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Bargain 911? 1980 Porsche SC Targa

right side

This Porsche is listed on craigslist in San Francisco for only $19,500, usually a pricey place. With only 125,000 miles, it shouldn’t need major repair, but perhaps it was run hard and neglected. It’s got enough pedals. There’s not much information provided, so it’s left to our imagination. Could this be as solid as it looks? If so, why hasn’t some flipper grabbed it?

1980 Porsche SC Targa

The interior looks OK, just needing upholstery. That jug of oil on the floor could hint at a tired, oil burning engine. Having to prop the trunk lid open isn’t promising either. It appears this was not someone’s pampered Porsche.

1980 Porsche SC Targa Engine

There’s no obvious signs of rust or damage. It looks complete. It might look really nice with a wash and a bit of wax.

1980 Porsche Targa

What do you think you’d find if you had a closer look at this? If it has serious engine or transmission problems, would it be worth the expense? This car is a real puzzle. The price is not cheap, it’s just not crazy high like other 911’s. Could this be a reasonable price if it has no major rust issues?


  1. Avatar photo DirtyHarry

    The ad says, “ready for restoration,” that means DNR (does not run).

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    • Avatar photo Per

      Perhaps it ran out of oil and burned the engine? Ref. the oil can on the passenger side floor.

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  2. Avatar photo Francisco

    I’d buy it, clean it up a bit, get the engine running, list it on ebay, and make a fortune.

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  3. Avatar photo duke

    if this was in the tropical north east it wouldn’t have lasted this long

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  4. Avatar photo Gnrdude

    19,500$ is allot For One that Doesn’t run but it is all there. Not to mention it’s an Undesirable color, I’d give’em about 8900$ for it.

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  5. Avatar photo Kornmanone

    I think it’s a great buy. I’m in Michigan, that price is what we’re paying for rusted 911’s, I’d gamble.

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  6. Avatar photo Jubjub

    Stop showing these dreadful things.

    c. 2013 some idiot I see daily in the mirror sold his turn key ’79 with almost those exact same front seats for seven grand. No one’s turned up nose would have ever been caught dead with their name on the title of a Targa…so it seemed. Just makes me all sickly inside. Now that I’m looking for something again, I’m doubly sickened. A tough act to follow. I look at so many interesting old cars as just old cars now. I hope the twits really shelling out the fat wads for these are saving them and missing the truly stellar ownership experience of a vehicle that genuinely begs to have the dog shit run out of it regularly.

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  7. Avatar photo Roverguy

    You gotta be joking.

    If this needs motor it’s $10-15k, tranny $3-5, interior $1500-2000.

    I bought my really clean 82 SC coupe with $20k of records back to 1990 for $15 in 2010.

    Awful color, and targa is less desirable than coupe.

    I know the market is crazy, but add says “for restoration” !

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  8. Avatar photo DonS

    Its hard for me to dream with so little info in the ad. I’ll use my imagination.

    1) The fluids are all still good just top up the oil.
    2) I bring a battery and the electronics all check out
    3) A shot of starting fluid, turn the key (one of the two original keys) and it starts on the second crank.
    4) The tires are good after a little air and she’s ready for a cross country drive.
    5) Top off the fuel (gas meter works) and head home.
    6) The paint will buff out after a quick hose down.
    7) Wife loves newest purchase and leaves her DD on the street to make room for the Porsche in the garage.


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  9. Avatar photo RoughDiamond

    I’ve never seen a factory rear engine lid prop like that. Must exclusive to certain model Porsches.

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  10. Avatar photo Dan

    The tow truck picture shows redwood trees, so either Marin or the Pennisula or perhaps the Oakland hills. Did it sit outside? Does that matter? And where is it now? Vanguard Motors is a great Porsche place on 10th for a PPI if you want to have it towed there.

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  11. Avatar photo Fogline

    Hey Dan,
    Agreed- This looks like a bay area find from the North Bay somewhere. I guess I am not understanding the lack of love given the market on these of late. Probably fairly rust free compared to anything else. Not sure what one should consider spending on getting the engine working again assuming, as I think we all are, that it is not running. I actually like the color and remember when everything didn’t come in grey, black, white or “champagne”. At least you won’t lose it in the parking lot and at that price might even have something you can drive regularly and still get your money out of it in a couple of years.

    Or am I nuts???

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  12. Avatar photo tony B.

    -Idk about the targa stigma….saw one back when I was a youngster in the dealership with a 40 some odd thousand price tag…and it instantly was my bucket-list car in my old-age… Wide rear tires, fender flares, thick carpeting, and of course…the whale tail… I fear that these prices will go the way of Porsche 356’s…before I can ever afford one…. :(

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