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Barn Find Big Block: 1969 Chevrolet Corvette

Many of us have friends and colleagues who are into old cars, but we don’t always know it until we’re standing in their barn and looking at some forgotten project. That’s the story with this 1969 Chevrolet Corvette convertible, which was revealed after one friend announced to another that he was retiring and had hopes of spending time restoring his projects. The start of the project car collection is this 1969 Chevrolet Corvette, which left the factory with a four-speed manual and 427 big block. It comes with both hard and soft tops and is a major project – and the owner is apparently willing to let it go for $10,000. Find the story here on Motor Thanks to Barn Finds reader Larry D. for the find. 

The Corvette is a tricky one to evaluate from an ROI standpoint: the amount of money this convertible will require to restore makes it a slippery slope in terms of not going underwater quickly. Of course, that’s only if that’s a concern to you; as the friend of the owner points out, you don’t work all of your life to eventually find time to work on your projects, only to scuttle it when the numbers don’t make sense. There’s certainly a desire to not lose your shirt, but if you can do the work yourself, there’s a level of reassurance that comes into the process. This Corvette sadly lost its numbers-matching 427 eons ago, so that’s another expense the owner will have to account for. The trouble is with projects these days is most enthusiasts want a turnkey car, and flippers want something they can fluff and buff.

It’s apparent he had big plans to go all the way with the restoration given the body has already been removed from the chassis. The article doesn’t explain when or why the disassembly phase commenced, but it looks like the Corvette had good bones underneath. The ’69 Corvettes were still good-looking cars that were still a few years away from the malaise period taking hold when the performance took a dive and the styling lost some of that space-age edge that the early models had. The underpinnings look to be sound but it’s hard to tell for sure that there’s no cancer; obviously, this Corvette needs total reassembly, as even the gas tank is just resting on top of the chassis. One positive: the tires still hold air!

There’s a random picture of an engine with no explanation as to what it is; the original four-speed transmission is still with the car. I had a chance recently to interact with a gentleman looking for some cars to restore, and he wanted a few Bel Airs that my colleague in Georgia has on his property. It was evident he didn’t want a restoration project, but rather a car he could spit-shine and flip at the auction. Sadly, we couldn’t help him, but I fear that many car buyers are going down this path these days as opposed to enjoying the satisfaction that comes with bringing a car back from the brink. No word on whether this Corvette has found a new home, but hopefully someone out there has a lonely 427 looking for a partner in crime.


  1. bobhess bobhess Member

    Could be good project if the open exhaust ports haven’t let the valves and seats rust into oblivion. If all the removed parts are there then at least the buyer has something to work with.

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  2. Kevin

    10K NO way…..only if you have deep pockets

  3. Gary

    The bodys gonna break in half the way he has it on the partial dolly…….probably already damaged

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    • Claudio

      Spot on Gary
      This body is probably bent and un usable as it sits

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  4. Steve Clinton

    “The owner is apparently willing to let it go for $10,000.”
    Good luck with that!

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    • moosie moosie

      Might be worth close to that if all the original born with parts were there. Otherwise, good luck on the 10K.

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  5. dogwater

    Sorry Gary,
    Its sound like you have know idea about fiberglass the body not going to brake in half it will have some stress cracks looks like a good project at the right price

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    • Gregg

      I agree…. set it down on the chassis and it will go right back to where belongs… A little bit of resin to fill the cracks… ready for paint prep.!

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  6. Johnny

    The price is high for no more closer pictures he has. I,d look it over really good and ask plenty of question. Parts are not cheap and finding American made parts is gonna cost more. Forget the China made junk. Plus the time to make this car nice again. It would be a nice car to start on. Alot of the taking apart work is already done. Fiberglass is pretty strong. If its thick enough,but some place is thinner and it will need to have a closer look. He needs to bring the price down. It,ll take more then likely one trip to haul it ll. Good luck getting $10,000.

  7. Greg

    What a heap ! Might as well make it a donor car, maybe the motor & drivetrain, but no for that amount of money

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  8. George Mattar

    Glad to see a comment about China made junk parts. I restored my 73 coupe five years ago and when I got into the Corvette hobby in 1976, all one could buy was GM parts. Start up restoration companies began to sprout up, but mostly USA parts was it. Anyway, I took the time and paid the extra $$$$ for NOS parts beginning in 2015. They fit. They work and were made HERE. End of story. This is a parts car. That body is junk.

  9. PRA4SNW PRA4SNW Member

    IF it had the matching numbers big block and you wanted to invest the time, then this would be a solid platform to work with.

    As it stands, maybe worth half the ask.

  10. R.Lee

    Good Luck

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