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Baldwin Motion Equipped? 1969 Corvette 427


It seems in the muscle car hobby, there are always a few names of period tuner shops that get tossed around with a hushed reverence, yet when a car comes up with a supposed connection, the story always gets hazy. In the case of Corvettes and Camaros, Baldwin Motion is one such name attached to now pricesless muscle cars modifed from new by the aftermarket shop’s parts, but determining lineage is always a chore. This 1969 Corvette here on eBay is said to have strong connections to Baldwin, and when new, was a genuine 427-equipped car. 


Of course, that motor is long-gone and now a non-functional 350 resides under the hood. But before we get to that, check out those Dodge Charger tail lights! This Corvette has been extensively modified over the years, and not always in the best tastes. The seller is quick to point out the deviations from stock that could provide clues to a real Baldwin connection, such as the “Manta Ray” rear window and spoiler treatment and the flip-up gas tank cap.


Now, here’s where things get crazy! The seller claims the diamond pleat interior is another hint that this is a Baldwin car, but I’ll leave it to our in-house experts to confirm or deny that claim. It is impressive how much surface area the not-stock material covers, extending into the cargo area and along every other panel inside. The seller has included a photo of the Dupree electric fuel pumps, which he also claims is a typical Motion mod.


Although the Motion heritage is interesting if it can be proven, the missing 427 is perhaps what would make this Corvette a super compelling find. The missing motor and hum-drum replacement 350 hurts this Vette’s pedigree, in my opinion, especially when the Motion connection can’t be proven. But this at least makes for an interesting debate: do period modifications that match the style of a legendary performance shop “count” when it comes to proving a car’s connection, or is close enough not enough?


  1. grant

    Dang. Look what someone did to that poor Corvette.

  2. GTOJeff

    Without paperwork, it doesn’t mean crap. I can paint one and say it’s connected to Motion. It’s just a painted up, non matching numbers Corvette. Bid accordingly.

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    • Paul Z

      Yep, what Jeff said.

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  3. Van

    I saw a corvette and I want to paint it black.
    No colors any more I just want to paint it black.

    • Peter

      You’ve “Stoned” me with your lyrics…making it a “two-for”.

      Well played.

  4. Joe

    Who cares? Baldwin was just one of many, many modifiers of the era. Not the best or worst. Car has no heritage or history. Just hype. This Corvette is a rolling chassis disaster.

  5. SoCal Car Guy

    Baldwin Chevrolet was (and may still be) a Chevrolet dealership. Motion Performance was a local, well-regarded speed shop in the same community. Baldwin was one of the dealers that could order COPO cars from Chevrolet in the late ’60s and in conjuction with Joel Rosen (owner/operator of Motion Performance), sold Motion-modified Chevies until the EPA cracked down on bothin the mid ’70s. Joel Rosen is still around, still has all of his production records and, for a fee, will verify, by VIN, if a given car is — or is not — a Baldwin-Motion car. If the seller wants to claim that he is selling a Baldwin-Motion car he should have it verified; if not he’s just blowing smoke and buyer beware! A genuine Baldwin-Motion Corvette is very collectible and very valuable; if that car is not a Baldwin-motion car then it’s nothing more than mangy relic from the disco era, with a really ugly custom paint job over some hideous body apanel and hiding a truly tasteless and tacky quilted naugahide interior.

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    • Tom Woods

      Baldwin Chevy is no longer a thing, as well as motion performance, although there is a “speed shop” where motion used to be:)

    • David Stigall

      i doubt that Motion would use Mopar tail lights.

      • Ronebee

        why not? They used Mopar Gas Caps, Mercury Emblems

  6. OhU8one2

    Rare? Could be. Spastic Plastic? For sure………… Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. For me,its ugly no matter what. I don’t care who’s name gets attached. SORRY, just one mans opinion.

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  7. crazydave

    I cannot recall Baldwin/Motion ever doing radical customization of their cars. Their efforts were focused on developing an ultra-performance “sleeper”, so those taillights, that rear window – NO. This does not look like a car sold by Baldwin Chevrolet after being “massaged” by Joel Rosen at Motion Performance

    Even if this had been a genuine Baldwin car it has now been destroyed beyond redemption and is now just a butchered old Vette. A genuine (and provably genuine) Baldwin car could bring upwards of $100,000. IMHO, you could knock $99,000 off that for this hulk, assuming there are some parts of value remaining.

