Backyard Find: 1967 Chevy Corvette

A few months ago, a member of a Facebook group I follow showed pictures of a derelict Corvette rotting in someone’s driveway in New Jersey. This poster had just snagged the car and was showing off his score – now, I’m not entirely surprised to see it here on eBay where bidding is quite strong, likely yielding the flipper a nice return on his investment. It is lacking its original 427, however, so the next owner will have to judge how much they want to bid for a non-matching car with some significant cosmetic issues. 

It’s hard to gauge how one person can show up and ask if a car is for sale and get run off the premises, while another can make a deal come together. I don’t assume to know exactly how things transpired in this instance, but there is some level of right place / right time when it comes to picking up garage find or cars buried in the backyard. This ’67 Corvette was originally a 427 car but the engine is long gone; in addition, its bodywork is fairly rough, including a hole punched in the rear quarter panel.

The interior is surprisingly nice, however, for a car that appears to have stood outside for quite some time. Unfortunately, along with the engine, the original 4-speed is also missing. The Corvette now sports an ordinary 350 that turns over but doesn’t run, and the 4-speed that’s in the car currently is of unknown origins. The seller did find the tank sticker, and claims the Corvette feels solid, with the doors and hood closing nicely. Interestingly, this ‘Vette has some very period-correct shag carpeting inside, which you can see in full detail in the eBay listing.

Aside from needing paint, the seller says this crack in the body is its biggest flaw, and he also confirms that while the frame has surface rust, there’s no rot-through anywhere. As a car originally equipped with the 427, a 4-speed and side pipes, the seller’s gamble on finding this broken Corvette and dragging it home may turn out to have been a good one. These early ‘Vettes are sought after even in non-numbers matching form, so I’m sure the next owner will work quickly to get the correct motor and transmission installed. How would you restore it?

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  1. flmikey

    Very nice find, but 25K and climbing find? I guess it is, as people are willing to pay that kind of money…a lot of these 427’s got grenaded so I am not surprised it is missing the motor…I am curious to see where this one lands…

    • Tony S

      Who says “a lot of these 427’s got grenaded” ?? Besides you?

      • Wayne S.K.

        Me. A lot of big blocks in general (of ALL makes) got grenaded by kids thinking they could wind them into the twilight zone. Which is exactly where they wound up…

  2. leiniedude leiniedude Member

    25K already. I wonder what the junk in the trunk is in photo number 1 ? Looks like an old LT1 motor in there now. Curios abut the air cleaner frame ? A great color, she will look gorgeous when restored.

    • ronebee

      that’s an old Mr Gasket air cleaner w/o a filter or the metal screen

    • RandyS

      Not a LT-1. The seller claims it a 69 engine so at best it is a L46. While the valve covers are L46/LT-1, the intake manifold and carb are aftermarket so need the stamp pad suffix to know what it really is. Regardless, at its current bidding level that engine will not be reused in that car.

  3. doug6423

    Original paint????

    • JamestownMike

      It might be the original color but DEFINATELY NOT the original paint! I saw some poorly done body work in the pics.

  4. RandyS

    Not that it has any bearing on this auction or car value, but I’ve never understood why people run fuel lines so close to header tubes.

    • Nova Scotian

      Yup.. and copper lines too!.. ‘Cause it bends easily in the hands for shaping…Also fatigues and cracks while engine idles/runs…never revealing until BOOM! BBQ time! Lol!

  5. michael streuly

    Another piece of junk that someone will be willing to pay big money for.

    • m.p. moyer

      There is a lot of money out there but not too many ’67 Corvettes. While $25k is a lot of coin for most, it’s not a lot of coin for all. I’m glad there are people out there willing to keep cars like this alive.

    • Rick

      Piece of junk.How many vetted are in your garage,much less a 1967 coupe

    • Ck

      This is far from a piece of junk !This Vette is definatly saught after and restorable .It wont ever be a matching # car but it can come really close .It is also a candidate for a totally modern upgrade ,this thing would be so bad ace with a modern suspension and a New crate motor 427.Hey how about taking the whole drive train from a new Stingray ?Heres another Idea ,I got lots of them,how aboot a Mako Shark clone . Again this car is No piece of junk .

  6. SeaKnight

    Pass! Better cars for sale…..

  7. Dale Leier

    LS7 it.

  8. kman

    Alright, what happened to the thumbs?

    • Wayne S.K.

      “THEY” got them… (the mother ship…)

  9. sparkster

    Dale is right drop a new LS7 in it. Five speed stick and we’re off to the races.

  10. Car Guy

    A 502 crate motor dressed to look like an original 427 would be lots of fun….

  11. deck

    I have always been a fan of the “67”. It in my mind was the best road handling vetts made!!

  12. gbvette62

    A year from now that car will be restored and back on ebay as a “matching numbers” L36 427.

    • Wm Lawrence

      A friend had a license plate surround on his 66 coupe that said:

      “Yeah, I know they made Corvettes after 67. But who gives a sh**?”

      62 is my favorite…

  13. Rick Noland

    Its sickening how people have things that where this nice in time but they cant take of things just let them fall down like this piece of history ,, if u do find something laying around in someones yard and stop and ask if is for sale NO IM GOING TO FIX IT UP AND TEN YEARS LATER ITS STILL THERE WITH WEEDS GROWING AROUND IT makes me sick ..

    • Healeymonster

      Exactly. Around the corner from my house a Pantera sat in the guys driveway with the drivers window half way down for at least 10 years. Cats were living in it. Every time I went over to ask about it the guy gave me the same old story. “Not for sale, im going to restore it” Crazy people..

  14. Tyler

    My favorite generation of Corvette, but alas, a pair of bad knees & bad back means I won’t be driving one. And with bidding up to 30k, I sure won’t be owning this one. Deep pockets are required to restore a car like this, & mine aren’t anywhere near that deep. Sure, if you source the correct 427, it may fetch $100k, but you’re gonna have close to that in it.

    Seller says he never tried to start the engine, but that looks like a new Interstate battery in one of the pics. Things that make you go hmmmm.

    Since originality is lost, I like the LS7 idea, along with other modern goodies like suspension & brake upgrades. Would have about the same money in it, but a far better running & handling car.

  15. OhU8one2

    I’d go the largest crate motor available from GM, Tremec T-56,upgraded brakes all around. Coil overs front and rear. Paint it Steel Cities Grey with a tan all leather interior. Then drive the hell out of it. PROTOURING…………

  16. leiniedude leiniedude Member

    Somebody wanted this thing bad, bidding went from $30,500.00 to the BIN price of $39,000.00. 38 bids. Even missing its original 427.

  17. erikj

    PROTOURING!! Really-pick a not so rare model and chop that up. This vette is really rough,but at least its,orig. a 427-4spd car!!

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