Barn Clean-out: Lincolns, Fraziers And A Rabbit Oh MY!

Reader Crazy George has found us an interesting listing for an unusual collection of cars in a really big barn. Could you imagine having a barn big enough that you could lose a bunch of old cars in? Except for the 1979 Lincoln, these cars have been parked here since the mid-80s. The Cadillacs have been sold, but there are still a couple of Lincolns, Kaisers and a Rabbit left. According to the posting on craigslist, the engines all turn and there’s not much rust. Except for the white rabbit, the owner seems to have preferred black. If you happen to wander through Castle Hayne, North Carolina, you might want to have a look and see what else they might be hiding in that barn.

The owner drove this 1979 Lincoln until his death last year. It runs and drives. The asking price is $7,900 or best offer.

How about a 1963 Lincoln Continental? The body and interior need some work. The bumpers are included and the engine turns over. All of this can be yours for $4,250 or best offer.

Here’s a 1954 Kaiser Manhattan. The asking price is $1950. Hopefully, it is restorable.

This looks like a 1951 Frazer Manhattan. It’s said to be an easy restore. The engine runs a bit, the interior needs lots of work but the body is nice.

This must be one of the Kaiser Manhattan parts cars. He’s open to offers, so perhaps someone will be willing to haul it away for free. For the right price, one of the Lincolns might be nice, the 79 as a driver, the ’63 as a project. Or, for $500 you can have a topless white Rabbit. Does anyone see anything of interest?

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  1. Beatnik Bedouin

    IF, and that’s a big if, I had the storage space, I’d love to see what kind of deal could be done on the end-of-the-line Fraser and Kaiser. While not particularly valuable, they have an interesting history.

  2. michael h streuly

    Every single one of those cars are JUNK. Not worth S$$T.

    • Rustowner

      Have you ever left a positive comment on this site? If you think old cars are all junk, why do you even come to this here?

      • Nick

        Agreed. Those two shiny Cadillacs look very nice to me, and there is a market for them. Maybe not as much as a Chevelle or Camaro, but there is a market.

      • Thomas

        I agree, no one should leave negative comments on this. If one doesn’t like what they see, unsubscribe. Thanks for your hard work guys. Very entertaining!

  3. Bill D

    Am I terrible for wanting the Rabbit? I had a Rabbit of about that vintage back about 30 years ago, although not a convertible, and it was one of the square-headlight Westmoreland cars. Fun car, though, and a convertible version would be a great summer car in New England.

    • CanuckCarGuy

      It would be a great car for summer cruising, especially for those of us that suffer intolerably long and bitter winters. It has the added bonus of earning points with the wife.

    • KevinR

      I have an ’87 model Cabriolet, so no, I don’t think you’re terrible for wanting the Rabbit. In 1983 the Rabbit convertible was basically a GTI with a convertible top. Lots of fun for not a lot of money…

  4. RayT Member

    The Frazer looks like it would be easiest to resuscitate — not that anyone should go by one photo — but I wonder what’s up with the missing or removed grilles, bumpers and trim. If included with the sale, the Kaiser and Frazer would be good deals for someone like me who digs those cars.

    • Al

      Faux bumpers and grills, were not original equipment.
      Just possibly, with that wet floor, and I mean wet, the paper mache grills and bumpers simply washed away into oblivion.

      • Alexander

        Faux bumpers? Are you talking about the VW or the Kaisers/Lincolns? Those things were cast in granite and typical lasted longer than the sheetmetal on the car. Not sure what you mean by “not original equipment?”

      • Al

        I was talking about the lack of grills and bumpers on the Kaisers. Where are they???
        Alexander maybe you look at the pictures again. Where is the chrome? Not there !! So they must have been paper mache, at least on the Kaisers.

  5. 86 Vette Convertible

    My one Grandparents had a Kaiser when I was very young, even seen a picture of it with my folks in the shot. I honestly don’t remember much about it, but knowing Grandpa it had to be a good car for him to have owned it. I vaguely remember him trading it in on a 54 Chevy which he also loved.
    I also admit I’d love to have a shed that big, what a shop and garage it could become!

  6. olddavidp

    That Manhattan would be a great restomod. The arched eyebrow of the windshield and the curved lines would be accentuated by lowering and filled wheelwells. The iconic small block would be fine. Add transmission of your choice.

  7. Del

    Some rare pieces

  8. James Martin

    I like the 54 Kaiser, got that Austin Healy grill and hood scoop look to it.

  9. Ensign Pulver

    I’m partial to the 79 Lincoln Town Car. It still amazes me that these were the standard transport for our most senior of citizens. They could navigate them like the Titanic through an ice field…ok maybe a bad analogy….still you had to respect their abilities as so many have survived them. Grandparents drove them from Cape Cod to NJ and always got a new one every 2 years until 79 when the new 80 was downsized and therefore unsafe! Blue on blue collector edition is on my list.

    • mark

      I agree! They were land barges. I like the lincoln out of all of them!

  10. David Miraglia

    I’ll take the caddys and the Lincolns. Love the Kaiser but more expensive to restore.

  11. Spiderider

    Ohh, lookie lookie I see a cookie.

    Is that a sweet looking Comanche in the background peeking??!
    How bout a looks at that!

  12. P Wentzell

    Oh, my. I would love that 1979 Lincoln. If that Rabbit would run, I’d be there. Those Rabbits are a blast to drive.

  13. stillrunners

    Thanks for a lead for some one…..Mr Goode on my paper route had parked among other things a Kaiser and a Frasier….best car house on my route.

    Did finally get that 55 Stude at the estate auction…..

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