year was the first for the GTO and a home run for division chief engineer John DeLorean, who pioneered the “Wide Track” models and became Pontiac’s Golden Boy. The GTO helped push Pontiac to third in industry sales for 1964 and led to DeLorean’s promotion to division head the following year.

As to the car in question, the current owner (the car’s third) tells me he bought the GTO in San Diego 20 years ago and then parked it in his garage 10 years ago when “gas prices went through the roof.” He predicts it will “crank right up” with fresh fuel and a battery. The odometer reads 17,000 “but you can probably add 100,000 to that,” the owner says.

The California climate protected the GTO from rust and garaging it protected rubber parts and the upholstery, so overall it looks good—especially the intact interior. The car is tightly ensconced in that garage, making clear photography difficult. But the body looks decent from what we can see. The paint is, of course, faded. It might have been red or even purple, but now it’s bright pink. The views are hardly comprehensive, but no rust is visible. Now the extras: Quite a bit is included with the car, including its original 389-cubic-inch V-8 and Powerglide transmission. The car has been tricked out with Mallory Hyfire ignition and a Mallory distributor, plus an “updated” carburetor. The body is “straight,” the title “clear.” It needs a windshield, and front disc brakes are partially installed.

An additional 389 engine on a stand, a four-speed manual transmission, a three-deuce manifold, two rolls of Heat Shield soundproofing, several fan belts, two flywheel housings, an aluminum flywheel, a 12-circuit “Painless Wiring” electrical unit, an after-market gauge set, a power steering reservoir and pulley, and a power brake booster. That’s a lot. The interior looks really, really good. It probably doesn’t need more than a cleaning. Both the red buckets and the back seat look excellent. The door panels, too. The console and floor shifter look fine. More and better photos would confirm all this. Maybe push it outside the next time? I see these cars restored in the $30,000 to $60,000 range. The convertibles may be more sought-after. I think this is an easy restoration for someone. What are you waiting for?


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  1. FordGuy1972 FordGuy1972 Member

    Another desirable classic muscle car poorly presented. $15,000 doesn’t seem like a lot of coin for a first edition of a legendary muscle car but it might be a tough sell because of the very poor pictures.

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    • Mike

      It’s Craig’s List. Not surprised…

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      • David Ulrey

        Stereotyping. When I see on Craigslist I utilize all 24 pictures in good lighting and EVERYTHING both good and bad known about the car. Not all Craigslist people are morons or lazy. That fits in more along the lines if the average Facebook Marketplace seller.

      • David Ulrey

        *When I SELL on Craigslist….

  2. Turbo

    I’m biased because I love these cars and I own a 64 GTO myself. They are nice cars that handle reasonably well for their era. The acceleration is awesome – even though modern cars are quicker, the roar of the engine and the sound of tires screaming makes it seem like you are going much faster than you are. Modern cars are better in many ways but with the refinement you lose a lot of the thrill. If you have ever driven a British sports car with the top down at 70 mph on a country road, you know what I mean – it feels like you are going twice as fast. And aftermarket support is ok for a non Chevy. If it is a real rust free GTO this is not a horrible deal with the extras. Of course there is a reason he bought a wiring harness, and the paint looks shot, but you know you are going to have things to sort out in a situation like this.

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    • Jason

      Looks still nice not all ripped up or trashed out.. Be a real cruser & head turner.

  3. Troy s

    It used to be a quiet little town, head up 395 north outta San Diego and dont blink, there goes Temecula! Now, thanks to my industry Temecula is a very crowded place to be, kinda like the garage this old goat is crammed in. Ha! Nice old tiger that might start but definitely won’t stop. Two speed auto won’t draw a lot of hurrays.

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  4. K Gun Offense

    I don’t get it. So few pictures and lousy ones at that. Not one picture of the front end. Sounds like a great deal. However selling a car on the internet, if you want people to be interested and pay for a trip to come check it out, this person needed to push it outside and give pictures showing the good, bad and or ugly. Looks to be a steal but but with poor photography, I have seen many great deals turn to garbage when you get the actual close ups or see in person. I don’t understand why a extra 389 is being thrown in if the original is so great and just needs the fuel lines cleaned and a battery. Truth is if good pictures and a effort had been made, I very well might have traveled to California and bought this car. I am not going to beg for pictures or help this person sell his car. If he is too lazy to do it himself, makes me wonder what else he was too lazy about with the car. However, without knowing more does look like a great deal. Like I said though, I have seen enough to know, looks can be deceiving. Maybe the front is wrecked is why no front end picture. Who knows!!!

