Post Graduate Nap: 1930 Ford Model A Rumble Seat Coupe

I was talking to an old friend last night, reminiscing about the 1970s in Santa Barbara, California. We used to see a black Model A coupe around Isla Vista and the UC Santa Barbara campus. It stood out from the… more»

Auction Your Car On Barn Finds!

Red And Rusty: 1957 Chevy Chevrolet Bel Air Convertible

This Chevy listed on eBay looks nice from here, at least at a glance, doesn’t it? It’s located in Dade City, Florida. Bidding is over $16,000 at this time and there is no reserve. It will take a lot of work and… more»

Big Red Coupe: 1954 Chrysler Newport Windsor DeLuxe

1954 was the end of the line for Chrysler’s prewar styling. The sides had been smoothed out over the front wheels and they had one piece windshields but they still had the bulky high roof look of the 1940s styling…. more»

Jetfire? 1963 Oldsmobile Cutlass F85 Convertible

The Craigslist ad for a tired old F85 convertible that Micheal found for us doesn’t look like much until you see at picture number 17. It has a turbocharger installed but it’s not complete and looks nothing like the Jetfire… more»

Big Drop Top Driver: 1964 Buick LeSabre Convertible

It’s a big roomy 2 door droptop and for convertible lovers, it’s a beauty. The fins, swoopy lines and most of the chrome of the first generation LeSabres are gone from the second generation and the boxy look was in…. more»

Barn Clean-out: Lincolns, Fraziers And A Rabbit Oh MY!

Reader Crazy George has found us an interesting listing for an unusual collection of cars in a really big barn. Could you imagine having a barn big enough that you could lose a bunch of old cars in? Except… more»

105 Years Young: 1913 Hupmobile 32 Touring Car

There were hundreds of car makers in the early 1900s and Hupmobile was one of the few that survived for very long. Could one of these cars have really survived for over 100 years with its original upholstery and paint?… more»

Mystery Mill: 1964 Chrysler 300K Ram Induction

The Chrysler 300 series was the granddaddy of muscle cars. This may look like just another lumbering old luxury car from the 1960s, but in its day it was a beast, especially with the Cross Ram option. Mashing the go… more»

Fully Finned: 1960 Buick Electra

For those who love the fins on the cars of the 1960s, here’s a car with fins on both ends. Like other cars of its time, there was a new design every year or two. This was a two… more»

Field Of Dreams: Rocky Mountain Relics

Do you ever dream of finding a field of rusty gold with hundreds of cars, trucks, and parts from the 1920s to the 1960s for sale? The climate is dry and the vegetation is sparse. There are no trees growing… more»

Windshield Included: 1929 Chevrolet Truck

Watsonville, California, is farm country and famous for its artichokes. There’s lots of old farm equipment in and around barns including trucks like this old Chevy. It was likely purchased new pretty much like it sits but without the bed…. more»

Split Window In The Trash Pile: 1963 Chevrolet Corvette

This holy grail barn find showed up on eBay back in May. Jesse wrote about it then and bidding got up to $75,100, you can read his post here. The split window Corvette has become an almost religious icon,… more»

Squirreled Away: 1936 Plymouth Touring Sedan

Many people love the “Art Deco” inspired styling of the cars of this era. America was still in the depression but things were starting to look up for many people in 1936. Car companies had survived the depression by… more»

The Sad Truth: 1969 Ford Mustang Convertible

There’s nothing overly special about a 1969 Mustang with a six, but a convertible without rust would have potential. If you only look at the first 20 or so pictures for this one here on eBay, the ones before you… more»

Patina Supreme: 1965 Chevy C-10 Longbed Pickup

Alright patina lovers, it’s time to swoon or drool as you prefer! The rest of us are just glad to see the rust hasn’t penetrated much. This good ol’ farm truck is listed on eBay with the $3,000 opening… more»

Can It Be Real? 1962 Chevrolet Impala SS

This isn’t something you see every day, the Easter Bunny with an Impala SS! This is said to be the original owner and his car last year. The seller says it has had only two owners until 2013. That… more»