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Barn Find Quattrovalvole: 1983 Ferrari 308

Bidding is quite strong at the moment for this 1983 Ferrari 308 Quattrovalvole despite the fact that it has been off the road for several decades. It’s amazing to think that there was a time when the 308 wasn’t nearly as sought after as it is today, as the 308 has clearly benefited from the rise in popularity of 1980s sports and exotic cars that are the darlings of the Radwood movement. The seller’s car may not be rusty and it has a complete interior, but otherwise, it will need a significant overhaul before it’s back on the road. Find the Ferrari here on eBay where biding is at $35,000 with no reserve.

The mileage is listed as being over 65,000 and the seller speculates it has been off the road since 2001. Interestingly, despite having somewhat higher mileage, the Ferrari retains TRX wheels and tires. I wonder if this means a previous owner kept the Michelin TRX tires when they needed replacement as the original rubber likely needed replacing before now. Most owners ditched the expensive TRX tires long ago, so perhaps they were committed to keeping this 308 as original as possible before time and money ran out. The Rosso Corsa appears to be in decent shape despite all the dust.

The black leather interior is perhaps the best color combination for a classic 308 like this and the seats appear to be in decent shape. It’s not easy to figure out just how solid the cockpit is and whether the dashboard has any cracks. Plus, with the glass removed, you have to wonder what stage this car was at when it was found. Was the previous owner preparing for a proper glass-out respray? Truthfully, if it had been left to the elements with the glass removed, the interior would be in far worse shape, so fingers crossed it’s been stored indoors during its many years off the road.

Engine-wise, it’s not clear what state of disassembly the engine is in. The seller reports that the Ferrari runs briefly on starting fluid and that they have had the Boach CIS fuel injection distributor rebuilt but not yet installed on the car. The Quattrovalvole provides a healthy 240 horsepower, but whether it still makes those numbers is up for debate considering the piles of different parts shown as being removed from the vehicle. Hopefully, if all of the removed parts are still present, the next owner will have a straightforward re-assembly job in front of them, but there’s no telling what you might find with an Italian exotic that’s been off the road for decades.


  1. Howard A Member

    Here it is folks, the Ferrari “beater” we’ve all been waiting for. I know it’s early ( but I’ve been up for hours) but as mentioned, I’m a huge Simpsons fan, or was, and one of the funniest scenes was when Homer meets ( the late) Adam West, many years after Batman, and West touts his Batman days, and hops in the Batmobile, which has deteriorated considerably with the muffler dragging and running poorly, this car reminds me of Magnum PI “getting on in years”. I can see it now, Magnum( Selleck) leaning over towards Higgins( John Hillerman), both in wheelchairs, “Think we should get the Ferrari going again”? Higgins, “Nah, it’s too hot”,,
    I’m sorry, what the heck you going to do with this neglected masterpiece?

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    • RayT Member

      That “recommissioning service” is going to be a real eye-opener!

      Engine comes out — which means the new owner might as well spring for a new clutch and other peripherals — followed by rebuilds of brakes, suspension and attention to other details (how much does a new gas tank for a 308 cost?). And we haven’t even gotten to the cosmetics….

      This is how you say “money pit” in Italian.

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      • Derek

        Cosmetics don’t matter in this case, though; spend the money on the motor and anything else needing attention and leave it faded. Then take it out and thrash the nads off it!

        There was a story that I heard about an American Ferrari meet; someone turned up (and could be heard approaching) in a 250 or 275 which turned out to be quite scruffy. The owner parked it, got some beer out of the boot and paid it no attention all weekend.

        Possibly apocryphal…

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      • Cristiano

        The engine is transvers, so the clutch is accessed on the drivers side. Just jack it up and remove the wheel and inner fender liner. 👍🏼

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  2. RKS

    Twenty years equals several decades? Now I feel old lol.

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    After I read the “SomeAdditional info” in the ebay ad, there is no way that I would touch this car, and I am a sucker for forlorn Italian sports cars

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    • douglas hunt

      isn’t the windshield about 3500$ for one of these ?

  4. Big C

    The money that you’d spend putting this thing back together would buy you a nice, almost new Corvette, that would smoke this pile in its sleep.

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  5. William Brower

    I see the windshield delete option was selected.

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  6. Cobra Steve

    And some clown will suggest putting an electric motor in it! Just wait. The current fad of electric powered vehicles will wane someday. Sure, they might be quick, but they have no soul whatsoever.

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    • Big C

      Amen! I’ve seen stories on guys putting electric motors in old Mustangs. Impress your friends, for a hot minute.

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  7. Macfly

    Gotta love how they suggest the tires may be original with 65k on the car.

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  8. Frank D Member

    Great deal IF, Your a Ferrari Tech with a parts discount.

  9. Doc

    I don’t understand the portion regarding the wheels and tires. Are these special wheels to accommodate that particular tire?

  10. Howie

    Nothing is more expensive than a cheap Ferrari. It says it has a low reserve, not no reserve.

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  11. tyroljag

    TRX tires were a try of michelin to get rid of the inch diameter of rims and convert o Millimeters. It did not work out, here in Europe everything, mostly french was converted back to 14, 15, 16″ wheels. Tires for TRX wheels are exorbitantly expensive. If you can get it in the required size. If you get them they may be old.
    regards from Tyrol!

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    • SirLurxalot

      Ask a Fox-body Mustang owner.

  12. Rolls-Royce

    I sall in italy manny manny manny manny Ferraris and Lamborghinis

  13. Howie

    Sold $41,400, 86 bids.

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