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Barn Find Survivor: 1966 Chevrolet Chevelle Malibu

Following Ford’s lead with the Fairlane in 1962, Chevrolet (and other GM divisions) created their own new “mid-size” product offering in 1964. Dubbed the Chevelle, it quickly became the second best-selling company series, only bested by the full-size Chevies. This 1966 Malibu Sport Coupe is said to be a barn find, but not much is said about why that is. It’s a running survivor that may only need mostly cosmetic attention. Located in Vacaville, California, this Chevelle is available here on eBay where the seller is waiting on the opening bid of $19,750 to be cast.

The Chevelle was treated to a styling refresh in 1966, becoming less boxy than the first two years. Buyers responded by scooping up more than 447,000 copies of the vehicle, which included the El Camino pickup. While the SS 396 became a series of its own that year, the V8-powered Malibu Sport Coupe (like this one) accounted for nearly 30% of sales.

As the story goes, this Malibu may have always been a California resident, having been sold new in Sacramento 58 years ago. The key hardware is original to the machine, including the 283 cubic inch V8, 2-speed Powerglide automatic transmission, and the 10-bolt rear end. For a barn find, it’s said to run “smooth and quiet” although the tranny slips a bit in reverse. You’ll notice that some factory smog equipment is still there, not found in other parts of the country.

Rust doesn’t seem to be an issue and there is a small crease in the rear quarter panel on the passenger side. The light green original paint is well-worn and faded (some primer has been added to the driver’s door). Some old silicone resides by the back window which may have been added because of a leak (something to check out when getting the car prepped for a repaint). If you shoot a note to the seller, he/she will send you a video of the 45,000-mile car in running order.


  1. Old greybeard

    Compare to the 1/3 price Olds F-85 a few days ago. Weaker motor, worse condition.
    I’ll take the Olds. It’s HC 330 would smoke this Malibu.

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    • OldsMan

      My thoughts exactly !!

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    • Steve R

      That assuming the Olds was rust free. It was in the heart of the rust belt and lacked detailed pictures of any rust prone areas, especially the undercarriage. If it had any hidden rust, this Chevelle is a better value, even at a much higher price.

      Steve R

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  2. Davey Boy

    If this car was just a little bit darker and had matching color interior, it would be the twin of my third car I ever owned and by far the one I miss more than any other vehicle I’ve ever owned. I was only 19 when I owned it and was just starting to get it where I wanted it and I let my best friends girlfriend borrow it and she backed it into a cement pole that supports a freeway overpass. She hit so hard it ripped the keys from the ignition and threw them in the back seat. Also her passenger ended up in the back seat. (Seat belt laws weren’t a thing yet) It also tore the battery from the battery tray, and yes it was fully secured, I was working on it that day and the battery ended up upsidedown on the post that holds the air cleaner on because the air cleaner was sitting on the work bench at home. The car was running and battery acid went down the carburetor and into the motor. It hit so hard it folded the trunk lid in half and you couldn’t see out the back window. Being 19 I only had liability insurance on it and even though his girlfriend said she would replace it, I only seen $75.00 and even then $75.00 doesn’t go far. I can still see it in my minds eye and still miss it. Really wish my circumstances were better. This car would be mine. Good luck to the next owner. They are getting a great deal

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  3. Nelson C

    Soon to be offered as an SS 396 tribute.

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    • Davey Boy

      427 4 speed :-)

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    • Rufus

      Or an LS

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    • Zen


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  4. Hammer

    Wow once again, bought same car from California ,navy guy shipped it here then had to sell being shipped out. The car I bought was yellow black vinyl top no rust under the top or on the car . 283 with air and 28000 Miles. The car still had that new car smell. Paid 500 for it 35 yrs ago and sold it for 1500 the next day. I thought tripling my money was great. Man was I wrong !!! Hindsight is 20/20 . Help me Mr wizard!!!

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  5. jeffschevelle

    Looks like a good car. But I’d sure like to see pics of the driver’s side quarter panel BEFORE it was fixed and primed. The damage to the original door (laying in the trunk in the last picture in the auction) is pretty significant, and extends off the back edge, so I have to assume the quarter was torn up pretty good too (or otherwise it wouldn’t have gotten primed along with the replacement door).

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  6. John Oliveri

    I’d dump that drivetrain in the dumpster and start with a nice 396, locate correct buckets and console, 4 speed, then a nice rear, and suspension upgrades, paint, and you’ll have a 40 thousand dollar tribute SS

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