Bargain C4? 1986 Chevrolet Corvette

After more than a decade of third-generation (C3) Corvette production, from 1968 to 1981, Chevy’s C4 proved so daunting, so full of new technology, that it missed its 1982 debut, and the 1981 Corvette soldiered on another year, gaining fuel injection in ’82 thanks to the development of the upcoming C4. Furthermore, there was no 1983 Corvette, nothing upon which to mark the ‘Vette’s 30th Anniversary, and the C4 came to market as a 1984 model. This 1986 Chevrolet Corvette in Gainesville, Florida shows the maturation of that high-flying engineering. Listed here on eBay in non-running and non-rolling condition, it can be yours for the low Buy It Now price of $4000, or click Make Offer to propose a lower price.

The black beltline encircles the car as if it were sliced with a horizontal band saw and glued back together. With the removable top and all-glass hatch, the C4 takes on an attractive Targa look. Turbine wheels look proper on the right, but on the left appear to twist in response to violent acceleration in reverse. Always bundling some luxury with its performance, the Corvette features clear sidelights that engage with Reverse to illuminate both sides as you back up.

The 350 cid (5.7L) overhead valve V8 used Tuned Port Injection to make 230 HP, and the bountiful 330 lb-ft of torque factors heavily in the car’s 5.6 second 0-60 and 14.9-second quarter-mile times. This car’s standard four-speed automatic with overdrive keeps highway RPMs down, while a four-speed manual was offered as a no-cost option. Few of today’s cars can match the C4’s 0.91g of lateral grip. Thanks to for some details.

Despite a claim of indoor storage, this Chevy’s interior shows the effects of the brutal Florida sun. Before you write off the interior as another plasticy ’80s GM product, check out this video of the nifty digital gauge cluster that features sweeping arcs for speed and RPM along with large driver-selectable readouts for Oil Temperature / Oil Pressure and Coolant Temperature / Voltage. Few clusters today can compete when it comes to delighting the 10-year old in each of us. Sinking much money into this Corvette may be difficult to justify, but it could make a nice cruiser or an entry-level sports car perfect for high-school graduation or satisfying that mid-life crisis. In truth, a good-running C4 packs more performance than most drivers can handle. After a good going-through and some cosmetic details, this red ‘Vette stands ready to give the new owner a boatload of style along with the V8 rumble and cornering you expect from “America’s Sports Car,” all for the cost of a 200,000 mile Camry. Can you see yourself fixing up this C4?


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  1. P


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    • Frank Sumatra

      No. See below. BF has already gotten a well-spent $50 from me or I would post some images of what a really well-bought $4000 Corvette looks like.

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  2. Frank Sumatra

    I sold a running 1984 Corvette with 85,000 miles on BF last October for $4000. You think this is a good deal? If so, please get in touch ASAP! I have a 1995 Corvette I am willing to let go for $100,000. Call me!

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  3. Jeff

    This Corvette has been in a flood, look closely at the instrument panel cluster, there are severe water stains behind the lenses etc….
    Most likely the motor and transmission have also been completely submerged.

    I would be really surprised if it sells for more than $1,500 and that would be a Stretch Armstrong.

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    • Frank Sumatra

      “Thumbs Up” for the Stretch Armstrong reference!

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    • Bubba5

      Right on the mark Jeff. I can smell the mold from here.

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  4. Poppapork

    How is this a bargain? Its laughable at best. These can be had for 6g in immaculate connditon, 9 grand will get you a mid 90ties procharged T56 6speed.
    This thing for 4 grand:
    won’t start
    Won’t roll
    Won’t open doors/hatch
    Is absolutely trashed inside for a vette this vintage.
    Even looking at overpriced ebay there are better C4s right in the same state, running driving for less and thats ebay (overpriced-buyers from all over the world)

    Is this article sponsored?

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  5. Bear

    Looks pretty TIRED & ROUGH. :-O
    “Ridden Hard & Put Away Wet!”
    Could be a money pit for the next owner.
    OR perhaps it could be a bargain IF the seller is willing to accept a reasonable offer.
    As others have already stated, you can buy much nicer running/driving C4s for not much more $$ than the asking price, so WHY would you gamble on this unknown??
    I’m betting that it sells for a price that is far below the asking price of $4K, & will probably become a “parts donor car” at best.
    Kinda sad…………….. :-(

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    • Frank Sumatra

      I don’t see any usable parts. Maybe some of the aluminum suspension parts?

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  6. ccrvtt

    C4s are the most undervalued of all the Corvettes. The L98 appeared to be down on power but with 330 lb./ft. of torque it was quite adequate, especially for the times.

    Chevrolet made over 358,000 C4s and many have survived. Some were trashed, some were babied, and some masqueraded as submarines. Like this one.

    $400 for suspension parts to build a street rod.

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    • Jeff

      Unfortunately this is the more expensive less sought after periscope delete model.

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  7. Jim in FL

    I’m here in Florida and I will tell you that if you are fine with an automatic, you can buy a clean c4 80,000 mile driver with no known issues for $4,000. You can even get a convertible if you look. I can’t say enough about how undervalued these are. I almost bought a running, driving 4 speed that was under restoration for $1,500 just as a parts car for my 87. Only thing that stopped me was the wife.

    Overpriced by at least 2k. But for the money, these are tons of fun. I’m going to buy another 87 convertible for my daughter. She loves driving mine, but I’m not going to let her behind the wheel alone until her skills improve. No airbags, go kart height. But so much fun.

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  8. Kenn

    Only thing missing here is a statement about low, low mileage. Based on what I see in ads here so many times, a claim of low mileage will prompt lots of bidding, potential buyers ignoring the evidence of time this vehicle spent under water.

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