Bargain 1978 Ford Pinto Squire Wagon

This could be one heck of a bargain for a very unique car. Ford made a ton of Pintos, but when was the last time you saw one of these driving around? The seller bought it a few months ago as a project. It had been parked under a carport for a few years, but they did the work needed to get it running again. A few things still need sorting, but this seems like a killer deal  for $1,000. It’s located in Lynnwood, Washington and is listed here on craigslist. Thanks goes to Pat L for the tip!

The blue interior even looks decent. This has the 2300 4-cylinder and 4-speed, so although it’s not a screamer, it might be fun to row around in. I see a few mismatched bits, but you can’t be too picky for a grand. Heck, it’s hard to find a running anything these days for that kind of money. Finish catching up on the service and this could be a fun driver.

The wood paneling that was unique to the Squire is obviously vinyl, but it appears to be in very good condition. I was expecting some serious rust in the rockers and quarter panels at this price point, but everything looks solid in the photos. A closer in-person inspection would quickly reveal if this is really the bargain or not. FIngers crossed. Just be sure to tell ’em that Barn Finds sent ya!

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  1. doug

    It SHOULD already be sold, way too cheap! And I hate Fords.

    • Bmac Bmac Member

      Hate is a pretty strong word, I like chevys the least! This car would probably get more attention at local car, good buy.

      • Mike

        i agree Bmac!!!
        i take my 1988 Yugo GV with cold AC and everyone is all over it. everyone else has corvettes and chevelles. we have all seen them…
        my $1800 yugo is all over a car show!
        having fun survivor classic or modern classics is no longer about Ford or chevy! I have a 1964 corvair 110 HP convertible too!

  2. Dovi65

    Definitely a bargain! The blue interior is an odd choice, but I’d enjoy owning a Pinto squire again

  3. Rock On

    Would make a good car to teach the kids how to drive a manual.

    • Dave Wright

      If you want them incinerated…………

      • angliagt

        Can we please drop these kind of remarks?
        There’s lots of other cars of that era that had the same
        filler neck/gas tank configuration,& I don’t think that
        the wagons had that problem.

      • Mark

        You have greater odds nowadays getting toasted driving or having an electric vehicle in your garage. Remember the Tesla issues?
        They ended up extending their warranties by adding fire coverage.
        Yes, there was a flaw in the design of the Pinto’s fuel system placement but still a witch hunt in the end. Oddly, never saw Nader or Mother Jones go after Telsa like they did Ford.

      • Richard

        Or Toyota auto acceleration? Or Honda spontaneous air bag deployments or GM keys popping airbags… not too mention, going the mud tossing route with Pintos is about as predictable as the sunrise and not even remotely funny… just cliche

      • King Al

        “Burn Baby Burn, Disco Inferno, Burn Baby Burn, Burn that Muther Down…” is a disco song that was inspired by the 1970s Pintos. I kid you not. I’ll bet the younger readers who have heard that song while watching Saturday Night Fever don’t know how that song originated.

      • z28th1s

        Disco Inferno was not inspired by Pinto’s. It was inspired by a scene in the movie ‘The Towering Inferno’.

      • King Al

        More lyrics from Disco Inferno talk about a “chain reaction” and a “fire burnin’ outta control” All are references to what happens when a 70s Pinto is rear ended.

      • Snag

        Dave that was the 2door hatch with the gas tank in front of the rear bumper.

      • Bill D

        Actually by about ’75 or ’76 they had corrected the gas tank issues, so this one should be no more likely to explode than any other car of its era.

  4. ccrvtt

    Good thing it’s on the other side of the country. This is a steal.

  5. JimmyJ

    I agree with bmac I like Chevys the least too but as u get older u learn to respect all of em
    If u like old pintos this ones a steal I’d have a 90s 5.0 5 speed in it so fast it’d make your head spin btw I was born and raised mopar!

    • Bmac Bmac Member

      Jimmy, I’m thinking a gen 2 coyote, just need a new set of rear tires after every drive. But what fun!

  6. angliagt

    This is a great deal – if it’s as good as the picture looks.
    These are really practical vehicles.I drive one as a dd,if I didn’t need
    a pickup.

  7. Mike

    Is that Brazilian or Honduran mahogany? Hard to tell from the pictures.

    • Jay E.

