Barn-Find Fuelie: 1964 Corvette Stored Since ’83!

Leveraging brilliant engineering, Chevrolet first fuel-injected its Corvette in 1957. This 1964 specimen is offered as one of 1325 fuel-injected 1964 Corvettes, a car that retains its original 375 HP L84 V8 and other key original parts. Garaged since 1983, this rare yet neglected classic in Wheaton, Illinois seeks a new owner here on eBay, where a $24,500 opening bid will get the auction started.

Considering the lack of body damage, we may surmise that mechanical failure sidelined this stylish thoroughbred after fewer than 20 years of terrorizing public roadways. Many a fuel-injected Chevrolet had its complex injection system replaced by a simple carburetor. This car’s seller creatively avoids mention and photographs of either, and buyers should assume the rare and pricey fuelie setup is long gone.

Sadly thieves and the sands of time have stripped this coupe of many parts and any chance of a simple refurbishment. The good news is that no one will lament the meticulous nut-and-bolt restoration that this cleverly-engineered specimen of “America’s Sports Car” deserves.

The seller documents several stamping numbers and fuelie-specific parts such as the distributor oiler and core support. The four-speed manual transmission and 4.11 gears would have made this a fearsome tire-frying ‘Vette indeed. Amateurs need not apply for this restoration assignment, but all enthusiasts should celebrate the return of this rare car to its former glory, even if it never again transmutes rubber to smoke in anger. What would you do after inheriting this once-awesome beast?

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  1. Gaspumpchas

    Wow the ol ticker was really pumping when I saw fuelie, sorry to see the factory FI missing. Lots of untold stuff here. this ol doll looks like she was outside for a long time. I’m sure someone will snap it up. Better look at der frame. Anyhoo good luck to the new owner!!


  2. flmikey

    …no title, bill of sale only? Call the local police and they said it was not listed as stolen or missing? I would need a little more than that before plopping for 20 large…

  3. Air Cowboy

    Seems like a bunch of money for a 64 considering 1/2 is missing, the other half needs total restoration. No title to boot. Really? It’s a $15k car at best. Just bought a 63 in better shape than this that I drove on a trailer for $30k

  4. Classic Steel

    Wowsa this old beast was ridden hard and stored under a tree…
    So probably go for forty right 😜😆

    Check the birdcage,frame and dog legs as I think it’s got rust bad …fiberglass will also crack and age bad outside

  5. jdgpro

    Without a title it’s a parts car.

  6. Charles Lafrenz

    Project car at best sad pro street or race car. If frame bad finding frame replacement, bottom valance on nose gone, head light motors, don’t believe even if all parts are found the investment would be wise. Parts are worth something to someone that has that year and needs those numbers.

  7. Jack Benz

    Had a 59 fuelie and trust me you don`t want anything to do with bringing this vette back to original,would be a waste of time and money in my opinion!

  8. Metoo

    It always amazed me how many people will just let a car like this, and many others, sit outside and just rot away. And this obviously spent time in the great outdoors..

  9. John C

    My heart skipped a beat when I saw the headlines as well. But the opening bid is already too much. Buy a couple bottles of excederine because this car will be massive headache. No title is scaring me by itself. The interior was very sad to see.

    The rest is no picnic. Someone else said it I agree this is a $15,000 dollar car at very best.

    Why would someone let this car fall this far?

    As always love to see another vintage car return to the road. So to the new owner I say THANK YOU for tackling this mess.

    And congratulations for being upside down in this car.

  10. Rocco

    My first love was a 64 350hp car. Went in the Navy. ……. Long story short….I still have the Hubcaps in my garage on the wall over my old snap on tool box!!

  11. Hullinger

    I get the sense that the value of this Corvette is in the VIN tag…, and maybe a few parts as well. I could easily see some dirtybag reVIN’ing their ‘Vette and in a generation from now and after a couple owners, none would be the wiser.

  12. John H

    Sometimes it’s better to cull the herd.

  13. Lucky strike

    24.500 run Forrest run

  14. v

    take the body off and soak the whole thing in dexron V for 3 months. then remove from bath and slowly take it apart piece by piece. .this car needs a professional therapist, and so will the new owner. and do not forget to laminate 100 dollar bills in the fiberglass. after car is completely restored whatever you do do not tell the wife what you spent. and no title means lots of extra work and plenty of questions. i say leave it the way it is and take it on tour across the country. this is the kind of car people want to see no matter the condition.

  15. stillrunners stillrunners Member

    yep….what ^^^^ they said…..

  16. Chas

    …makes me glad I just got out of the old car hobby….things are getting as insane as the political environment…..

  17. P T Cheshire

    Funny, a lot of the “missing” parts are in a few of the photos on a bench and with plastic over them. Lot of money for glass and some trim.

  18. SumtingWong

    Aquavette . Run away, do not walk.

  19. bruce baker

    Too much money dude. Plus it’s not a 63 Spit window.

  20. George mattar

    Even the most expert restorer would stay away. I have been working on Corvettes since 1976. I am certain the birdcage is rotted, as are the frame end caps and trailing arms. Trailing arms no big deal. But in 64, there was no tank sticker. Parts car at best. Sad.


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