Banana With No Spots: 1969 Mercury Montego MX

I am not sure why we are seeing so many nice cars lately.  Perhaps winter is coming, and a number of people are selling so they can purchase a new project to keep them in the garage and away from the family during the holiday season.  While most people into sixties Ford products are buying Mustangs, Cougars, and trucks to fix up, there are a lot of bargains out there for lovers of big cars.  While not quite as sporty, and a bit heavier, these hefty haulers make for nice cruisers.  The best part is that large cars in great condition can be had for less than the cost of some project cars.  Take for example, this 1969 Mercury Montego, located in Henderson, Kentucky and for sale on Craigslist.  This car is absolutely stunning, and is for sale for $12,500.  Is this pampered pale banana worth it?

Before we even start, I have to break your heart.  The Torq Thrust wheels do not go with the car.  This saddens me, because they really look good on this car.  Sometimes just a little custom touch just ties the whole thing together.  However, you do get a set of factory styled steel wheels and some almost new raised white letter tires.  All I know is that if I purchased this car, some Torq Thrusts would be on the FEDEX truck a few hours after the sale.

What you do get is a car with less than 79,000 miles, a rust free body, an interior with original seats, new carpet and a new headliner, and an exhaust that has been enhanced with a set of Flowmaster mufflers.  It is packing a 302 cubic inch V-8 backed up by a C-4 automatic.  The car is also equipped with manual drum brakes, which have been recently rebuilt, and power steering.  It was originally equipped with air conditioning, and the owner has the compressor for you to install.

The interior looks great, and the black compliments the Meadowlark Yellow paint, which was re-sprayed twenty years ago.    The steering wheel has been replaced with an aftermarket wooden one.  I am not 100% sure that I prefer it over the gigantic plastic original, but the reduced circumference probably helps a little bit with the over-boosted power steering feel that these late sixties Ford products suffer from.  We can also see that the car still has the shoulder belts installed, and that the windows are manually operated.

Under the hood, everything appears neat and tidy, almost like it would appear on the showroom floor.  Another plus with larger cars is that the engine compartment usually has a lot of room around the engine.  When you look at a Sunbeam Tiger, you wonder how simple maintenance can even be done.  Not so here.  This compartment is practically big enough to install a mother in law seat in.

While $12,500 seems like a fairly high price to pay for a big Ford, this one has a lot going for it.  It is in pristine shape, the color combination has a lot of appeal, and the car is rust free.  The rust free part alone is worth a lot in itself.  The loss of the Torq Thrusts is a bummer, but perhaps you could negotiate for them in the deal.  The whole car is just the thing for someone who isn’t that mechanically inclined, but would like a great looking car to take the family to cruise ins and ice cream runs.  There is a lot to be said for ice cream runs in a cool old car.  Of course, we all love having a four wheeled excuse to get ice cream, don’t we?



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  1. Solosolo KEN TILLY Member


  2. edh

    Nothing special, maybe $5K to the right person.

    • Steve R

      That’s funny.

      Steve R

  3. 86 Vette Convertible

    That looks like it’s pretty much ready to cruise. I also like the rims on it. I also had a 69 Torino GT and it was a good driving car. Mine was a little beat up but fun none the less. I wouldn’t turn it down.

  4. Fred W.

    Had a ’69 Torino myself in the 70’s, same color, engine and body style as this one. A sweet driving car. Wouldn’t call it a “big Ford” as the writer does though, Montegos and Torinos are intermediates.

    Like 1
  5. jw454

    Very nice. You’re not going to find too many of these in this condition. Yes, I’d fix the A/C and find a nicer looking steering wheel. Otherwise, drive, smile and , repeat.

  6. Gunner

    I am not a big fan of the Monte’s, but this one is quite attractive. Especially with the wheels that compliment it. The contrast of the black top and yellow paint are a great combination. It is very clean as well and would require little mods to make it right. I would definitely drive it. Nice find.

  7. lawyer George

    Who knows what any car is worth these days. No matter what you pay, the guy you show it too will kindly say “you got screwed.” If you like it, want it. & can afford it, then buy it unless it is so far out of line that it shocks the conscience.

    This one does not so shock, however I would insist on the wheels as pictured for the price asked. Without them the car would be far less attractive and the seller knows that, otherwise he would have had the factory set mounted.

  8. Luke Fitzgerald

    Doesn’t come with this – doesn’t want that – I personally like the original stamped wheels – but that’s just me. Dumbass should know that people build them selves up on the shots first, and not want to be let down on the script second.

    • Chebby

      Exactly. The current wheels really sell this car. The originals are nice too, but if you are going to switch them out anyway for the sale, do it BEFORE you take the pictures. Show what you are selling!! Is that too hard to understand, or are you just lazy AF?

  9. Tyler

    I have really come to appreciate these full size cars as I’ve aged. As long as the drivetrain is solid, seems priced fair, especially if you could negotiate the wheels into the deal. Get the AC going & the only other thing I would do is upgrade too disc brakes. Other than that, this car has a lot of life left in it just as it sits, drive it. Nice find.

    • z28th1s

      As was mentioned in an earlier comment this is not a full-sized car. The Mercury Montego was classified as an intermediate car.

      • Tyler

        I know you are technically correct, but in my mind, anything you can fit 4 adults in comfortably, is a full size car.

  10. Kevin W

    Overpriced? Compared to what? No more overpriced than a $1,000,000 Hemi Cuda. WTF

  11. Nrg8

    At that price, you can’t go wrong. Find a set of buckets, console with a factory shifter assembly and steering column and install. Do it properly and keep the original parts for the purist. So many ways you could go. It’s a solid car which is half the battle

  12. Troy S

    Nice understated midsized mercury, 302 2 barrel is kinda dull but a lot of people like it that way. Those rims give it The Look that will turn heads,especially with the flow masters rumbling away and not selling the car with those torques is really a shame.

  13. GP Member

    Great car( I wonder if I will get 26 thumbs up like all the other ones? ). 15 comments as I write.

  14. Roadstir

    This is quite a coincidence, my very first car in high school was a 1969 2-door Mercury Montego and my grandfather grew up in Henderson, KY.

    My car was white on white(vinyl top) with, yes, a white interior. It had the 351 engine and every option known to man. Of course I added a cassette deck and better speakers…

  15. David Millard III

    I had one of these as my 2nd car I ever owned I bought it after my little Pinto just wouldn’t go any more and I only paid $500.00 I bought it from a dealer outside Ft Campbell KY. I was stationed there at my first duty station, it too was in mint condition I was so proud of it, then one day I was interning a parking lot where the store was at the top of a small hill and my wife yelled watch out and as I looked to see a shopping cart strike the right rear quarter panel and fly over the trunk there was a kid running back into the store but as much as I tried she would not take responsibility, but I got a good lesson in body repair and I did a great job. Then I replaced a timing chain that was fun I then drove it to San Antonio Texas where I had it for a year then had to sell it because I was transferred to Germany. So sad wish I had the $12,500 it would be nice.

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