Back in Black: 1985 Chevrolet Monte Carlo SS

While 1985 saw a slight downturn in overall sales of the Chevrolet Monte Carlo, the SS was the exception to the rule. Compared to the previous year, Monte Carlo SS sales rose dramatically, from 24,000 cars to 35,500. Part of this trend may have been due to a resurgence in demand for performance cars, but part of it could also be attributed to the fact that potential owners now had a wider choice of paint colors. Whatever the catalyst was, there was a sudden influx of cars onto our roads. Today, many have succumbed to all of the typical wear and tear issues that would normally plague cars of that era, but there are still some reasonable examples to be found out there. This 1985 model isn’t perfect, but its condition appears to be above average. It is located in Polk City, Florida, and listed for sale here on eBay. The owner has set a BIN price of $8,500 for the SS.

The appearance of the SS looks quite promising, with panels that seem to be nice and straight. The paint has a nice shine to it, and the plastic trim has held up well for a car of this vintage. The wheels aren’t original, and whether they appeal or not will be a matter of personal taste. The owner does supply some limited photos of the underside of the car, and it does look to be solid. Part of me feels that the car really needs something to break up all of that black, and the optional pinstripe may have been a good choice to achieve this.

Under the hood of the SS is the “High Output” version of the 5.0-liter V8 engine, which was good for 180hp. This sent power to the rear wheels via a TH 200-4R automatic transmission. The SS also scored power steering, a rear sway bar, and 10.5″ power front disc brakes. The owner of this SS says that the car runs and drives nicely and that he would have no hesitation in driving it anywhere. The car sits on new Cooper tires, while the exhaust system is new all the way from the manifolds to the back of the car.

The interior of the Monte Carlo falls down slightly, but it isn’t anything major. There are a couple of cracks in the dash pad, but since they haven’t grown too big at this stage, they may be able to be repaired. If repair or replacement of the pad aren’t viable options, then a cover might be a solution to prevent UV rays from causing further deterioration. The rest of the interior looks good, although I can’t decide whether there is a problem with the lid of the console, or if it’s the way that the light is hitting it. The car is also fitted with power windows, power locks, and air conditioning. The owner also says that while the A/C blows cold, he does believe that it would benefit from a re-gas.

This 1985 Monte Carlo SS is an attractive car, but it isn’t perfect. One thing that is interesting about the values of these is that NADA values an immaculate example as being worth around $10,000, but there have been a number of pristine cars that have sold recently for significantly more than this figure. Hagerty suggests that a #2 condition car is worth around $17,000, but this is slightly high. Spotless examples seem to be currently fetching around $14,000. This one isn’t spotless, but I think that it probably represents pretty decent buying at the asking price.


  1. AndyinMA

    First lose the horrible wheels and return to stock. Then get the proper SS graphics and striping. Then play hair metal and enjoy a relaxing cruise back to the 80s. Them were the days!

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  2. Bakyrdhero

    something to start with, not for the BIN though.

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  3. Steve R

    With an asking of $8,500 and pristine cars going for $14,000, I’d hold off until a I could find a better example. This car gives off the vibe that whatever work has been done wasn’t to very high standards.

    Steve R

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  4. Bakyrdhero

    At first I thought this may have been a lesser trim level Monte with the SS parts swapped over. Now I’m just thinking there was a trip to Maaco and a trip to Pepboys. A quick eBay search didn’t show anything much better for the money. And speaking of that, these are going for some big money now! This might not be a bad car to start with and restore, even considering the paint, stripe kit and rims.

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  5. Steve

    AndyinMA hit the nail on the head. Seems like a decent car for the money, but the paint job looks like a 50 footer. I can see orange peel in the photos! (It will look even worse in person.) This, and the lack of the original SS stripes leads me to believe that we are not looking at original paint. I would go over it with a fine tooth comb (filler detector, actually) to see what that shiny, but bumpy paint is hiding…

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    • Miguel

      To be fair Steve, these cars had orange peel from the factory.

      it was a no cost option on all ’80s Monte Carlos.

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  6. Steve

    I have always lusted after a MC SS, and been a fan a G bodies ever since each of my older brothers had 87 aerocoupes. Both black, one with maroon interior, the other grey. Not big runners as far as power, but nice handling cruisers. I couldn’t afford one new, as I was still in high school. I should have snatched one up in the 90’s, when prices were on the downturn. I would really like to have a blue 83/84 with a bench seat and column shift, just to be different. THe oldest brothers friend had an 86 that he bought when it was only a few years old. It was maroon/ maroon with a bench seat, column shift, manual windows and locks and no AC or T tops. It was a “stripper” SS we called “Krystal with a K”. (If you have to ask…) I did pick up a silver with red interior 80 Malibu wagon, 79 powder blue Malibu 2 dr and recently a tan/ tan (ugh!) 82 Malibu wagon over the years. I have sold all but the 2 dr. Got it as a running driving car in 1997 for $1200 when the guy’s mom couldn’t drive any more. Now it has a 468 BBC, 200 4r and an 8.5: rear out of a 442 with 3.73 posi.

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  7. moosie moosie

    Ad says sold, $6900.00, It looks O.K. but probably better with out the Earl Scheib dull looking paint, Wheel choice coulda been better but hey, it aint my car & the owner did it up to suit his own fancy.

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    • Del

      Never sold. Is not worth half that.

      More BS bidding.

      Car is not worth 3 grand

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  8. Troy s

    From the early stages of the current high performance car market. I drove one once back then, my bosses car, it sounded neat and at the time looked kinda sharp.
    And it had one of those air cleaners you could flip the lid upside down for that throaty roar.
    I don’t miss the cars from the eighties all that much, but sometimes it’s fun just to see what other people think of these pretenders.


    How about an 84-87 Buick Grand National Turbo V6 transplant. Now that would be fun to have.
    I like these much better than 74 up Monte. Best Monte 70 71 72 preferably with 454.

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