Auction Update: Michelotti Jaguar XK140 Sells for $423K!

A few weeks ago, we told you about an unusual Jaguar XK140 discovered as part of a collection belonging to a deceased enthusiast in Belgium. The star of the collection was a rare Michelotti-bodied Jaguar XK140, which – while unusual – was expected to sell for a reduced amount due to little in the way of documentation. That all changed when it went to auction, selling for 10x its estimate at roughly $423K. Find the full run-down here on Bonhams’ website.

As mentioned, while the design was clearly the handiwork of Michelotti, the Jaguar didn’t come with any paperwork that confirmed the conversion. However, Bonhams did some impressive detective work between when the car was discovered to when it went to auction, likely netting themselves an impressive profit in the process. Most significant beyond the bodywork itself was the confirmation that the engine block is from an original Jaguar C-Type!

The body was indeed damaged heavily in an accident when the XK140 was nearly new. The damaged car came onto the radar of Michelotti, who penned three distinct XK140 designs – making this car one of three XK140s but the only one with this specific coachwork. The interiors and trim were also specific to Michelott’s tastes, and the last owner had already begun the process of restoring the gorgeous bucket seats.

The auction page really does a nice job of presenting the various design tweaks the XK140 underwent through the years, even at one point going bumper-less with some great period Marchal driving lamps in the grill. The rarity of the design is one thing; factor in the upgraded performance components from a likely competition-spec C-Type and the history gets even better. While it’s a huge number, it begs the age-old adage: Find another one.

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  1. grant

    Rare car and impressive sales price. But at the end of the day, this car is…. frumpy looking.

  2. MH

    Yeah thats ugly. I wouldn’t pay $400 for it. I would be embarrassed to have that on my property.

  3. jdjonesdr

    There’s a ton of people in this world with more money than they could ever spend. Some of them are assuredly car enthusiasts, and there’s probably more than a few who are Jaguar enthusiasts. This one is for them. 400K+ is pocket change for many of them and the bragging rights that come with it. .

  4. Sunbeamdon

    MAIS NON, MON AMIS – the car is as beautiful as its alleged owner – M Bardot!

  5. redwagon

    At this point it will $1,000,000+ to purchase and restore a piece of history. To my sensibilities that’s a decidedly ugly piece of history to boot. Not for me but I’m glad someone will restore (fund) it.

    The term “butterface” comes to mind.

  6. BoyHowdy

    Get a first gen barracuda mix it with a little TVR and add just a touch of Austin Healey throw in some Citroen Ami6 headlights aaaaand… Voila! $423,000. 🙂 you’re welcome.

    • Fiete T.

      The American version? The Savage GT, built off a 2nd gen Barracuda-

  7. Coventrycat

    Yuck. I’d rather have a factory bodied 140.

  8. Wayne

    Yes XK140 for me thanks

  9. glen

    It has an Aston Martin look to it, but not as good.It’s the headlights and grill that hurt the appearance. The original XK140 was much nicer looking.

  10. michael h streuly

    Ugly AZZ car.

  11. Michael

    Reminds me of a Bond Equipe. Did Michelotti do that too?

  12. JTNC

    Clearly not Michelotti’s best work, however in partial defense of the price: (1) the proceeds go to the charitable animal welfare organization, so depending on the laws of the purchaser’s country of residence there may be a partial tax deduction; (2) the C-Type engine from XKC016 is huge, greatly increases the value; and (3) looking at some of the period photos the car is somewhat better looking, especially with the bumper removed and the Marchal driving/fog lamps in the grille. Great work by Bonham’s in reconstructing the history of the car, although I didn’t see any real evidence of Bardot ownership.

  13. David Miraglia

    Tooo expensive but one pretty car.

  14. Henrie

    Grill looks like it comes from a Peugeot 404.

  15. alan

    Not one of my favorite Michelotti designs.

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