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Backyard Vette: 1959 Chevrolet Corvette

If you drive around any rural area in the United States, you are bound to spot a few old cars parked behind houses or in fields. Normally they are not worth getting too excited over, but every once in a while you may stumble across something special. If you are in the Half Moon Bay area of California, you might just run across this 1959 Corvette. It is listed for sale on craigslist with an optimistic asking price of $26k.

The first generation Corvette, or C1, created the recipe for all succeeding Vettes. Two seat sports car, fiberglass body, and since 1955 –  a push rod V8 out front. This car’s original V8 is missing, but the seller is including one from a 1961 Vette. 1958 brought quad headlights and plenty of chrome. Luckily, for ’59 they toned things down a bit. The car is stripped, but the seller claims that they have everything to put her back together. Be sure to verify all these claims before exchanging any money though.

You should always buy the best you can find, so this one is obviously only for experienced enthusiasts looking for real pain. Personally, we would save our money and look for something a little more complete, but for those of us who want a challenge, this could be the one. The asking price is a tad high, but it does include a hardtop and possibly a bunch of spares, so you will want to verify the parts list before judging too harshly. If nothing else, this Corvette is a reminder to keep searching those back roads because you never know what you might find…


  1. jesse brown

    26k? more like 2600 yeah its in one peice but whats missing?

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  2. scott

    I have restored a few Model As in my day and truthfully they all started out in a field looking better and more complete then this. I usually dont give more then 1500…..So 26K ? Really? Somebodys dreaming………lol

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    • JDJones

      Yep. And people in Hell want ice water too…

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  3. michael

    Poor car…

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  4. Ping Pong

    But look! Wrapped around the steering column! Clearly you are getting hosed! If nothing else this car has a purpose! Garden hose storage!!!

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  5. michael

    26K asking price. LOL. Do they think people are stupid? Don’t answer that.

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  6. Dave

    5 large.. tops

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  7. paul

    throw a tarp over the top and let the dog live in it

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  8. JJ

    Short of being Zora Dontov’s personal car, or SN# 0001, chances of selling that for more than $1500.00 are quite slim.

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  9. Tom Ferris

    I have restored a lot of cars in my day but that would be the biggest project I’ve ever seen. I would not give you more than $2000 for that. It will take more money to restore that than the value of the car when done. You should have taken better care of that car, it is good for nothing but parts use your head part it out. What a waste you should be ashamed of your self.

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  10. scot c

    ~ top’s worth a couple grand, right? what’s making the poor guy sad is the lack of will and stamina to follow through. once upon a dream.

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  11. Gill

    Front wheel drive, notice snow tire. Very, very rare, hence 26k. lol

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  12. DRV

    A few deck lids and the serial number for 2600.00 is all the money.
    it might be worth checking into to see if there is a reason it has truck 6 bolt hubs! hmmm….

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  13. 60stude

    do ya think they really know where all the parts are that supposedly “complete” this car as stated by seller? You’d really have to know your stuff, and this would have to be numbers matching to get that kind of cha-ching. Since the original motor is nowhere to be found, I don’t see the value in this at all. Will never be able to be factory original, and that’s what brings the dough.

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  14. J. Pickett

    Dreaming at that price, not even a period correct engine? I agree $1500.00 tops.

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  15. Donald Member

    That garden hose must be worth a few bucks. Just make sure it’s included in the deal.

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  16. Larry Renner

    Maybe he really doesn”t really want to sell it at that price. worth about 1200.00 for parts

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  17. Bob

    I’d love for it to be on Ebay, just to see where it would go!

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  18. Will

    The price is way off but I would like to have this to create a modern daily driver without feeling guilty about wasting anything original

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  19. Bob

    Here is the listing from Craigslist, 26k or better what??

    I am at long last going to give up my dream of doing my 59 Vette. It makes me very sad.
    The car needs a full resto. I have the pink and the whole car. Plus alot of new parts that go with it.

    The first $26,000.00 or better gets her.


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  20. Doug M Member

    I think DRV is onto something: the 6 bolt hubs. I am betting this is a body sitting on an old Blazer frame! I have taken on a lot of projects, but this one sure makes me tired just looking at it!!

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    • Kurt Spengler

      Doug,I was about to say the same! He’s fishing and from the smell of things it died a long time ago! I’d give no more than 1500.00 drop it on a new Art Morrison frame and go canyon carving!

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  21. Larry

    The Posting on craigs list was deleated , You don’t really think he sold it, do ya??
    I think it was someone with nothing better to do. But it did get get alot of press time here.
    Maybe he decided to fix it after all, yea right!!

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  22. Todd

    Hey guys, check out the craigslist posting – it has already been deleted! So either he has reposted or someone really saw the potential or someone offered reasonable money or…?

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  23. Mark W

    He probably got tired of getting emails slamming him asking him if he’s high, drunk or just stupid

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  24. got it

    he got all of the asking price and then some!

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  25. TVC15

    Once my Nigerian money arrives ( any day now acording to Mr Ueo ) I’m buying it

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  26. Scott T

    Started one of these in 2001 and 10 years and $50K later and I am still not done! Unless you are a pro and have tons of money, forget about it!

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  27. Robert P.

    I have a ’59 Vette motor with exhaust manifolds, carb and intake manifold, and a flywheel that I will be getting rid of soon but good luck finding the rest of the parts this project seems to be lacking. All the best.

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  28. Your Name

    Oh I really messed up. I bought the car about two months ago and now I feel like S@#T after reading all these comments, but there were a lot of original and new parts. I paid $22k for this car. I’m only 25 years old and I was saving some money for a classic. I also had to get a big loan from the bank and my bro, so I really overpaid for this car. I don’t know much about cars, I just knew this car was worth a lot of money. But soon after I had the car I noticed I’m missing a lot more parts like seat frames and very very expensive parts, so now I’m broke and I want to finish this car in the next 5 years. Yup, good luck to me. I really was thinking this car was an easy fix and not that much money to fix, but now I know I need like another 35k to have a decent car and I may be ending up losing money. So that same car is in my garage now woo hoo. I have a 1959 c1 corvette well that’s what the pink says, but I don’t see it in the car, so if anyone has some spare parts they could let me have or sell them to me for a low cost. I would appreciate it. My dream is to see this car finished and revive this beauty, because it is c1 corvette and I know this could be a beauty again. I would love this car to be factory original. I have the matching number 59 Vette engine so it is a good start. Thanks for reading.

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    • Clay Byant

      I know it’s 5 years later but might have some left over parts to help with on the cheap if you still need them…………………

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      • Joe

        Yes i do need lots of different parts please let me know where you are and what you have I’m in bay in California you could text at my cell 972–.961./-;;6262

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    • ROAR

      Your the guy that SHOULD have this Vett, It will take a long time and some money while you learn all about how to refurbish it. Join the local Vett club, the guys will help you and become brothers. Don’t plan to restore it to concours condition but to make a fun driver for YOU! There’s nothing on that car YOU can’t learn how to refurbish

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  29. Mike allen

    He figures there might be a coconut out there somewhere.

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