    • David Stigall

      i with you. i remember the Vegas with 350s shoehorned under the hood..

      • Curt

        Hey, I had one of those Vegas! 350, shoehorned in just like you said, over 800 horses, did the 1/4 in a hair over 10. Halfway through the second season I had to weld in some solid rails as the whole body started twisting and cracking underneath. Ran it for another 3 years! What a blast that was! Sold it to pay for University tuition. Patina (before it was popular) with a wee bit of bright yellow. Can’t count how many times I’ve wished I still had it. The nostalgia alone would be worth it. What memories!

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  8. Pete

    Joel Rosen is still around in Florida Sarasota and has a company still making remake cars 1969 Camaro etc

  9. RonEbee

    Never Say Never, but without proper documentation it’s going to be difficult to prove, the back end looks a lot like the Motion Moray I owned, although the interior on my car was done to a much higher standard (although a similar pattern). I have owned several Motion and Motion Modified Cars, but without the docs, you are just buying an old modified car…….I’d love to own it for the right price……….

    • RonEbee

      what does *Hotly debated mean?

      • JohnnieD

        I’ve seen one other, one owner, all be it rough Motion car and as I recall it did not look like the one in the add. It was complete, running and unmodified, with paper work from new. Any shop can do up that back window.

  10. RonEbee

    another shot

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  11. RonEbee

    last shot……trying to document what I believe is a Motion Corvette now but hitting some dead ends

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    • Denise Everhart

      Beautiful…. it made my heart skip to see this beauty…

  12. Pookie Jamie P

    Didn’t a real Baldwin Motion have headlights in the flared fenders? And slotted tail lights?

    • RonEbee

      No, all PHASE III GT’s (all 12 of them) had the headlights and the taillights as you mentioned……Joel built several different Corvettes, here is a Motion Maco I owned

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  13. 68custom

    used Corvette for resto unless you can come up with some proof. has a 435/427 tag on dash and I think motion liked to use the high HP cars as a starting point. hope it is one but Be sure to verify.

  14. Mike

    I agree with a previous guy I thought Baldwin motion only did motor and suspension mods. Start by checking the history and go from there. Ugly car big big project to restore.

  15. Kevin Murray

    Really screwed this once beautiful car up.
    No accounting for taste….. geeeze!

  16. Ian

    Someone actually bought the damn thing

    • ZL-1 Dave

      I owned a legitimate Motion Phase lll 1971 Camaro for over 20 years and talked to Rosen a few times back in the day and he would build a car any way you wanted if the price was right so original paper work is the key. Rosen did not keep complete records on all the cars. My old Camaro is in a private museum on West Coast.

      • ron bajorek

        ZL-1 Dave is Correct

  17. Rick Rothermel

    I vaguely recall seeing- and trying to un-see- that goofazoid paint job in a magazine in the late ’70s.
    Lotsa Eckler plastic was stuck on wrecked Vettes back then and they were camera magnets. Anyone recall John Dianna’s ‘BIG BANANA’, built from a sittin’ on the ground salvage-title ’68 roadster?

  18. Ronald G Bajorek jr

    I saw the Big Banana about 2 years ago at the MCACN sjhow in Chicago, waiting to be retored again

  19. George Mattar

    Rosen is still alive. Lives in a Florida. The re boot of his 69 Camaro failed. It was way too expensive. He has all the records for cars he built. So cal car guy is right. Without paper work, no proof this a Motion car. Looks like a POS to me. And many people put those hideous seat covers on back in the day.

  20. Jim lockwood

    I was wondering, anyway to check vin #s to see if it was a Baldwin vette ?
    I have 69’ conv I call it basket case sitting in a couple of storage bins, definitely has nose modifications, used to be a 427, was blown up, owner installed a 454 like in 73, last NY reg and inspection 79’I pulled body off years ago blasted and primed and painted chassis, but shop had to close way before we were near finishing, been sitting now in boxes, would like to try and get what I have in it ? Been in for 15 years now.

    • Ron Bajorek

      what makes you think its a motion car? Did you do a NCRS? feel free to contact me at

  21. Jim lockwood

    Sorry I think I email you back, not sure what a NCRS is.right now have the car in East Quogue , my cell is five one six two four one four zero nine five, can text or call , would be nice if it were. Jim

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