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Attention Grabber? 1972 Ford Maverick Grabber

After a long and successful run, the compact Ford Falcon was retired to make way for the new Maverick in 1969. It was a much sportier looking car, but it still had Falcon roots underneath it. No doubt in response to Chrysler’s fastback compacts, the Duster and Demon, Ford introduced a variety of trim packages on the Maverick after 1970 to help attract younger buyers. One such package was the Grabber, like the seller’s one-owner, 1972 edition. This car is beaten and battered, but is said to run, located in Seminole, Alabama and available here on Facebook Marketplace where the seller is accepting offers.

Beginning in 1971, the Grabber was one attempt that Ford made to “grab” market share at the low end of the performance car segment. While it had a V-8 engine, it was more show than go, unlike a Duster 340 or Nova SS. When you ordered a Grabber, you got simulated hood scoops with blackout paint, Grabber stripes on the sides, fender decals, blacked out tail panel, grille-mounted road lamps and Maverick nameplate, blackened grille, hubcaps with trim rings on 14-inch wheels and D70-14 tires, twin body-color sport mirrors, a decklid spoiler, bright window frames and drip moldings and a sport steering wheel. And it had Ford’s 302 V-8, but with two-barrel carburetion. Lively, but not a barn burner. Thanks, Hemmings, for background intel on the Grabber!

Ford sold about 230,000 Mavericks in 1972, of which 35,000 or 15% were Grabbers. The seller says his Grabber is rare, maybe one of 500, because of the combination of engine, transmission and accessories. I can’t confirm this number online, but if it’s true, it perhaps only adds slightly to the value of the car because Ford made so many Mavericks and they haven’t become gold in the collector world (at least not yet). This car is said to have been relaxing in barn since 1988, having accumulated just 18,000 miles in the 16 years prior. I’m inclined to think the odometer has turned over as the car looks in far worse condition than just being neglected for 30 years.

At a minimum, there is rust in the floorboards and probably in the trunk. We’re told the car is from Arizona and now in Alabama, but we don’t know how much time was spent where. Both the valances below the bumpers are bent up and the trunk lid may or may not close. The paint has a good chance of being Ford’s Grabber Blue original color, although Grabbers could be had in other colors. The interior is a disaster which means everything from the seats, floors, door panels, headliner and the rest will need to be refurbished.

The seller tells us the 302 V-8 is original and it runs, but he doesn’t say how well. This car is far from a driver, as the master brake cylinder is frozen and the front suspension on the passenger side is broken. Also, we’re told the car needs a radiator. It’s refreshing to see that the transmission is a manual with column shifting, i.e. “Three on the Tree”. I wonder how many younger drivers today would know how to drive one of these machines. The car has factory air conditioning, which is said to contribute to the seller’s claim of rarity.

At it’s finest, a 1972 Maverick Grabber would top out at $15,000. Rather than set a price besides the placeholder $1,234, the seller is fielding offers. But clearly states he’s in no hurry, i.e. he’s waiting for the best offer. My gut tells me he thinks this car is special and will attract someone with deep pockets to buy it. But he forgets that it’s a Maverick and doesn’t command Mustang money even if they both were once Falcons.


  1. rustylink

    I guess if you feel that a bench seat with a 3 on the tree is rarified air for this Grabber, sure it’s rare…

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  2. Tony Primo

    Pump up the tires. Give it a wash and you are ready to cruise!

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    • Zapp

      I think I’d throw a blanket on the seat, too…

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    • Phlathead Phil

      Not on those wheels!!!

      Or, tired old trailer tires.

      They appear to be 5 on 4 1/2” TRAILER wheels and tires. They are looking VERY unstable!

      You CANNot use old crappy trailer tires on an AUTOMOBILE !!!

      The 5 on 4.5 pattern became the standard 5 lug pattern for trailer wheels simply because there were so many Ford wheels around.

      They will usually fit a Ford, but have different load capabilities.

      DON’T ever do it!!!

  3. Vance

    Parts car, these weren’t even special when new. Too much work, too much money, too little return. Next.

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  4. MorganW Morgan Winter

    The 302 wasn’t standard equipment with the Grabber package. Base engine was the 170 C.I. six.

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    • Zapp

      Most Grabbers I’ve come across have been sixes.

