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Barely Used Scottsdale: 1986 Chevy C10

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The Chevy Scottsdale pickup was once a common fixture on American roads, and even as age and progress have seen them relegated to off-road use on farms and in tow yards, they remain an attractive option as an emerging classic. This 1986 C10 Scottsdale here on eBay has under 30,000 original miles and was parked once its owner’s health began failing. Barn Finds reader Jim S. spotted this one, which is quickly approaching its $7,000 reserve price.

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As you can see, the interior remains in fantastic condition. These bench seats often bear the brunt of passengers sliding in and out, in and out for years, so it’s refreshing to see the seat edges remain untorn and as new. White on burgundy is an attractive combo, and the 3-on-the-tree manual transmission is one you don’t often see in vehicles made in the late 80s. Power steering, power brakes, A/C and a stereo round out the list of interior features in this Scottsdale, which was considered the mid-range package on the list of trim options for the C10.

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The familiar 305 V8 has had barely any use and the cosmetic appearance reinforces that aspect of its condition. While that doesn’t prevent the  current seller from informing us what the truck’s maintenance history has been like, that information is still lacking from the listing. But even if for some strange reason the engine turns out to be junk, swapping in a 350 would yield more power and similar levels of reliability. The 305 wasn’t a rocketship, but it did offer up 235 lb. ft. of torque. Of course, the 454 big block was the hot ticket back in the day.

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This Scottsdale sports a camper top that has likely kept the bed in awesome condition if the rest of the truck is any indication. There’s no rust present, which is a nice surprise considering the C10 resides in Ohio. With only four photos, the listing is a bit lacking – but what we can see does reinforce much of what the seller is describing. I’d love to see the truck’s bed, personally, along with some close-ups of key cosmetic areas, like the front grill. Do you think the bidding will eclipse the seller’s reserve price?


  1. Alex

    Isn’t this truck a long wheelbase model? Am I missing something here? If you’re looking to use it as a truck, then 7 thousand would buy you a much better newer truck. Don’t get me wrong, my first truck was an 85 Scottsdale short wheelbase with the 305 and it was a fine truck. But this is just a goofy looking truck with low mileage and years and years of neglect. I just don’t see it. This would be my top dollar for a similar short wheelbase model.

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  2. RoughDiamond

    Sure hope bidders realize it’s a long wheelbase. It is a real nice Scottsdale truck, that’s for sure. Love the 305 with 3 on the tree with factory AC.

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  3. Blueprint

    To be honest, I think the swb trucks all look goofy, especially the new bare-bones RAMs we got on our fleet. They look like they’re going to fall on their noses!

    lwb / single cabs are the best-proportioned trucks out there, even if they’re not collector value. I learned driving at 12 on my grand-dad’s farm in a ’79 C-10 Custom Deluxe, 305 auto. Love these trucks!

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  4. Barzini

    Was this one of the last years they offered a 3 speed on the column?

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  5. DrinkinGasoline

    At 7k, I would direct funds towards a 4wd version (Ford,Dodge,Chevrolet) in a newer year bracket. Sadly, these where the “Tin Shell” years for American trucks. No substance. Even my 84 F150 is a mere shell compared to the 60’s F series.

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  6. Rando

    It’s funny that one of the posters said how the new SWB trucks look odd. I bought a 92 Dakota SWB regular cab back in 93 or so. The extended cabs were just getting popular and I thought they looked very out of balance. Now a regular cab SWB truck looks completely out of proportion.

    Trucks like these have been popular with older gents, farmers, etc. They would buy something like this and take good care of it and drive it gently.- maybe too gently? That’s my feel on this one anyway. It’s showing no rust, but these were prone to rusting so it may start anyday now if not kept sheltered.

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  7. Moparman Elliott Member

    Personally, I find those add on aluminum running boards HIDEOUS, of course being tall, I don’t have a problem getting into most trucks! I think that this was more than likely an older man’s truck. LWB trucks have a smoother ride than SWB when empty. This vintage SWB truck has become popular in some areas of the south for dressing up with ridculously large 20″ plus wheels/and custom paint jobs. My ’83 LWB is nothing but a clean work truck.

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    • Blueprint

      Gorgeous truck! Indeed, the lwb helped a lot with my grand dad’s C10 as he mostly drove on rural dirt roads. Not a fan of “ruining boards” either !

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  8. jim s

    sold for $7199.

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