Barn Find: 1949 Chevrolet Panel Truck

1949 Chevrolet Panel Truck

If there were ever a barn find vehicle, this would be it. Tucked away for 20 years, the seller does not know the specific year, but they believe it to be a 1949 Chevrolet panel truck. No VIN is listed, no miles, and the title is missing, so things will have to go the bill of sale route. The asking price is $7,000 and it is located in Sunland, California. Thank you, Ikey H., for the tip. You can view more on Craigslist.

1949 Chevrolet Panel Truck

The listing describes that they do not believe there is an engine or transmission in the truck. However, they do note that there are lots of parts crammed in the back, which is evident in the photos. It doesn’t look like there is anything that would aid in getting the truck moving though. The seller has taken the fenders off to show there is no engine or drive train. While there is so rust, it does not look detrimental.

1949 Chevrolet Panel Truck

The interior is not that bad. It is dirty and missing many things, but structurally and visually, it is sound. With all the parts stored in the cargo area, the seller suggests one could part it out at a swap meet. That might not be a bad idea if you take inventory of all that is in there and it does amount to something valuable. It is hard to determine if the asking price for the vehicle itself will be worthwhile, depending on your goals.

1949 Chevrolet Panel Truck

One idea that came to mind was buying it for advertising. It would be a great roadside sign for some sort of rural business. Although, it seems kind of expensive for something of that use. The body does seem to be in good shape, along with the interior so it certainly can be restored. Or, at least it could be used for creating some sort of functioning vehicle. It really is quite a blank canvas that you could make anything out of.


  1. JBP

    put in a chevy v8, and make a nice Workshop truck. that Thing full of all the Tools needed for a roadside repair, and classic Workshop Name on it,,

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  2. bobhess bobhess Member

    Asking price a bit high but that looks like a solid foundation to do something with.

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  3. leiniedude leiniedude Member

    Wait. The seller has taken the fenders off to show there is no engine or drive train. Not how I would have checked, but it helps with the resto. I agree with bobhess comments. Cool rig for sure, never noticed the trim on the rear fenders, adds some flair, I like it.

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    • Dutch 1960

      Everything’s expensive in California.

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  4. Mike

    If I bought this, I would drive out into the middle of nowhere to clean it out. I don’t want all the vermin racing out of it making a beeline to the house.

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  5. Gaspumpchas

    The guy seems straightforward and cleaned it out. Look it over good. I like JBP’s idea- slide a 283 with a 4 speed in it , and use it! Work truck and advertising. Good luck for the new owner. Interesting that Chevy went to the car platform for the sedan delivery shortly after this.

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  6. Ken Carney

    Sorry guys, this one’s a ’48. You couldn’t
    get the ribbed fender trim in ’49. Last one I saw was parked at an auto body shop nearly 50 years ago. The one I saw
    had 4 chrome strips on each fender. The
    trim looks very much like what you’d see
    on a high end Fleetline model for ’48. Think I’d go with a 250 or 292 straight 6
    instead of a small block V-8. Anyone can
    can build it that way but it takes someone thinking outside the box to do
    it. Those big sixes will slide right in and
    most everything bolts right up and it’s
    very straight forward. I’d also add a beefed up auto tranny and some electric
    power steering so that my girls could drive it with ease. Drop the front axle
    and add disc brakes up for more stopping
    power too. There’s nothing like an old
    school build on a budget!

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    • Paul

      I totally agree with the inline 6 cylinder…..that’s what I would put in it!

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  7. DayDreamBeliever DayDreamBeliever

    Looks like good bones for a project, power and finished look totally at the new owner’s discretion.

    The Woodward Avenue Dream Cruise was yesterday, cool cars and other rides where everywhere! No matter how this one would wind up, it’d fit right in.

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  8. Arby

    That’s no barn – a hut at most.
    Looks more like a lean-to.

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  9. IkeyHeyman

    That shack doesn’t even look as good as the ones we youngsters would build from materials “requisitioned” from nearby construction sites.

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    • Robert White

      Have to agree in that I built a log cabin with a friend when I was about nine years old. Found a real hippie sleeping in it in 1969 in Toronto North York Don Valley River. We borrowed a large garage door from a local mansion that was being demolished to make way for a new hospital.

      When the land was purchased for the new hospital the construction company hired to clear the land used a bulldozer to remove my log cabin with the super strong wooden garage door roof.

      Back in those days we built stuff to last decades even as kids!


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      • Mountainwoodie

        The fake hippies were a real problem. The real hippie was probably getting ready for Woodstock. Damn hippies.

        Now to the panel truck, really? Does the owner have a spinning wheel with random sale price numbers on it ? Oh well landed on 7K, 7K it is.


        Back in realityville, this poor hulk, ie collections of parts, won’t be leaving anytime soon unless the seller pays someone to take it.

        I have a friend driving a ’49 around who would think you were crazy if you offered her 7K for her truck;and she’d take your money before you came to your senses.

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  10. PaulG

    Geez the ask isn’t a bit high, it’s cRaZy!
    Bought and sold several of these over the years, I’d put this at no more that 2500.
    The insanity…

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  11. canadainmarkseh

    I hate dealing with basket cases you have to figure out where things go, what’s missing and where your going to find the missing parts. I’d pay more for a complete and assembled one before buying this. If it were still together I’d say $2500.00 basket case missing parts $800.00 I guess the owner is going to have to find another barn to put it in until he comes to understand that his price is high. I guess it will be how bad he wants it gone.

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  12. Johnmloghry Johnmloghry

    No, it’s just to much money for what you get.
    God bless America

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  13. Larry

    She’s going to need new tires for SURE!

  14. Paul Jackson Member

    I’ve just started on a ‘53 1 ton panel, installed a 292 with a 700r4. Looking for an appropriate differential that doesn’t have 5 series gears. My mind says this will be a great truck. The featured truck is $4500 more that I have in mine so far but no rust

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  15. JCF

    $7K!!! Please, GMAB! $300 big money for this BF!

  16. JimmyinTEXAS

    I’ve got to jump in this fun!!! WOO HOO
    I sold one like this except had a Lingenfelter engine making 850hp and a 25K frame off paint job for 250.00, last week. lol Don’t hate me, I couldn’t resist the fun… lol

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  17. KevinLee

    Jimmy, this Barn Finds; home of fans of low, or no power!😎

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    • JimmyinTEXAS


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  18. TimM

    Really cool truck!! The painter got slightly carried away with painting the windows bumper and the rubber around the windows as well!! Solid looking truck!! I like it!!

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