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Award Winner! 1963 Pontiac Grand Prix “Chief”

Pontiac introduced the Grand Prix in 1962 as an upscale grand tourer, based on the Catalina body but using Bonneville power. It was greeted by the public with welcome arms and the company made it a series of its own the following year. This beauty from 1963 is a former award winner named “The Chief” and it looks to be in immaculate condition. Perhaps restored, the Pontiac is offered by a private seller but through a dealer in Vancouver, Washington, and is available here on eBay. Though the reserve hasn’t been met, the current bid is $6,700.

John  DeLorean, the architect of the GTO, was one of the powers behind bringing the GP to market. The first generation of the Grand Prix ran for three years, and the 1963 edition was the most popular with sales north of 72,000 units. As you would expect with a car like this, the Grand Prix came with bucket seats (“Morrokide” upholstery), a console, and loads of power under the hood. Styling changes for ’63 included a switch to stacked headlights and its own squared-off roofline. Besides the standard 389 cubic inch V8, the 421 was available in the Grand Prix which produced at least 320 hp with a 4-barrel carburetor (Tri-Power was optional).

This Grand Prix may not be original as the seller says it has a TH-400 automatic transmission, yet the Hydra-Matic was still the one if you didn’t get a manual tranny. There is no reference to this car’s mileage or how much of the vehicle is from its build date. For a vehicle involving a dealer, surprisingly few photos are provided. But what little we see of the car presents it as one stunning Poncho. The 8-lug aluminum wheels help set off the overall package.

We’re told this Pontiac has been very well maintained, so we assume it runs as good as it looks. It took 2nd Place at the 2006 National Pontiac Convention, but we don’t know what other honors it may have gained over time. “The Chief” graphics were added to the C-pillars, perhaps after a restoration of the Viper Red paint took place. The 421 V8 has a Ram Air IV camshaft, further evidence of an extreme makeover at some point. This might be one of the nicest ’63 Grand Prix’s left, so it begs the question as to how high you’ll have to bid to trigger the seller’s reserve.


  1. Avatar photo Uncle Ed

    I hate tacky custom touches

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    • Avatar photo rabadoo Member

      Eddy! Come on, don’t be a fuddy-duddy…. He probably picked up more chicks than we can count…… They loved that cutesy stuff…. Besides that probably cost him $20… $30 maybe.

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  2. Avatar photo Chris Cornetto

    They likely could not find anyone competent enough to rebuild the slimjim thing. The car is a stunning example with a decent amount of options.

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  3. Avatar photo Mike76

    The “seller” FSBO just posts vehicles on behalf of the owner and uses whatever pictures the owner provides. I looked at an Olds that was listed by them and they just put me in touch with the owner of the car and that’s who I dealt with. Not sure if all listings are like that but I don’t think they are a dealer so to speak, more of a middleman.

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  4. Avatar photo Bob_in_TN Member

    I really don’t know much about Pontiacs, but this Grand Prix looks to be in excellent condition and is very eye-catching. I also could do without the C-pillar graphic, and an award the car won 17 years ago doesn’t mean much to me (if the award was more recent it would be more relevant). The ad indeed has a “middleman” feel to it, someone who is doing little more than handling the ebay marketing.

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  5. Avatar photo Bick Banter

    S’up, Chief?!?

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  6. Avatar photo MLM

    I love a ’63 Grand Prix. The only thing I could do without is the graphics on the C pillar, the car was already gorgeous as it is. I would prefer that TH-400 over that Slim Jim any day.

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  7. Avatar photo BA

    Pontiac did indeed have the hot setup in 1962 with the SD 421 & later 428. I agree why come up with tacky graphics when early pontiac emblems like the fender light markers for Firebirds were like so cool?

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  8. Avatar photo Lathebiosas

    Unless the heads were heavily massaged it would probably run better with a factory 068 cam than the RAIV cam.

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  9. Avatar photo Rustomodrob

    I acquired a 63 GP a few months ago featured here on B.Fs by Russ as “Trailer find”
    Lol. Every bit of her is original and some extras in the back seat tote and trunk. Looked to me one of the previous owners was going to do some sort of work to her, but there she sat for years. So now I have her and she’s getting the attention she deserves. She won’t be restored to show room condition, but she’ll be good enough to go roaring down the road again with a Muncie 4sp conversion and some upgrades to her 389.
    This poncho is super nice, but yeah…could do w/o the graphics. Then again it doesn’t matter. Everyone’s taste is different on how they want to do their build…not everyone is going to like how you do it….just hope it’s not all of them..😄

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  10. Avatar photo Brad chipman

    Very nice and ac. Great for south florida

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    • Avatar photo Rustomodrob

      Hey Brad,
      Unfortunately no ac car. Was originally from Washington state..but hopefully I’ll get an aftermarket one in the near future..lol

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    • Avatar photo oilngas

      This car has a compressor with a belt. My vote is has a working a/c.

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      • Avatar photo bobhess Member

        Compressor and dryer both in far left of the engine picture. As said, I don’t think the belt’s there just for looks either.

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  11. Avatar photo Bob C.

    That’s “the chief ” from the Tumbleweeds comic strip.

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  12. Avatar photo Geoffrey Nohr

    I drive a 64 Grand Prix here in Montana on a daily basis. Slim jim shifts great although not to many transmission guys out there anymore that know about the slim jim. This Grand Prix sure is a looker. But, mine is all original .

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    • Avatar photo MLM

      The ’64 is another good looking one.

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