Bargain Style! $3250 1966 Pontiac Grand Prix

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Despite never winning the international race (Gran Prix) that inspired its name, Pontiac’s stylish Grand Prix offered buyers comfort with continental flair. The stylish cruiser shares its DNA and 389 cid powerplant with Pontiac’s iconic GTO. This particular 1966 Pontiac Grand Prix in Ontario, California seeks a new owner here on Inland Empire (California) craigslist where $3250 will put this handsome full-sized coupe in your driveway. Thanks to Miguel for spotting this California desert dream.

The full-width trim conceals the tail lights… at a time when many cars featured small round tail-lights that might have graced cars of the 1940s. While some of its contemporaries sported bumpers as functional but hideous add-ons, the Grand Prix’s bumper serves as an integrated design element mirroring the body lines in chrome.

The high style continues inside with plenty of shiny trim, a full console, and wood veneer. This interior is Grand indeed. While not in daily-driver condition, this giant two-door “starts and drives around” after a recent tune-up and carburetor rebuild.

How many cars in this condition have their air conditioning compressor belts attached? The standard 389 cid V8 made 325 HP and a prodigious 429 lb-ft of torque (thanks to for some details). This wide-track Pontiac cost more than a GTO in ’66, but it’s cheaper today, a bargain classic with plenty of power and class. Dig those air horns; what tune do you think they play?

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  1. Ralph

    Bucket, console, air, 8 track with multiplexer and a cucaracha horn?

    Where do I sign up?

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  2. stillrunners

    Dang – an RO Evans Pontiac made it out to Cali ! Looks like a good price for a cruiser…

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  3. John

    Had one of these 10 years ago. Tops on my list of cars I wish I stll had.

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  4. mlm

    Too bad that this good looking machine is on the west coast.I have always wanted one of these.One of the few cars I would sell my Buick GN for.

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  5. Neil

    I think for the price it’s a great starting point, get it mechanically reliable and start fixing the interior or the paint.
    Not ask a dumb question but why are there 2 radios in the dash? Is 1 am and the other fm? Also has the 8-track. If it was mine i would restore the interior 1st as it looks very nice to my eye. Also the tail lights are another beautiful feature on this car. It would not be cheap to restore the interior but looks like u could drive it and as $ is available get it sorted. As long as you have a garage the paint can wait, and no i would not consider leaving is “patina” this is a classy car not some …..

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    • leiniedude leiniedudeMember

      Hi Neil, I know its wierd, but the radio on the left is the HVAC control.

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      • Neil

        Are u serious? Is this a 1 year option? I have zoomed in as best on the picture and i have never seen a heating/air set of controls like that. I once had a beautiful 1973 Luxury Lemans it was powder blue with a white bucket seat interior console shift and had the original hubcaps and fender skirts wish i never sold it. The hvac control was of standard variety,.i still am puzzled that is the heat controls.

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      • Miguel

        Neil, it was not a one year only design. The 1967 had it as well.

        You can see it better in a picture at this link.

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    • Ralph

      1973 was a long time from 1966 styling wise.

      Pontiac full size cars had the gimmick or styling element of having the radio and heater/ac controls looking alike from 1963-1968. I remember being puzzled by this styling element too when I first saw one as a kid.

      Way back when GM cars didn’t even share heater control designs between divisions.

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  6. rod444

    The tail lights alone bring back a ton of memories as the Canadian version of this car, the Grande Parisienne (complete with fender skirts) was my first car.

    Drove it during college and was ‘popular guy’ on campus when it came time for a road trip to the nearest city as it could comfortably seat 6 and on occasion up to 8 if need be.

    I’m drooling and already picturing restoring this beauty. The 389 would undoubtedly provide a bit more motivation than the 283 with the 2 spd slushbox in mine.

    The wife may need some convincing… aw, heck, the couch can’t be THAT uncomfortable can it?

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  7. Neil

    Okay went to the add and there’s a picture from the drivers side and uh yeah it’s the hvac control, I still have never seen one like that on a Pontiac or GM car.
    If it wasn’t in California i would be going to the bank for the $ sadly I am in Chicago

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    • leiniedude leiniedudeMember

      Hi Neil, I keep thinking that the owners of these cars back in the day probably had some confusion with them also. Like after a power lunch with a handful of Martinis. Probably GM brass as well.

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    • Miguel

      Neil, the trip back home after purchase is half the fun.

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  8. Kenneth Carney

    Sorry folks, but that is indeed a radio tuner. This is how we listened to FM
    radio back then. You simply tuned the
    left hand (AM) to a certain spot on the
    dial, and then engaged the FM receiver.
    Had the same setup on my ’66 Caddy
    Calais. Think the bank of knobs below
    are for the heat and A/C. On my Calais,
    they were above the radio in a small pod
    on the lower side of the dash. FM radio
    was just coming in and Detroit had to
    scramble to catch up with the nrw radio
    tech available at the time. In my day though, the only two kinds of music you
    might get on FM back then were classical
    and jazz. AM was still top dog–that’s
    where you found good ol’ rock ‘n’ roll.
    Hope that helps!

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    • Ralph

      No sorry, you’re totally wrong. the LH controls are for the heater and air conditioning, the RH is an AM radio, and the 4 knob controller on the console in an 8 track multiplex control.

      Pontiac used this design on its full size cars between 1963-1968.

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  9. Clay Bryant

    I see a lot of people say I’d buy it if it was back east,etc. 1500 bucks and toss it on a transport. After getting a good deal pricewise it’s still a good deal. Quit slobbering all over your computer……………..

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  10. Neil

    I’m knocked over for all the responses to my inquiry into the radio, heat control. So thanks to everyone, I will scan my photos of the 1973 Lemans. It was a beautiful car so any Pontiac fans check back I’ll have them up 2moro. Problem is they are what used to be called photo prints and I need to scan to show on the web.
    Thats still a strange looking heater control.

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  11. Neil

    The hemmiings link was very nice, that car is immaculate but i like the 1966 dash more. With that center heat grill on top of the dash. My 1st ever “muscle car” ride was as a sophomore in high school older friend had the badest high school car. 1967 GTO/Lemans all i know it had a 455 and a 4spd. He started it to take me home and i thought something was wrong cause it sounded like a semi. Once it warmed up he said hold on, and that hit thru the 4 gears was ah mind blowing. I now know it had 3:91 gears in the back.
    I never saw the heater control in this one.

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