Asleep Since ’82: 1960 Lincoln Continental

1960 Lincoln Continental

This beautiful Lincoln Continental has been sitting dormant in a Colorado garage since 1982. The seller knows the car’s history and claims that the paint and interior are still original. They did the work needed to make it drivable after pulling it out storage and have now listed it here on eBay. The auction ends later today and the reserve has been met so it will sell to the highest bidder. This big luxury cruiser appears to be extremely well-preserved so it is definitely worth a look.

Beautiful Details

Just look at all those little details! This is one of those cars that you would want to buy complete because it would be a lot of work to find all that trim. Heck, it would be a lot of work just to detail the grill. The more I look at this car, the more I love it.

Crazy Taillights

The taillights look more like pieces of art than warning beacons. I usually to prefer driving my classics, but this could be one of those vehicles that I would feel okay having in the garage just to take the occasional gander at.

Comfortable Accomidations

Then again, it does look pretty comfy in there! Normally, two-doors are what we all want, but I think four-doors are just fine when you are talking luxury cars.

Power Everything

This thing is well-equipped with power everything. Things like power windows and mirrors may not seem like a big deal today, but they were a real luxury when this beaut was built.

Wild Styling

The wild styling may not be for everyone, but there is no denying the fact that this Lincoln is a piece of automotive artwork.


  1. MikeG


  2. Birdman

    Gorgeous! Absolutely Gorgeous!

  3. Jamie Palmer Jamie Staff

    Sure seems like a lot of car for the money it’s at now. Hope someone from the BF community buys it and tells us all about it!

  4. fred

    I’m pretty sure the friend helping to sell the car is also a professional photographer. This is one sharp looking ride.

  5. Dolphin Member

    I’ll never own one, but all those great photos sucked me in for long enough to scroll through every one, looking at the weird (those headlights) and the wonderful (everything else). I know that carmakers were expected to dazzle us with NEW every year back then, but those lights are just a tad outrageous.

    Definitely a lot of car for about $17K if this is your thing. Trouble with owning it is that all your spare time would be taken up keeping all that chrome and SS clean and polished. But that said, it would be a hoot to cruise up to the Dairy Queen or the local Show ‘N Shine in it. An attention getter? You might say that.

    • ydnar

      It’s a car dealer, looks like he has had some experience with selling, by looking at these pics. Very nice car indeed. He also has some nice driving shoes on ebay for the “light footed” driver!!

    • Jason Houston

      The lights aren’t the only thing that’s “just a tad outrageous”. The 1958 – 60 Lincoln and Continental is often considered by Lincoln experts to be the lowest water mark in the marque’s history. When they first appeared, they were called Chinese Outhouses, and other less flattering names. In both styling and sales, it went over like a concrete submarine.

      Yet by the same token, if I were to ever own one, this is the only one I’d consider!

  6. Blindmarc

    What a sweet ride that would be….love it. Allot of car for the money.

  7. Coventry Cat

    What a fine looking car. I can imagine the pride the designers must have felt with the finished product. There just doesn’t seem to be that level of detail/ eye candy today, even with the exotics.

  8. St. Ramone de V8

    I like this yacht! I know some don’t like the look. I do. All about Fifties excess carrying on into the Sixties. We seem to see these come up as basket cases in brutal shape. This is the way to get one. Spend the money, and get one complete, and ready to enjoy. I wish it would fit in my shop…

  9. Rspcharger Rspcharger

    I’m guessing who ever put it away in ’82 knew what they were doing and stored it properly in a climate controlled capsule of some sort. Super nice.

  10. Rex Kahrs Rex Kahrs Member

    The interior detail is astonishing. I was really impressed with the under-dash treatment…no wires showing, everything was completely covered with panels. The door cards are amazing. A tour-de-force of interior styling to be sure.

  11. jim

    These 58 to 60 Lincolns did not sell well and they were also unibody cars. The overstated size and styling ended in 1961 with the eloquent downsized all new Lincoln Continentals.

