Barn Find! 1969 Dodge Charger RT/SE 4-speed

This 1969 Dodge Charger is said to be a real numbers-matching RT/SE! Y4 Spanish Gold with black interior and black top is a very nice combination. The mighty Mopar has apparently been stored in a Washington barn since 1980 and is now located in Verplanck, New York. It can be found for sale here on Craigslist with an asking price of $40,000. The car has been cleaned up and looks like a decent project. There is a bit of confusing information in the ad, take a look and see what you think and thanks to Ikey H. for the tip on this project.

The interior looks decent but the seller says the seat covers need to be replaced. The headliner also needs replacing but the rest is “very nice.” It still retains the original 8-track stereo, leather seats, wood grain dash, and trim.

The wording regarding the engine in the ad is a little bit confusing. It says “The factory hemi 4 speed shifts fine…It has a 72 HP 440 in the car. The factory numbers matching block is in my garage safe and sound on the shelf. It has the original 4 speed carb.” Hopefully, a phone call or email to the seller will clear up the mystery.

The car has been cleaned up and looks decent. You can see the remnants of the vinyl top have been removed, which makes it look much better. The big-n-little tire combination with slotted mag wheels is a nice look. You can see the fender and hood are a little beat up. If this was your car, would you replace the original top or paint it?

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  1. Ken Member

    The Craigslist link you provided goes to an entirely different car.

    • Weasel

      Hey Ken, I think that’s what Montana thinks is confusing? Maybe it’s some sort of winter solstice April fools type gag. Weird for sure.

    • Dave

      and that car is a better deal, even loosing the 4 speed

  2. i8afish

    40K for that? Seriously? From the looks of the car and the ad, the seller is looking for a ten year supply of drugs. Geez!

  3. Mimo

    I would touch it little as possible that thing looks so nasty…love it!

  4. Troy s

    Without looking at the add I’d say the mean looking Charger has a heavy duty 4 speed, a 1972 high performance 440 with the original block stored away and the original 4 barrel carb which spell check completely screwed up.
    Like the look here, the big rear little front wheels and no vinyl top.

  5. zythos

    I’m with you Mimo although if they left that top as it was, it

    would of really added to the nasty factor.

  6. Paolo

    Hemi 4speed had 18 spline input shaft and has stouter gears. Regular 4speed has 23 spline input shaft. The term Hemi 4speed is used indiscriminately but they can be found behind other engines or you can build your own. The parts are available.

  7. Don H

    Almost getting tired of seeing so many of these ,and semiler molars .

  8. Terry Bowman

    The Hemi 18 spline 4 speed was used mostly in the 440 six pack and of choice the 426 Hemi. Most all out racers would also use them, but the factory products would use just the 23 spline and be fine. I will never forget many years ago a friend stopped by my shop with a new set of chrome valve covers and asked “what else he could do to make his car faster”.

  9. dave

    We could get into ye ‘ol air cleaner lid flip….

    • Troy s

      Flip the lid over, throw on a set of mags and presto….worth a hundred horsepower! Chrome valve covers and replace the stock air cleaner with a tiny open element lawn mower type and now it’s the fastest thing on wheels……funny thing is I knew a few people who actually believed that.

      • Terry Bowman

        Troy, that’s funny, that’s is exactly what he said next. He was going to buy a chrome air cleaner next. That may of added some HP, but only with the less restriction of intake air flow. At lease he was on the right track now.LOL

    • Paolo

      It works. I did it on my Chevy truck with the 350.

  10. Del

    40 grand ?

    Not even 20 for both of tbem

  11. jimmy the orphan

    The ad is screwed up, the craigs list ad is screwed up and the car is really screwed up. Just take a mulligan and start over. Later……………………………………………………………………….JIMMY

  12. TimM

    Nice car with all the right boxes checked!! Needs some TLC for sure but at 40K it’s not for me!! The front fender and vinyl top are a small set back matching paint and repairing the roof before the new top goes on but it looks to be a good car!! Being it’s in New York it might be best to check for rust before you buy!! The green car in the Craig’s list ad is not the car in the barn find post and is set at 25K not 40K!! What’s the deal????

  13. J.M. Di Stefano

    To clear the air. My good friend bought this car and had it shipped to NY. Car is rock solid. Motor is a 72 block. 18 spline trans is original. Orininal block came with the car. Just look at what the market for rotted 2 generation Chargers are going for. Crazy numbers 10-20 grand. For ROT. Body work is the most expensive part of restoring a car. If you are a body man then you are way ahead of a lot of people. It’s nothing to have 20 grand into body and paint today. Car is already sold. The new owner is very happy with the car.

    • Dave

      If all involved are happy, then that is all that matters.


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