      I’ve got rolls and rolls of the OEM vinyl. It was, appropriately enough, found in a barn that had been used by an upholstery shop that I bought. It is much thicker than the vinyl wood sold today.

  8. Miguel

    I am sure somebody will but it to flip it and we will see it advertised for $5995.00 soon.

  9. Howard A Member

    I too have grown tired of the common misconceptions that go with certain cars. Pintos blow up, Corvairs roll over, Ramblers were crummy cars ( all false, btw) I really want a Pinto wagon someday, and the right one hasn’t come along, but it looks like it may. I would never buy a car with a timing belt again, and that 4 speed leaves much to be desired, so it has to have either the anemic 1600, not many sold with those, but I bet every person that lost a cam belt on the 2.3 wished they had gotten the 1600. Power wise, a horse a piece. That 4 speed too, big hole between 1st and 2nd, and sorely needs a 5th, as they hollered on the freeway. Great find, wonderful find, and if the automakers didn’t have their heads where the sun don’t shine, they’d re-introduce cars like this again. I’d certainly buy one. I think there’s more than meets the eye ( or text) on this one.

  10. Righteous Bob

    V8 AMC Rambler sitting in the street, That looks good!!!

  11. Ben T. Spanner

    We used to buy high milage white Pinto wagons from Purolator Courier Corporation. We cleaned them and installed the fake wood. My job was to find a driver’s seat in the boneyard. I remember black and tan interiors. Some had new replacement engines, or transmissions or rear ends with no dirt. I don’t have details, as there were no service records. I recall 5 digit odometers, so who knows how many miles they had.

    The used car lots couldn’t get enough of them.

  12. Scotty Staff

    Dang, that’s a great looking car for a grand! Very nice find.

  13. whippeteer

    If it were on the correct coast, I’d probably have bought it already for a DD.

  14. HeadMaster1

    Howard A, the 2300 may have a timing belt, but it’s a NON-interference motor, so no harm if they break. The 2.8 V6 had nylon timing gears are were more likely to strip than the belt was to break. To my knowledge, they never built a 1600 Pinto WAGON, I think the 2000 was the smallest engine offered in the wagons (2000cc as in Formula 2000…)…..I had a 2000 wagon, 1973 with a RayJay turbo system while in HS… blew away all the V8 cars of the time, and my license plate read “BLWN PNY”…………..

    • whippeteer

      The first year saw both the 1.6 and 2.0. A friend had one with the 1.6.

  15. Peter Atherton

    I’ve always wanted a perfect Country Squirt,but this one is on the other side of the country;too bad!

  16. David Miraglia

    I’ve owned both Fords and Chevys, neither is perfect and each has its own ups and downs. My two Fords and my lone Chevy gave me headaches and fun.
    Pintos aren’t perfect as kids in school back then we made jokes about the car. But it looks like the Pinto has stood the test of time

  17. Joe Howell

    2000 cc engine was standard in wagons. I love it. Had a non Squire wagon, it was a great little car.

  18. Dan

    Decent car, great price.

  19. Chris In Australia

    At least Ford finally managed to make 5 MPH bumpers look semi respectable by then.

  20. Paul

    There is a reason that you don’t see too many of them on the road anymore, they were not built to last!
    They were built cheap as a entry level car. Thats what ford wanted and they achieved that goal.
    They did not ride good or handle well, however they were great on gas for the time and were very affordable. So they sold millions. They were successful for Ford.
    I just wouldn’t ever consider them to be collectible.

  21. R. Rollins

    Try driving one around without people approaching you constantly wanting to discuss, photograph and even purchase your wagon, coupe, or runabout & then tell me that they aren’t considered collectible. What I’ve described in the first sentence has been my personal experience for at least the last 10 years.

  22. Paul

    Please don’t be offended however Interesting does not really mean collectible, sure they are cool to look at. I would stop and take a look as well! They are not considered as a collector or investment type car. There collectibility rating is a F and that’s only because of the amount that were produced and the desire/demand for people to own. The good news is that if you want one they are very affordable!

  23. Robert Rollins

    Me thinks history will prove you to be mistaken.

  24. Melvin Burwell

    Bet that is sold already. Wish I could have bought it. My first car was a 1974 pinto coupe in high school. Ran like a champ. Air cond etc.

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