Barn Find at No Reserve! 1982 Toyota Pickup SR5 4WD

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Only the most diehard truck fans have heard of Hino Motors, founded in Japan in 1942. Two decades later, Hino was making a small truck called the Briska. Toyota approached Hino with an eye to using the Briska as the basis for its own truck, and by 1968, the first Toyota HiLux was on the market. Rapid improvements led to a second generation in 1972, then a third, and a fourth …. the world is still enjoying the HiLux in its eighth generation after millions of copies have been sold. Here on eBay is a member of the third generation HiLux series, this 1983 Toyota SR5 pickup. Equipped with four-wheel drive, fresh out of an Oklahoma barn, and titled only twice for two owners, this truck is bid to $6000 in a no-reserve auction. While the new owner will face a modest amount of mechanical work before indulging in a road trip, the truck does run.

In the beginning, the HiLux engine bay harbored a tiny four-cylinder but by 1983, a variety of larger fours were available. This one is the 22R 2.4-liter SOHC with around 97 hp. Resurrection involved a new fuel pump and battery – after fifteen years of sitting, she fired up. However, the idle is high, suggesting more work is needed. The upscale SR5 trim package incorporated a five-speed manual option; four-wheel drive was introduced in 1979. While independent front suspension was offered in some markets and on some variants, the North American HiLux 4WD has a solid front axle. This example’s odometer reads 109,255 miles.

The interior is grimy! The bucket seats, door panels, and carpets could use a thorough cleaning but even that won’t cure the cracked dash and worn steering wheel. A prior owner apparently attempted to disassemble the steering column. The gasket just below the passenger’s armrest vaguely corresponds to where a speaker might be positioned, and we do see one in the driver’s door.

The underside is straight enough, and other than surface rust, the truck has escaped the ravages of the tin worm. Both bumpers look slightly drunk – the rear looks like a heavy load got the best of it, and the front has more waves than the sea. Trucks of all ilks have shot up in value over the last several years, including the HiLux. A bidder was willing to pay over $38k for this restored SR5 but generally $25k looks about right for a solid driver with decent cosmetics. My guess is this truck will see higher bids before it heads off to a new garage.

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  1. Aussie Dave Aussie DaveMember

    I’m a huge fan of the the 22R, I mean 22R/E.
    Upgrade this to injection, and a cam, and you’ll be more than happy.

    Note I built a 22RE for my son’s Celica, it’s was built for torque, it would wheel stand when you dropped the clutch at max rpm’s

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    • Rw

      I have owned several R/REs Fuel injection is nice,but the carbs out perform when tuned right.

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    • Tony O

      Yes I had a 85 hi lux straight axle and it was a fuel injected best truck I ever had until Bambi stepped out on a curve .they both rolled pretty good

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    • Bob C.

      Not speedy, but bulletproof.

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  2. HoA HoAMember

    Hi folks, I realize I didn’t make any friends with my import bashing on the Saturn post( note apology) but I’m not a total washout, and one had to be either not born or living under a rock in the early 80s, not to know how important this truck was. 4×4 pickups here, generally gas guzzling, poor handling behemoths, were in need of a change. The Asians got a huge jump on the market with these trucks. While Ranger and S-10 followed in ’83(?), in a “can’t beat them, join them” panic thing, it was too late. Folks that bought these, usually never bought anything else, and why would they? Rust aside, they were that good.
    So, many may be thinking, what’s with Howard? Bump his head again? Nah, just wasting time, and I actually had a Toyota pickup like this, 2wd, was my ex-BIL, he bought it new in ’84. Funny story about that too. He wanted a bare bones, a no option truck. Nobody had one and several dealers said it would take months to get one. He finally found one, and put 230,000 miles, with oil changes every 3,000 miles, with the only repairs were brakes and tires. It was pretty rusty by the time I got it, but still used it for over a year. You won’t find one north of I-70, so it’s a rare find.

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    • jwaltb

      First year S-10 was’82. I had one.

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  3. 8banger 8bangerMember

    Carbureted but with the BOMB-PROOF front axle. Winner Winner Chicken Dinner.

