Bargain Limo: 1984 Chrysler Executive Limousine

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The owner of this Chrysler refers to it as a LeBaron, but while it is a car that is based on a LeBaron, it is actually an ASC-completed conversion known as an Executive. Available in two wheelbases and two seating configurations, this is the larger of the two models. Barn Finder Kevin referred this one to us, so thank you for that Kevin. Located in Bellevue, Washington, it is listed for sale here on Craigslist.

As previously stated, the Executive was available in two configurations. You could purchase a 5-seat version which rode on a 124″ wheelbase, or a 7-seat version that rode on a 131″ wheelbase. This car is the 7-seater with seating comprised of two bucket seats in the front, a rear bench seat, and two jump seats. The vehicle was based on a standard LeBaron Coupe, which was sent to the ASC workshops in Missouri for conversion. Here, the car was cut and stretched, and while the front doors for the vehicle were standard front doors from a LeBaron sedan, the rear doors were fabricated, using the Coupe doors as a base. The presentation of this car is quite reasonable, but it will need some work if it is to sparkle and present as you would normally expect from a vehicle of this caliber. There are a number of small marks, scratches, and dings on the body, but thankfully, the vinyl top seems to be in good condition. Fixing the external blemishes on the car could be a worthwhile exercise, as the sale price of the car could well justify the expense.

The interior is a combination of blue leather and matching velour. The driving compartment of the car appears to be in decent condition, and the owner has put some time and effort into ensuring that the interior presentation is first-rate. This has included a very thorough program of cleaning and detailing, combined with the installation of a new headliner.

The rear passenger area is what the Executive is all about, and once again, the presentation is extremely good. The velour trim certainly isn’t going to be to everyone’s taste, but it is very typical of the era that this car is from. What we don’t get a picture of is the engine. That’s going to be a power-plant that will have to work to earn its living. Moving the 131″, 3,250lb giant is a Mitsubishi 2.6-liter 4-cylinder engine, with a power output of 101hp. Diplomatically, acceleration could best be described as leisurely, with a 0-60mph time of 15.3 seconds. Acceleration isn’t what this car is all about, but you have to wonder just how well a car of this weight and power would cope with a full complement of passengers. The owner has completed a lot of mechanical work on the car, as it was in storage for more than 20-years. The braking system came in for some pretty major attention, along with the tires, carburetor, belts, hoses, and sundry other items. The owner says that the car starts, runs, and drives really well.

This Chrysler Executive is something different, and as a classic car, it is going to attract attention wherever it goes. It is by no means perfect, but if you want something that will start some conversations at a Coffee & Cars, then this might be the vehicle for you. With only 594 examples of the 7-seat variant built during 1984, it has an air of rarity about it. It is a lot of car, but it isn’t for sale at a ridiculous price. The owner has set the sale price at $3,900, which makes it a lot of car for your dollar.

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  1. Beatnik Bedouin

    Looks like another nice entry-level collectable. It’s obviously not a car designed for a person in a hurry. Still, the 2.6 litre Mitsubishi engine’s a pretty solid unit, if regularly maintained.

    Hopefully, the buyer has access to some decent audio cassettes for the stereo – Oingo Boingo, anyone? BTW, it’s been reported in the media, recently, that cassettes are making a comeback..!

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  2. Evan

    Okay, this one I wouldn’t feel bad about re-fitting with one of the later 2.5 Turbo or V-6 power plants.

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  3. Mountainwoodie

    For the money a lot of fun as long as you had a driver…..otherwise most of us would be driving ourselves around alone :)

    Hard to think of this a “classic”. I guess it just depends on how long you’ve been fooling around with old cars

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  4. Miguel

    I always thought of these a a family car for a man who had a lot of kids.

    I never saw this as any kind of limo.

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  5. Superdessucke

    I’d rent it on Turo. It’s too slow to get anybody into trouble and it would be a hit for hipster weddings!

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  6. wuzjeepnowsaab

    I would love to see a picture of Iacocca being chauffeured around in this abomination of pure 80’s car design devolution…but he probably rode in a Lincoln

    Like 3
    • Superdessucke

      I don’t have one of those but here’s one of his 5th cousin’s best friend’s wife’s sister…

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  7. Reginald B.

    August 19, 2019.
    I’d like to know if this Executive Limousine as been sold, or is it still available?

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    • Terrance

      Sold and relocated to Wisconsin.

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  8. Ken

    Is it for sale?

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  9. Carey R Campbell

    I have always wanted to own one of these and in the Blue color that it is offered in.
    Wondering if it is still for sale or not. If not, does anyone know where I could locate another one. Would love to refurbish one back to the original look and feel.

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    • Mary E Zimmer

      There is one currently listed on EBay. Less than 5000 miles.

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    • Casandra N Guess

      I have one of the old gals. 1984, K-car platform. 7 seater. Located in Bellingham WA. It needs to have the carburetor rebuilt though. The body and paint are in excellent condition, the interior is immaculate. Vinyl top is also in tip top condition Rear radio is not the original. I installed a Bluetooth stereo back there. I have a cover for it as well. If you’re still looking. I’ll give you my email address.

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  10. breezie

    We had this car growing up as a kid. All our friends were jealous. Lol This car was really a head turner back in the 80’s I would love to find one again

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