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Barn and Country: 1965 Ford Country Wagon

Over the past year we have noticed an interesting trend developing in what cars are becoming popular. There has been a huge increase in the popularity of classic American station wagons. At first this trend had us a bit surprised, but as we’ve watched the popularity grow we’ve come to understand why, these cars are simply cool. Sure they aren’t the fastest or best handling cars out there, but they are affordable, well equipped, and you can actually drive them everyday. This original 1965 Ford Country Wagon is ready to drive and can be found here on eBay with a BIN of $8,900 and the option to make an offer.

This Wagon is truly ready to drive and looks good both inside and out. The interior shows signs of use, but nothing excessive. The seats, carpets, and headliner look to be tear free and in good condition. The dash has a cover on it, so we aren’t sure if it has cracks in it or if it was put in place to protect it, but we usually assume the worst with dashes. Our biggest concern here is the addition of a newer stereo and gauges, both of which could be removed.

The engine is the original Ford 352 cui V8, with 80,000 original miles. However, a previous owner changed the intake manifold, carburetor, and valve covers. Thankfully, they were smart enough to keep the originals and they are included with the car. The 352 cui might not be the biggest of the V8s available in the Country Sedan, but it is based on the FE family of Ford V8s, which means its lighter then the big block V8s. The intake modifications should add a little extra power to the car, but we would probably switch it back to the original parts.

As you can see there is one ding along the bottom of the car, but other wise the outside looks perfect. The seller claims the car is wearing its original paint. It looks to be correct and we love this light blue color. We wish that someone hadn’t dinged up this car, as it would look nearly perfect all the way around. Sadly this ding would be hard to fix without repainting the door.

The only problem we see with the station wagon trend is that its already driving the prices up. There was a time when a wagon like this could have been had for a couple thousand dollars, but sadly the prices are going up. So if you’ve been dreaming of buying one of these big American classics, we would recommend doing it sooner than later. This California black plate car is ready to be driven and enjoyed. And while $8,900 seems like a lot for an old family wagon, one would be hard pressed to find one in better shape for less right now.


  1. Will

    How come every time I think something is cool I am ridiculed for awhile and then in about ten years no one believes I thought something was cool before it was? I love this car. Station wagons are awesome.

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    • Mike

      Are you kidding me?some of these people dont know what they have until its gone…..Like the Crown Vic….

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  2. karo

    I have always like the ’65 Ford. Just a nice, crisp design with lots of wonderful details. I think the 352 is well-suited to this car. The extra torque would be appreciated over a 289.

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  3. Mark

    The 352 is a big block, same as a 390 or 428, in fact 390s and 428s have `352` cast right into their engine blocks.

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  4. Todd Stephan

    Thanks for posting this. Truly a beautifull car! My family had a 65 2 door same engine, same colour. Wish I could find one.

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  5. Bob Brown

    @ Will,
    I often had the same situation you did about being ridiculed about what kind of cars I thought were cool or interesting so I can sympathize with you.

    I grew up driving the full size cars, and have grown to appreciate their unique qualities. A lot of my friends growing up usually thought of these kind of cars as “boats” or “grocery getter’s”, but now they see things differently.

    One of the best cars I ever had was a 1985 Ford Country Squire wagon, it was solid, reliable (even on a nasty winter that got down to -30 before the wind chill)….and I had some interesting “adventures” with it….what more could a guy ask for?

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  6. Anonymous

    Got a 66 Country Sedan (which I believe is the correct name for this car as well: these were minus the crappy plastic wood) in the shop just now, with 390 power. “our” 1966 has the “3-way” tailgate which allows it to flop down or swing open like a door/ It’s the same color too!

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  7. gunningbar

    I’ve always had a wagon in the stable…they’re just great cars….I wish I had my 64 chevy wagon for one….now driving a 93 volvo 960…..great driver…..How bout a Studebaker Daytona?! This fords very nice. ….

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  8. Andy

    Ford wagons from the sixties are really cool. I remember our first, a 1965 Country Squire. What I remember most of all was that my dad traded in our 1961 Thunderbird coupe and the Country Squire was the first car our family owned that was equipped with factory air conditioning. The car was aqua with the “wood” trim and had a Galaxie 500-style interior trim.

    In looking back at other wagons on Barn Finds I noticed a 1969 Mercury Colony Park (http://www.barnfinds.com/bring-the-neighborhood-1969-mercury-colony-park/). Did anyone look at it? At $5,500 it seemed to be a bit high priced but fully equipped with a 429 V8, it certainly looked like it had potential. Does anyone know if it sold?

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  9. Jim

    My very first car I ever drove was my mother’s 1965 Ford Custom sedan. Ours had that awful 240 in-line 6 cylinder engine. I blew that engine drag racing down the Levittown Parkway in PA. This wagon is a real throwback to my youth. Wow…

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  10. James Wallhauser

    Love this car and all the 50’s, 60’s & 70’s Squires (except of course the ’58), but still prefer some GM models for styling (’68 Chevy Impala), and interest (’63 Buick with the elaborate and ugly taillights carried over to ’64), ’68 Olds Vista Cruiser (I drove 10 sleeping drunks home from a YES concert in the Dunwoody’s ’69), but the ultimate — ’56 Cadillac Hess & Eisenhardt with wood and Di-Noc trim. One of 17 factory models. I covet that vehicle and I’m not ashamed to say so.

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  11. mikey

    Love wagons…………always have. You can do stuff with em’.

    I envision myself with black frame glasses, plaid shorts, black shoes and white socks,,,,,,,,,driving too a hardware store and buying a bag of nails…………..

    Oh……..sorry……….that was my dad.

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  12. Brian

    Why is it that someone always gets thier hands on a Gem like this and have to add a new carb, aircleaner, valve covers etc etc etc. What a shame. leave them alone. JMHO

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  13. Kevin McCourt

    What kid didn’t hate riding in these. Especially in the fold up seats in the back. Maybe it’s the love-hate we remember so much. Wagons are making somewhat of a current model comeback also.

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  14. Mike

    The FE series IS a big block V8

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