Barn Binder: 1972 International 1210 4×4

Good photos make this 1972 International Harvester 1210 4×4 pickup look even better than it would normally. The bids on eBay are only at $2,600 but the reserve isn’t met. This truck is located in Buckeye, Arizona, where I should be located. Did I mention the $14,999 buy it now price? That’s pretty much right in-between Hagerty’s #3 good price and #2 excellent price.

The seller talks about this 2-owner truck, this “All American Classic has been stored and pampered all its life.” The cab sure looks better than the box does but there’s always something, isn’t there? If the box looked like the cab this truck would likely be higher on the bid count. They say that it’s a “true barn find”, but they don’t go into specifics.

More from the seller; “1210 trucks just don’t come up for auction very often and when they do they are 2WD or complete rust buckets. This true 4×4 truck is virtually rust free and is super solid. Mother Nature created her one of a kind patina with barely a ding or dent on her perfect sides.” They go on to say that the “underside is as dry as the top side.”

Now that’s a nice truck interior. It looks good enough to not have to really do anything other than maybe track down some pedal pads and change the steering wheel cover and just drive. Yes, it’s a 4-speed, too. The owner says that the “original bench seat is perfect. All gauges and lights work great. The vinyl flooring still has the “IH” logo on it. The glass is perfect. The only flaw inside is the dash pad is cracked and weathered. I have a dash pad ordered and will go with the sale as well as a saddle blanket seat cover because I wanted to preserve the original bench seat.”

This is International’s 345 cubic-inch V8 and it “starts on point and runs simply amazing…like it should with only 88k mi! Check out the pic of the distributor…it’s the original ‘IH” stamped Distributor cap!” The valve covers appear to have gotten a fairly recent rattle-can update, I’d want to redo those along with detailing the rest of this great looking engine and engine bay. This truck looks like a winner to me.

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  1. Gay Seattle Car Nut

    Sweet looking International truck. I’d keep as much of the truck as original stock as possible. But I’d also upgrade a few things.

  2. Nrg8

    Ah hot summer nights on vinyl seats without AC. People would almost say they heard ducks from the cab as the truck passed by……. Still love it, and could live with the sweaty butt

  3. Beatnik Bedouin

    Nice truck, but it looks like someone built a fire in the bed that got a bit out of control…

  4. Beemoe

    IH engines didn’t like to rev high, but will run forever. When restoring them, people tend to like to paint all the pieces and then assemble, but IH painted their engines after assembly, so everything got red, including the gaskets.

  5. Rube Goldberg Member

    Nice truck, but if you think this will ride and drive like your new Silverado or F150, you’re in for a big surprise. Very popular in “farm country” , every farmer with IH machinery, had one. Good luck with parts. Maybe it’s different now, but years ago,IH was like a foreign car, took weird commercial plugs, and not all auto parts stores had them. Great truck for hauling a load of the “April Fools” rocks, but that’s about it. Sorry, seller is dreaming on the price, yeesh.

  6. Whatyamacallits

    International H went out just before the big blazer s10 phase and ford broncos unfortunately.

    I like the truck and that it’s grew up and aged in the a hot dry area!

  7. leiniedude leiniedude Member

    Just hard for me to believe that International would put Farmall on the vinyl flooring. Gotta be a mat for a tractor.

    • duaney Member

      Never seen that mat in any IHC truck. I don’t believe the seat is original upholstery, wrong pattern and color. Must have been recovered.

      • Kevin Vanosdol

        That’s an aftermarket floor mat. Not sure the originals even had a logo, but definitely not “Farmall”!

  8. RickyRover

    These old “binders” are great, tough trucks, but known as gas hogs all the way. I have a ’71 1210 Travelall with the 392 and a Holley Quad, got about 10mpg max…. but who cared back then!

    • duaney Member

      Probably better than 10 mpg with a standard transmission. I’ve found IH fuel efficient compared to Ford and Chevy in the same era. The 304 V-8 is very thrifty. I checked the MPG on a 74 3/4 ton tow truck. Had to weigh over 5,000 lbs, 345 engine, standard trans. Going across Kansas, 80 mph, repeated fill ups were always 13 mpg.

    • StrayHorse

      You are right. The 392 was the one to have. I had a 75 with that engine, but it blew up at 120,000. The truck was a rust-bucket and it was too expensive to rebuild given the condition of the truck, so I put in a used 345. Having compared the two engines, I quickly realized what a big mistake I had made. The 345 was fine for a Scout but not for a full-size 4wd.

  9. Mikestuff

    My older brother, who died in 2001 age 65, ran a heating and sheet metal business for a long time from the late 60’s. (Before the days that they were called HVAC.) He lived in Sparks, NV and the business was in Reno.

    He bought 2 of these IHC trucks, both 4×4 and both white and about as basic as they could be. He used them in the business and drove them until the mid 90’s I think. I think he drove Chevy trucks after that and said more than once that he knew they weren’t going to last as long as his Cornbinders. (Is that what the nickname was?)

  10. Dusty Stalz

    My dad had a ’70 2wd 1200 3/4ton long box. 345 Auto. It was what I drove in the early 90s after I got my license. Many great memories of that Binder. I think back on it now and remember steering that straight axle and stopping w drums. Definitely primitive compared to a new truck but what a hoot to drive.

  11. Maynard Reed

    I have two 1310 international trucks. One four wheel drive that will do 50 mph max either empty or with a cord and quarter of green firewood I’m the dump bed. The other is s two wheel drive cab and chassis. Both with 345 ci and four speed.

  12. StrayHorse

    BTW: A buy-it-now price at $14,999? Makes one wonder what exactly the seller has been “Internationally Harvesting.”

  13. r spreeman

    If only it had A/C and automatic like my Scout II did (with a 345 also), a joy to drive that little mountain of torque with AC. If only I had money and room for it too.

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