Asleep Since ’71: 1960 VW Beetle


This early Beetle has been sitting for a long time, presumably since 1971 as that’s the last time it was plated and legal. Offered for sale in Burleson, Texas and listed here on eBay, bidding is currently at only $200 but the reserve has not been met. Other than the obvious front over rider, I can’t see a lot missing… Well, ok, there’s some metal missing as there are some holes, particularly in the running boards and what I think is the spare tire well. The seller says he took it on trade and doesn’t know much about VW’s, but he does state that the engine is locked up. The odometer is showing 53k miles, which may actually be accurate if it was only on the road for 11 years, although I have to wonder based on the wear on the clutch pedal pad. Maybe the owner wore some really rough shoes? The floorboards are rusty as well, unfortunately, but I don’t think there’s anything that’s too hard to get for these vintage bugs. Just think, if you got it running, you would be driving it for the first time in 34 years!


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  1. David C

    Bidding is already over 2500 which is all the money for this one.

  2. Patrick McC.

    Barn-find bugs (or mostly any VW) are fun because they are so rewarding by how quick one can get them back on the road. I’d like to find an earlier one similar to this to balance out the later ones I’ve found.

  3. randy

    I predict insane money for this one!


    This looks to be a 1959 vw, it has a 36 hp. motor in it and a manual choke carb. that all changed in 1960 with a 40 hp motor and automatic choke.

  5. jim s

    our 1960 beetle had a 36hp, no synco on 1st gear, manual choke and no gas gauge. back in that time frame a title could/would be issued on model year, date of sale or date of import. since this has a good title that may be what some of the bidding is about. great find.

  6. David C

    The Bettle went to 40hp in 1961.

  7. Ron Tyrrell

    1961 first year of 40 hp and full synco box.

  8. JW

    I’ve never been a econo-box fan even during the energy crisis of the 70’s but I drove one of these that a friend owned. I would say if your going to teach someone to drive a manual shift car these are perfect for that.

  9. ron

    “driving for the first time in 34 years”? no math major there!

    • Jamie Palmer Jamie Staff

      @ Ron–thanks for catching that! Yup, I was tired that day. :-)

  10. Fred

    Many fond memories of my bugs (’63 and ’68), always started immediately in any weather, fixable by the side of the road and got you there and back. Sure they were deathtraps if you ever got hit, but who cared?

  11. Cody

    This will get high bids for sure

  12. Chris A.

    JW is right. If you could learn to drive a non-syncro Bug in traffic by double clutching into 1st, you could drive anything. My sisters and I learned to drive on ’55 and ’58 Bug Convertible. Still have the family ’54 VW shop manual but that didn’t help us when it came to salt damage to the pan. The build quality on the Karmann convertible was incredible.

  13. Gary

    Just like Fred, I also have the fond memories of so many nice VW bugs, first a ’57 (totaled in high school), next a ’56 drove for nearly 3 years, and my last a ’70, which I drove for 5+ years. Sold the ’70 cause I just had to have that new GMC pickup….. I still have a soft spot for a VW bug, would like this little ’60 for an around town daily driver.

  14. jim s

    by the time we sold our 1960 it had been upgraded to a fully synco transmission. both the dealers in our area back then stocked the transaxle and the mounting plate that had to be welded in place. they also stocked 40hp motors. you could pick either factory new or rebuilt, dealer rebuilt or used.

  15. Ron D

    Jim S, David C and Ron T are correct ’61 was the first year for the 40HP. Also, if this was a ’59 it would have pull door handles.

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