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  4. sparkster

    Factory cruise control and tilt steering wheel in addition to the Air Conditioning.
    I had the same truck in the 80’s only in tan and 2 wheel drive. Mine had the factory cruise control , tilt wheel , air conditioning , SR-5 cloth interior.
    Great trucks,

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  5. John Leinen

    Owned an 80 long bed 4×4, 4 speed, and a 85 Xtra cab 4×4 5 speed, this truck has funky junk yard bucket seats installed but is worth the money!

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    • The Truth

      What are you talking about? You obviously know very little about these trucks. It’s an SR5, which is the high end trim package. That means it comes with a 5 speed and bucket seats along with a free other options. Those are the factory bucket seats.

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    • The Truth

      Not really. 84-85 were the better axles

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  6. Bob P

    I know there will be someone stupid enough to buy this torn up piece of junk for $6000 or more. That’s the reason the price of trucks are so high. 4 years ago this truck wouldn’t bring a $1000 in the shape it’s in. The prospective buyer better have very good skills to repair everything that’s been torn apart looking for something that may not have been there. GOOD LUCK!

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    • Jake

      It’s worth it.

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      • The Truth

        It’s not, you can find ones in better shape for that price I bought mine for $1600 and it has a nicer body, but needs the interior redone.

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      • Eric B

        That doesn’t sound like “the truth” to me. Unless you bought it from someone that isn’t on the internet or access to anything that would allow them to properly price their vehicle. Or, they were older, or had a head injury or this particular sale took place fifteen years ago.

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  7. Patrick

    I was a Toyota salesman in the early 80’s The trucks sold so easy. Their lineup in general was simple to sell.

    But the reason was simple they were great !!!!
    Excellent products reliable and nice looking.

    Made great money compared to my friends selling other brands.

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    • Eric in NC

      Remember those TRD Tacoma models? The dealer was trying to buy it back every time it came in for service.

      He got it when the 2004 tundra came out because life changes for us, but not that truck. 😊

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  8. Scott BeLow

    Straight from barn fine to gold mine. Some of these vehicles practically need to be kept in a vault for what they want.

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  9. Walt from Vermont

    I own a 1979 SR5 2wd longbed 5 speed with the 20R motor. I have had it for 23 years. 2nd owner. Never seen Winter, a summer truck only. Most dependable truck one could own and currently I own 6 other pickups. Here in northern Vermont, where most roads are narrow and gravel, a small truck like the Toyota performs admirably. I had a 1986 Toyota 2wd auto longbed I bought for $100 back in 2007 with 214000k miles. Thought it would last for 2 years. Ended up lasting 13 more years, over 300000k. Carried everything plus the kitchen sink. Sold it to a 22 year old – still running to this day! A 4wd version is easily worth 10k or more.

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    • Eric B

      Are people still normal in VT? It seems like it. It’s on my list of potential moves. Around me everyone and everything is changing for the worse. A lot of gentrification. VT seems like an area that would stay true to its roots and a vintage pickup on narrow gravel roads sounds just perfect to me.

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  10. chrlsful

    used ta use this engine in the drag car. Now the 2.7.
    Love toy.’s x-flows. Got 8 sec consistently w/the 2.4.
    Made me get the parachute. Let’s see what’s up when
    I get the turbo header done. Come on 6s !

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  11. Figgy

    Yoh may not have heard of Hino, but if you ever watched Priscilla Queen of the Desert the bus was a Hino

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  12. Walt

    I had an ’82 and loved it. Never should have sold it. Watch that rust though… once it shows up it’s like a fuse has been lit!

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  13. stillrunners stillrunnersMember

    This could be my buddies he bought new back in the early 80’s and took care of it for years – got a good return then. His was the same color but the other guys at work bought blue Toys back then as well….all run hard – good luck to the new owner.

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  14. Steve

    The 1982 Toyota 4×4 SR22 pickup was my first and only brand new vehicle. Charcoal gray with chrome rims and a wench on the front. Hands down the best pickup Toyota ever made. Toyota even said the ’82 was their best pickup. I got 300,000 miles out of mine.
    This one here is in rough shape. IMHO it’s going to cost to much to restore. Engine looks terrible, a total rust bucket underneath, and the dashboard has multiple cracks and no gear shift.

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