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Barn Brick: 1969 Volvo 142S

1969 Volvo 142s Front Corner

Update 10/18/11 – The seller just informed us that this brick has been sold.

Our good friend, Mike just sent in his well sorted 1969 Volvo 142S. The 142S was known for its durability, but this one will be known for its handling because the suspension has been completely worked over. The previous owner installed new IPD lowering springs, KYB shocks, IPD sway bars, powdered coated control arms, new bushings, and new ball joints. It can be found in Monterey, California or here on eBay, with bidding at $2,000 and no reserve.

1969 Volvo 142s Interior

The interior of this Volvo is a mixture of good and bad. Let’s look at the good things first. This car has the rare factory installed Rallye gauges and they are all in good working order. It also has a nice Volvo Motorsports Formula steering wheel, which really adds to the sportiness of the car. Now for the bad, the first thing we noticed is that the red interior isn’t in very good condition. This is a rare color combination, but the seats are going to need to be recovered and parts for these cars are becoming hard to find. The other problem we noticed is the cracks in the dash cap, which might be a real challenge to replace.

1969 Volvo 142s Engine

This Volvo’s B20 4-cylinder has already been gone through and sorted out well. The dual Stromberg carbs have been worked over and tuned for optimal performance. To further improve performance they installed a new exhaust manifold with a new gasket. Between the engine and the 4 speed manual transmission is a new Sachs clutch. The B20 is a great engine and has the potential to produce a lot of power, we would guess this one is producing between 120 and 140 horsepower?

1969 Volvo 142s Side

While this car is well sorted there is one major concern we have about it. It currently has a salvage title due to being in a fender bender about 20 years ago. The rear quarter panel was later replaced, but not until the insurance had already wrote the car off as being totaled. The seller claims there wasn’t any structural damage and that the damage was repaired correctly. The seller is a great guy and just wants to get this car into the hands of someone who will enjoy it. This car will make a great cheap daily driver. Sure beats driving a Honda to work!


  1. Hank

    We had the station wagon same year… it lasted us over 200,000 miles.

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  2. Hank


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  3. Al Ewers

    I’d have no problems driving a brick. Kinda like the older Volvo and saab.

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  4. karo

    In my high school shop class, we repainted a ’66 Volvo 122, the same shade of creamy white as this one. It had a red interior, too. These cars are some homely you can’t help but love them.

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  5. Jeff

    had a light green one of these………one of the best cars I ever owned bought it used at 100k, sold it had 278k and it got great mpg1

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  6. Paddan

    While I am a Saab guy, always wanted a really nice long stickshift 142S. Not sure this is the one.

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  7. Cade Olds

    Ok whens the race? letts slap some numbers on that sucker and go. I would love to race this car, I suspect it would do really well especially with that trick suspension….

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  8. Ron

    Two tone white, unusual. That red interior would have to go. Other than that, I would make it my daily driver.

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  9. Ratty Matty

    I love this! I agree with Ron, not diggin’ that red interior, but hell, Mike you’re the only one seeing it. That car is too sweet. RAD FIND!

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  10. Chris

    Cheap seat covers coming up. Those wheels made their way onto the 84 240 Turbo series and are probably worth half the value of the car if they’re not all beaten up. Nothing like a brick with a good suspension and tires. I can see this ending up with a 16 year old who told his parents “It’s an old Volvo and they’re safe cars”. Put some weekends into cleaning this up, it’s a good ride.

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  11. Patrick Quivey

    I confess, I bought it. I am a mature middleaged man with adolescent urges. This was a safe one. Yes, most of you all were right in estimating that it is a fun car. I have no urges to drive insanely fast, and it is not built for speed. or comfort for that matter. But…. I have not found the limits of it’s cornering yet. The interior is going to get some work done, and a little paint to spruce it up. In the meantime, I get to drive over the Laureless grade everyday. It used to be just a commute. Now it is for fun.

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    • D.A. Dailey

      Hello PATRICK

      I Have a few used stock interiors lying around my place for those cars ,including door panels and dashes.I am not into shipping but if you are close to Pa. we can talk.

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  12. Barn Finds

    Good for you Patrick! We are glad the car turned out to be as much fun as it sounded. Send in a few photos and we will do a success story on your purchase.

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  13. Stan

    superbe 122 S !

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  14. David Nopper

    84 era wheels look cool on this little bait bucket!! Would be a fun school car!!

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    • Patrick

      I may end up putting it up for sale again, as I now have too many cars. It probably needs a rebuild on the carbs, and I have located an overdrive unit for it (Those little wheels turn faster than stock), but have not installed it. It handles well, and is fun to drive. Patrick

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  15. Michael van der Putten

    Nice find, I have a 69 as well, a 142 and a 144 and a 145, a 68. Just did the dash swap as mine was cracked as well, hard to find and a piece of work. I,m looking for door panels for my 69 142 in black…………….Good luck with your project……..Mike

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