  12. Robert White

    I like that front end hood photo. That is a nice front clip design IMHO. Don’t like the four doors though.


  13. Cassidy

    What an awesome vehicle! An amazing piece of art! I love it! Darn piggy bank is empty! Hey, Santa, dude, can you cut me some slack and don’t look at the calendar….

  14. Rob

    At 8:45PM the Winning Bid (not mine, ‘n I didn’t bid) was US $18,099.00

  15. junrai

    PIMP!! that car is meant for luxury and it screams money from every angle. its just plain beautiful.

    I like looking at the rusty heaps that show up here but this is an incredible car. I also like the color its way outside of the normal black red or green everything was painted in back in the day.

    wish I had the $$ I would definitely try to snag it. I think a $20000 price tag wouldnt be unreasonable at all. I could see this car on counts customs with some “flavor” on the existing paint job going for $40-$50g’s but as the count would say “I dont know I think Im going to keep this one for my self”

  16. Alan (Michigan)

    Of all the cars I have seen sold for $18K… This has to be the best bought. What a timeless ride. While it is possible that the top bidder was buying for investment/resale, the romantic in me hopes that for the next few years at least, the car is lovingly cruised in nice weather, for appreciative eyes. So very much class, in a rolling art package.
    Try to imagine even the tooling and molds necessary to make the grille. Wow.

  17. JimmyinTEXAS

    Well bought.

    • Jason Houston

      That’s auction lingo for “somebody got a bargain and somebody got ripped.”

  18. MikeH

    I question the use of the word “beautiful”. This car was never beautiful and it’s not now. However, it has moved into the “interesting” category. In that whole era of outrageous excess, the ’58-’60 Lincolns and the same year Buicks, were at the top of the outrageous scale.

    • Jason Houston

      Indeed, “beautiful” is a very broad term, especially when applied to vintage cars. An ugly car like this is in “beautiful original condition”, the same as a 1953 Studebaker Starliner is “a beautiful execution of form and function”. Like so many things, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. I’ve had many close friends over the years who dearly love these 1958 – 1960 Lincolns, a passion I do not share. But I truly love this one. And if I were to decide to buy a Chinese Outhouse, this is the ONLY one I’d even consider!

  19. Marty Member

    A car worth preserving if there ever was one. So ugly it’s beautiful. Jaw-dropping just to see the details and to know that cars were ever really made like this. It must have thirty thousand dollars worth of chrome on it. Incredible car in amazing condition.

  20. Gary I

    One of the nicest, best looking, well priced, cars I have seen on here. Someone got HOOKED UP on this one. One of those cars you could never restore to this condition for anywhere near the price it went for. I don’t need another project, but selling a few to buy a piece as nice as this one would of definitely been doable. Good buy, enjoy the stares in the Lincoln!

  21. dogwater

    smooth coaster

  22. Moparmann Member

    If I’d bought this new, I would’ve had serious issues w/ the dealer RIVETING their dealer nameplate on the trunk lid!! (c:

    • Jason Houston

      My sentiments exactly! I don’t live where dealers trashed their new cars with this arrogant crap, but if I did, I’d insist they remove and replace the entire deck lid at their expense before I shelled out even a penny. Of course, the downside to this is those scripts and dealer’s frames are extremely valuable collectibles today!

  23. Mr. TKD

    The Fantomworks shop in Virginia restored one of these. Said they would think twice about doing another one.


    Chinese outhouse???

    • Wayne S.K.

      I was wondering about that one meself, AMC. It’s one of the most gorgeous things I’ve ever laid eyes on…

    • Jason Houston

      I think that refers angular Asian-style architecture! Certainly, it’s a love it or hate it car. Unfortunately, most potential buyers hated it.

  25. Rick Scott

    That’s how the Americans did it. I’m a Bow tie guy, but have to admit, it is a piece of art, simply gorgeous.

