Bamboo Flatbed: 1936 International C30

1936 International C30

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This International pickup with restored and then sat in storage for about 9 years. So, the rebuilt engine only has about 150 miles on it. The owner has added a few personal touches, including a custom bamboo flatbed! I’m not sure what I’d do with it, but it is a cool rig. It’s located in Lake George, New York and is listed for sale here on Hemmings for $8,500. What would you do with it if it were yours?

Frame Off Restoration

Most of the photos in the listing are blurry and at weird angles, but from what I can see, this appears to be a good driver quality truck. I’m not sure about the asking price, but then again, I haven’t seen enough of these to really know what they are worth. I doubt you could find one in project form and perform a frame off restoration for less though.

Needs Fenders

Luckily, the front fenders are included in the sale. They haven’t been restored, so you may need to respray them before installing. There’s some wiring left to finish too. I’d want to inspect this one in person before buying, but with a working P.T.O., it might end up being a great work truck for someone. What do you guys think?

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  1. alder

    Guys, I am a bit of a noob with these trucks but what could I do with a PTO? Could it be used to power 110 v items?


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    • Eddie Wood

      Yes, PTO driven generators are available, many are used on Tractors in Rural Applications and are adaptable to various PTO drives. Tractor Supply stores and some Harbour Freight and Northern Tool stores will sometimes have them. Another cost effective option is to place an ad in a Rural Paper Seeking To Find One as many Farmers may have an unused or seldom used unit for a fraction of the cost of a new one. I am only familiar with the WINCO Generators though there are other good makes as well. Though Very Iffy, Sometimes The Chinese Generators Will Turn Out To Be Wholly Dependable….. Though those are a “Crap Shoot”

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      • Dave Wright

        PTO driven generators are troublesome. Generators are designed to run at constant RPM, usually 1200 or 1800, PTO’s commonly run at 720 or less. There are a few generator ends designed to run at that rpm but as soon as you put a load on a non- governed engine, it wants to drop engine speed lowering the voltage output. Engine powered generators use a governor to maintain the RPM required by the generator end. A very small generator would work as it would not draw enough power to put a load on the engine and the manual throddle would probably hold the RPM.

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  2. crazydave

    I guess you could use the PTO to turn a generator to power 110V stuff

    I’d look at putting a camper body on the back for outings to the track etc, or maybe just turn it into a flatdeck car carrier, and use PTO to tilt the bed for loading/unloading

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  3. grant

    A PTO is a “power take off” it’s a coupling to the front of the engine used to run winches, water pumps, that kind of thing. You might be able to run a genset off of it but it would be simpler to just get an inverter. As an aside, I must take issue with the sellers description of this as “completely restored.” I’d call it “mostly restored.” It still needs wiring, lights, fenders and who knows how many other little things. It is pretty though.

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  4. Mike

    I also would not call it fully restored, what’s with the red primer on the cowl? I used to hang around with a guy that was a judge at the Hershey car show. He was REAL picky, he would tell me later that even the cars that were “fully restored” and won an award still had some little things that he saw that could have used some tweaking or up graded.

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  5. Mark S

    I’m glad to hear that the front fenders are included because it looks kind of goofy the way it is. I would restore the fenders and paint them dark blue I think it would be striking against the white body. It has a ways to go but then aren’t any of these hobby cars a continual work in progress.

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  6. MJM

    I think that a cube box ought to go on the back and inside there should be a kitchen, freezers and Windows with a counter. Go to car shows, truck shows, flea markets and similar events and sell ice cream cones . A white 36 Int would be a perfect attraction and you could make money.

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  7. Dave Wright

    Being anIHC guy and particularly fond of these Packard like grills………this truck doesn’t look right to me. Maby there is chrome painted or something. It looks flat compared with the normally complex multi dementall IHC’ s of this era.

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  8. PAUL

    Paul (Seller)
    I don’t recall ever using the term ” Completely Restored ” in any of my advertising & if I did , I Apologize & would agree that ” Mostly Restored ” is More Accurate .
    Also I Assure You The Grill Is an Original , — has Never been painted & has been Meticulously straightened & Re- Plated .


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