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    • Steve R

      It is a lousy ad, but they are advertising it on Craigslist, not what is typically considered a national platform. It’s located an hour away from Los Angeles metropolitan area and a population of 13,000,000+ people. He may not even thought about people traveling from out of the area to look at the car. The ad reads like someone who has lost interest in the car and is selling everything associated with it.

      It’s priced to sell. If I were him, I’d sell it to the first person that showed up with cash or was willing to leave a substantial non-refundable deposit. I wouldn’t consider out of area buyers unless the car didn’t sell within a week or two.

      Steve R

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      • David Ulrey

        Normally I agree with you on most things Steve R but not everything has to be on eBay. I buy things off eBay but it isn’t a …Hand crafted by angels place.

    • robert semrad

      “I don’t understand why a extra 389 is being thrown in if the original is so great and just needs the fuel lines cleaned and a battery. ”
      K, you misread the ad….the one being thrown is is the original….it is the one that probably needs to be rebuilt, not the one presently under the hood.
      And if you don’t want to “beg” (ask for more pictures, you have no real intentions of buying it…I agree it’s a poorly worded and pictured ad, but don’t make it worse than it is…..
      If you might want the car, ask him to send you some better pictures (outside, and more comprehensive) and any other details you want to know…..some people aren’t as smart as you and they don’t think of these “details”…..they might figure if there’s someone interested, they’ll ask…..go ahead…ask away…

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    • Bruce Jackson

      I am with you! The problem is, there are lots of people who try to sell more than just cars, and either have no clue about basic marketing of an item…OR…they are trying to be deceitful. I have had two instances in the past year and a half where I drove 7 hours for one car and 3 1/2 hours on the other. The first was a 56 Caddie which had what appeared to show a nice-looking vehicle, but upon arrival, the seller opened the massive trunk which was full of all the “things” that needed to be completed. You all may like projects, but this was too much for me—and obviously significantly altered the value of the car. The other was a CJ 40 Landcruiser with “NO RUST!” (CAPS were the seller’s). In advance of my arrival, I told the seller, if it is rusted, then this will be “No Sale” For me. I kind the cash on me—but it was badly rusted at the top of windshield frame—and other areas underneath had been painted-over to hide some rust. So, now I want extensive photos, or forget about it.

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  5. OhU8one2

    I lived in Temecula for 12 years. Never saw this car or even heard about it. Being the Poncho man I am, I would have somehow found out thru a friend of a friend about this Goat. The owner should dig it out of the pile its in and take better pictures. Get a PHS report and best of luck on the sale. Pay for new owner to go wine tasting for a day. Now don’t ask me about the gold/saddle tan 63 Splitwindow I know of sitting in Temecula……..

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  6. pwtiger

    I have a few cars in dark cramped garages that don’t roll, he said he was converting to discs, so he can’t roll it out to take pics. I love the first GTO and wish that I had room and cash. I’m not sure if this a coupe or hardtop…

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  7. Super Glide

    The transmission is a Super Turbine 300 2-speed automatic. It was available in Pontiac, Buick and Olds. I had a 64 389 2 speed. Like the Beach Boys sang, “It was even shut down by the ice cream truck. It’s a no go showboat”

  8. stillrunners stillrunners Member

    Priced right for someone to go take a look at all that’s included.

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  9. Marty Parker

    For the umpteenth time GTO’s did not use Powerglide transmissions. They are 2 speeds but that’s where the similarity ends.

    • 3Deuces

      The Super Turbine 300 (abbreviated ST-300) was a two-speed automatic transmission built by General Motors and is incorrectly referred to as a Powerglide, which was a Chevrolet-only 2-speed design. The ST-300 was used in various Buick, Oldsmobile, and Pontiac models from 1964-1969 … including the ’64-’66 GTO.

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  10. Whynot Member

    Man, K Gun Offense your quite the Debbie downer. I think of a Sale that is poorly represented by not enough pics and what seams to be a good deal. Worth inquiring owner doesn’t seam to have the interest anymore. Who parks a 64 goat because of gas prices? And extra 389 to go along with sale awesome . Painless harness you know that was purchased for a reason.

  11. Stan Marks

    As I’ve said, for the umpteenth time, presentation is everything when you’re selling a car. First impression is always top priority.

    You wanna see this baby pop? Drag her outside & buff her out.
    I have a sneaky suspicion, that dull finish will come back to life. It won’t look new. But it’ll look 1000% better.

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