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Citroen didn’t sell many cars in the US so most of us have no automotive memories of these strange machines. One of Citroen’s cars was the 2CV and its variants, produced from 1948 until 1990 for markets all over the world. They were developed for farmers to replace the horse and carts many still used. For those of us who spent time in Europe in the 1960s or 1970s, these little cars provided some great memories. Now, they are becoming collectible in the US. The one on the left is an unfinished project listed here on craigslist for $7750, the one on the right, a running car, apparently restored at some point, is listed here on craigslist in Lowell, MI for $15,000 and that includes a trailer to haul it on. Finally, there’s the Pony, the Mehari, found here on craigslist  near Vancouver Island for $8,999. Thanks to Tim H for sharing the 2CVs!

The first 2CV includes many new parts including a new chassis and was running when parked. These are easy to work on, so this could be an inexpensive way to own a 2CV if the price was more reasonable. Here’s a complete, running, nice looking car that sold for similar money on eBay. It looks really nice, but it could have a rusted chassis as well.

This one appears complete and restored in the few pictures provided. It includes the trailer but seems way overpriced unless the trailer is worth at least $5,000.

This is the Greek version of  the Mehari. They were built from flat panel kits in low tech factories and exported to Africa and the Midde East. They were built in many countries, including Iran, Vietnam, Chile, Belgium, Spain, Portugal and others. If this Pony is as nice as advertised, the price seems pretty reasonable. This probably isn’t what most little girls are thinking of when they ask for a pony for Christmas. I like the original 2CVs most, but this one seems the best buy of the three. What do you think?

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  1. wynkin

    The Greek Mehari has a longer bonnet than the French one.

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  2. Jason Houston

    Keep in mind that ridiculous, inflated asking prices do not reflect actual sales figures!

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  3. Gary I

    What makes someone lust after such a ugly car going for twice what it should? Is it for the sake of Standing out and being different? People go on about how well these cars drive and handle and I can’t help but think horse dung you just want to be looked at and your lack of knowing what cool is has people laughing at you, not with you, in one of these! If I had one given to me I would send it to the junk yard with all of the Hugo’s (they had a following also)! Stop with all of the foreign cars all of the time. Or have a barn finds for American cars and one for foreign cars. If it’s an exotic car like a Ferrari or Mercedes fine, but Citroen, Triumphs and MGs. Really!

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    • MikeH

      Gary–if you don’t want to read about Citroens—don’t. I don’t read about muscle cars, but I don’t go to the muscle car articles and bash everyone that has an interest in them. You seem to have room for only one car philosophy–yours.

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    • Frédéric

      You’re right Gary, only rich people should have the right to collect vintage cars.

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    • Dominique Legeai

      …wow, Gary1…. You sure sound like you’ve got some serious issues?! Car people are car people, we might not love all types of cars but we either like them and always respect them as well as the owners of these cars, whatever the name or the origin!! American iron of the ’50’s….Citroen’s……Trabant’s……micro cars… Jeep’s….replicars… cars…..woodies…..Ok, I’ll stop right here, hopefully you’ll reflect on that and other comments and continue enjoying “Barn Finds” like most of us do.

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  4. Olaf E


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  5. piper62j

    Ugh!! Another Citroen??????

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  6. Glen

    If that pony is in Canadian dollars, the U.S. dollar is worth considerably more. It might be a good deal for those of you South of the border.

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  7. Peter R

    The pony is in Canadian dollars which translated means the asking price is under $7 US – seems like a deal to me. I’ve been to Saltspring Island -well worth the trip.

    @Gary I – just chill – it takes all kinds to make up the collector market we all so enjoy. Not everyone wants a USA made collectible – My first car was a 1952 Chev convertible and my second a TR3A – I’d be happy to have either one again. Each of us gets to define “cool” for ourselves so relax and enjoy the Barn Finds ride – your favorite may be the next one in line

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  8. Brakeservo

    When the seller in Michigan says 78mpg he’s lost me – I won’t buy from an obvious liar. I’ve had a dozen of these and 35 – 42 is really all you should expect. Caveat emptor indeed!!!!

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    • MikeH

      That and the 73 mph. That speed can only be obtained downhill without a headwind.

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  9. josh h

    Citroens really set people off I guess. I like them, so i’m uncool. Oh well. I’d love to have an Ami 6 or 8.

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