  26. krash

    wow..this car is really something, with it’s ‘over the top’ design…..big, bulky, yet I love the attention to detail….I’d need an oversized garage, but I’d love to own it….love the power rear cool is that..driving along with the four door windows down, and the rear glass down as an added bonus…really like the color combo as well…it fits this car..I’d enjoy having someone else pilot it while I lounge in the back seat just taking in the scenery..

    …I like it!!

    really, really unique..

  27. Bruno M

    Gorgeous car!

  28. DRV

    For me, the more autragious the better. A few years ago a friend drove the convertible version in white down the west coast 1 . The third day they had gone through the Big Sur and crashed at a hotel. When they went to leave the next morning all of the brake fluid was on the ground. Imagine the momentum without brakes if they went out …..

    • Alan (Michigan )

      “Crashed”… lol an alternate term for sleep might have been more approiate for use in this forum? ;-)

      • Jason Houston

        Thanks for that – I agree.

    • Jason Houston

      Do you mean they slept at the motel or ran the Lincoln into it?

  29. Mark S

    Wow what a beast. Very Nicely preserved. I’ve seen unrestored versions of these and I have to say when they’re like that they are butt ugly. This one is truly a rare sight.


    Words can’t explain how wonderful it is….

  31. Jason Houston

    What redeems this car, above anything else, is it’s marvelous condition and the perfect choice of COLORS.

  32. Ed Williams

    I never had one of these ’60 Continentals but on the subject of luxury I had a ’62 model. These were a really cleaned up design over the previous one and received styling awards and rave reviews.
    The 60’s Continentals were also very luxurious inside and I felt like a king driving it everywhere.
    I wish I could do it all over again but I am 82 years old and am now just a Barn Finds “armchair observer.”

  33. Blindmarc

    Ed, if my father was still with us he’d be in a chair right beside you!

    • Ed Williams

      Hello Blindmarc!

      So he liked ’60’s Lincoln Continentals too? Those few years ( 1962-1966) were the best years styling-wise for these cars until they started to change the front end design… change for the sake of change which was too bad!

  34. John Deebank

    It’s gotten to the point for me, that if the commenters on all these cars would put their age along with their names. Then I could better understand why one likes or hates a big car. I have either owned or was a passenger in most of these Land Yachts along with many smaller 54, 55, 56, 57, 58, 59 Chevs and Fords and newer. I will take a car like this one every time. I am 69 yrs. Spending the years and miles in these cars just might change your mind.

    • Alan (Michigan )

      Dang, you’re old, John!

      65 here, just a kid. :-D

    • St. Ramone de V8

      John, as a young punk of 56, I never had the opportunity to drive or ride in these things when they were new, but they were considered worthless in the ’70s and guys like me would get them for next to nothing. I spoke earlier in this thread that I personally like the look, and I remember that ride! Doors like a bank vault. Quiet, smooth, and yes, thirsty. I used one to haul a camping trailer. Never felt like it was there!

      • John Deebank

        St. Ramone.
        Yes, I read your comment. It gave me the inspiration to comment. I saw that you liked it and some didn’t. So I thought about it and wondered if the age was a factor. ]
        Younger crowd never having the luxury of riding in one let alone owning them. They would obviously like a smaller car, it’s what they’re used to and dont have a nostalgic sense for these cars. Not their fault but certainly can sway the vote for nay or yay in the comments, Thnx for replying friend……………….John. Canada.

  35. John Deebank

    Thnx Alan. I think I have a point though. From 14 on, I drove a lot of cars and most of the 50’s cars went for $300. or so. When one died, got another one. A field full of them for parts. With the Fords, parts were interchangeable for many yrs. My ’56 Buick was a dream. My last 25 yrs. have been Caddies and Lincolns and driven them East to West, many times. I’m still smiling. You’re 65, a very good yr. Cheers Alan.

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