      Oddly, the 250 only came with an automatic for ’72.

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  5. Stangalang

    I actually had a grabber GT with the 302 2 barrel which I quickly changed intake and got a 4 barrel Holley.. headers..pertronix ignition and a c4. Later on I built the engine and had some fun with it then sold it 🤔😭

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    • z28th1s

      No such thing as a Grabber GT. The Maverick had a Grabber package and the Mercury Comet of the same year had a GT package.

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  6. Arthur

    This car should probably be sold to someone in Brazil. There’s a community of Maverick fans in that country, and I would not be surprised if one of them wanted this as a project car.

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  7. jerry z

    Here is another case of rare doesn’t make it valueable. That car is rough for 17K miles! Hate to see the barn!

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    • PatrickM

      I think the mileage needs another zero on the tail end.

  8. Stilbo

    Sadly… it’s a parts car…
    This one is shiny, albeit gruesome green but at least the gut is black.
    No reserve….
    No bids.
    You’d have twice as much if not three times as much in this Grabber Blue hulk.
    Drop a 351 Windsor crate in this one with a C4 shift kit and have some fun..
    Get a front plate that says: “Shreck”.

    • PatrickM

      “Gruesome green?” Looks blue from here and I am not color blind. Not saying you are.

      • Stilbo

        The Maverick on the link eBay link was green.
        This Maverick was Grabber Blue until nature added brown.

  9. Desert Rat

    I remember back around 74 we were all hanging out in front of my buddy’s house and another friend pulled up in a brand new Maverick Grabber white with brown stripes which sounds terrible now but at the time it looked outstanding. We were all jealous of that car, we must have been on drugs and I never did drugs. Still this listing brings back good memories.

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  10. victor Sanchez

    Back in high school a friend of mine worked at the AMC dealership and one day the owner’s spoiled rotten son got a Maveric with a Nasty sounding 302 which along with a 4 speed tranny this thing flew. When the son became a royal pain his dad took the car and had it for sale on the lot, my friend saw it and was able to buy it. I can’t verify this but he was told it had a BOSS 302 under the hood like I said I can’t verify it. I did see him put down a Super Bee one night and at that point I never doubted that Little Maveric, good times for sure

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  11. Mike Carpenter

    Neighbor has one..same color…great condition…14,000 miles on it.

  12. Rogério Vieira

    The model sold in Brazil, Maverick GT 302, is worth up to 50 grand USD, which I think is highway robbery.

  13. gaspumpchas

    When ford built the falcon they built an inexpensive car, when the built the maverick they built a cheap car. These have a following with the hot rodders. if this ones not rotten underneath might be a viable project, parts seem plentiful, saw a lot of parts and interest at Ford nats Carlisle. set up for v8, 5 lug wheels. the busted suspension would need to be looked into. Good luck and stay safe.

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  14. Bill McCoskey Bill McCoskey Member

    In 1972 I worked at Bethesda Ford in Maryland. We had a brand new Maverick Grabber, blue with 302, 4-speed and factory A/C. As I only lived a short drive away, I took it home for lunch a couple of times, and it was quite fast.

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    • z28th1s

      No new Maverick sold in the USA ever came with a 4 speed.

      Automatic or 3 speed manual were the only choices.

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  15. JT Member

    18000? Someone has to remind the young flippers that mechanical 5 place odometers existed in the 70’s and most cars were done by (1)20,000 thousand miles.

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  16. Phlathead Phil

    Just an oversized Pinto. They (Ford) didn’t even design a different tail light.

    Looks like they were even used on the F-150.

    Tail lights are expensive to redesign.

    Thus, use what’s handy. Now, is that “A Better Idea?” 💡

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    • z28th1s

      The Maverick came to market before the Pinto!

      Pintos have Maverick tail lights, not the other way around.

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      • Phlathead Phil

        You might want to check the F-150 & F-250 pickups.

      • z28th1s

        Phil those truck tail lights are not the same ones!

    • karl

      Its not an oversized pinto , other than a few parts like the taillights, its a completely different car . by your comment I guess you could also say the Nova was just an oversized Vega

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      • Phlathead Phil

        Nova came out before the Vega.

        Vega was an undersized Camaro.

        Many parts same there too!

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