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Barn Find Euro: 1977 Mercedes 350SLC


Although I finally discovered a “farm find” of my own, I still get excited reading about other cars recently discovered, like this 1977 Mercedes 350SLC European-market specimen here on eBay. Discovered recently in a barn in Virginia, it retains all of its European-market specific parts and features an engine and transmission combo that was never available in the U.S. 


While it is clear the Mercedes has been sitting a long time, this looks like a completely worthwhile project. The coupe bodies are also a bit rare, and while the seller does mention that the car has rust issues, I’m hoping it’s limited to the floors since I can’t see anything too obvious in the photos. The fixed roof design is a rare find and transforms the R107 into a serious grand tourer.


Combining the not-for-USA 4-speed manual transmission with the not-for-USA 3.5L V8 is an excellent combination. Good for 200 b.h.p and 211 lb. ft. of torque, getting this long-stored 350SLC running will be a chore but also quite rewarding. Once finished,  I can see this car being quite desirable not only for its more attractive features, such as the European glass headlamps and slim bumpers, but also for delivering a driving experience unmatched by U.S.-market cars.


For any of our readers residing in the D.C. metro area, you likely know that the region is a hotbed of activity when it comes to foreign-market cars brought over by diplomats and then left behind when they returned home. My brother and I always used to find curious vehicles in the former Crazy Ray’s junkyard near Baltimore, and there was no logical explanation for them other than a former political dignitary (or possibly student) bringing them stateside. No matter what this car’s story is, it deserves to be saved and not parted out.


  1. Avatar photo Dave Wright

    I think that is all the money. SLC’s have never been hot on the market…….languishing behind there SL brothers. A big heavy luxury car with a manual transmission does not really fit either.

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  2. Avatar photo Jim

    If it’s a grey market car, depending on the state, you may not be able to register it. FYI, cars that a diplomat leaves behind with a Dept of State title must be scrapped.

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  3. Avatar photo L.M.K.

    Those photos are just horrible….

    And then the price …..

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  4. Avatar photo Rich

    $11500???? Seller can’t even clean it up and take decent pics but asks $11500.00. Crack pipe price. Maybe 3k tops.

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  5. Avatar photo MikeG

    Perplexing why you’d leave a perfectly good car out in the elements like this.

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  6. Avatar photo ydnar

    The little V-8 has a wonderful tone, much nicer than any US made small V8.

    That’s all of the nice things I can think of for this ….. “car”.

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  7. Avatar photo Chebby

    Barn Finds, this guy is exactly who people have in mind when they say they hate flippers. A filthy car for sale in as-found condition with little to no information, where they haven’t lifted a finger, yet expect an outrageous price.

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  8. Avatar photo Rich

    Just noticed it has an aftermarket stereo with the removable faceplate. Maybe it hasn’t been off the road for too long?

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  9. Avatar photo edd

    I was looking a 1973 SL with two tops & thought I found a bargain. $18K Haggerty value for under $5K… Found out you can find them for a few thousand dollars all day long. Parts to repair them – priceless (or at least really pricey!). A case of I love ’em but gotta leave ’em.

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  10. Avatar photo James

    heres a 280sl with a factory 5 speed that my mate found..
    he rescued it and its currently undergoing surgery at the moment.

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    • Avatar photo L.M.K.


      Does it have the M 110 engine?

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      • Avatar photo James

        yes its the twin cam. its pretty rare over here as far as im aware

        Ill try and get some more pictures from John but sadly caring for my disabled son I dont get much chance to get out and play.

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    • Avatar photo James

      heres another one he pulled from someones long term storage. they were one of the “I’m going to restore it some day” type guys thankfully the person that owned the lockup was selling it so the boy had nowhere to keep it and John got offered it.

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    • Avatar photo Francisco

      Judging from where James’s 280 SL is parked, it looks like the surgery was not successful.

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  11. Avatar photo James

    here it is on its way home.. John has a Mercedes addiction.. he also has another white 350Sl that he rescued. its ready for paint now after much work.

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  12. Avatar photo James

    here was his biggest project.. it is also a Mercedes as far as im aware its an early 50’s it belonged to holsten pills and had came to the uk in the 70’s and used then was layed to rest in storage. the cab’s rear wall had to be completely re fabricated as the tin worm had gotten in that bad..

    I used this to move house a few years back.. the new neighbors were a bit surprised about it turning up in my drive..

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  13. Avatar photo MH

    My favorite part is the car phone.

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  14. Avatar photo Dave H

    Doesn’t “M-B” stand for Mostly Bucks? (Or “Most of your Bucks”)

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  15. Avatar photo Francisco

    I hate to break it to this seller, but this is not “… one of the most sought after Mercedes roadsters.” Has he ever heard of the 300 SL? Or the 190 SL? Or even the 230 SL? Now these are “sought after” vehicles. This bloated 350 SLC isn’t even a roadster. It’s a coupe!

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    • Avatar photo Dolphin Member

      Exactly right on all points. I couldn’t agree more.

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  16. Avatar photo Tirefriar

    C107 were not much appreciated and languished around for $3k in very good condition. Things are slowly changing as people begin to appreciate these cars. A nice one will fetch $7k easy, with pristine examples going for $15k+. This is a MB model to watch.

    The C107 for a while was the only way to have a large MB 2 door coupe. I for one would love to have one with a manual. IMO they are much more elegant than the R107 and have much less body flex due to a fixed roof.

    Regarding the car we are discussing, at this price the diplomat must have left few gold bulions in the secret compartment inside the car. I would definitely buy it and transfer all the goodies to a properly titled C107.

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  17. Avatar photo MountainMan

    Wow, the seller is seriously out there on this one. First the price is way too high. Even as a Euro model I dont see this selling for even half the ask. Also the instragram filter used on the pics do nothing to help the car or the ad. I never understand why folks do this. The car itself is appealing to me ,especially with the manual transmission but it will likely take some serious work to revive.It is also hard to asses the actual condition with the provided pictures. I have bought a few MBs that have sat for more than a few years and all needed extensive fuel system attention before being anywhere near dependable. I learned this the hard way by trying to make a clean 280 coupe my daily driver. It was a nice Euro model and looked great but required lots of cleaning, refreshing and replacing of components before it would take me the 15 miles to work and back without needing to rest along the way.

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