Barn Find Tired Triumph: 1971 TR6


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From reader Chuck F. comes this inexpensive but needy barn find Triumph TR6 find just removed from storage in Belle Chasse, Louisiana. It’s listed for sale here on craigslist, where the price is an attractive $1,500 but there’s a lot to be done.


The seller tells us that this was to be a project car and was stored at a friend’s house, but now that storage has been lost and it’s time to sell the car. The pictures are typical craigslist quality, which means they don’t tell us much, but considering the location and the fact that a lot of cars got flooded during Katrina, I’d be very careful about purchasing this one without looking very closely.


Just as a reminder, this is how nice this car once looked. Makes you wonder what happened! The seller tells us that the engine is free, but there’s major rust in the trunk lid and floor boards, and I’m guessing there’s also rust in the typical TR6 spots in the seams of the rear deck, rocker panels and lower front fenders. I’ve repaired all of those, some more than once, and I’ll tell you now rockers and floors on a TR6 are not to be taken on lightly.


I would definitely want to do an in-person inspection before pulling the trigger on this one. But bear in mind, if it has the optional Laycock overdrive version of the transmission, that alone could be worth the purchase price. If any of you end up checking this one out, let us know what you find!

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  1. HoA Howard AMember

    This really bums me out. Not because of the condition, per say, sadly, and I’m not alone, someday, I will only have a certain amount of money to put aside for a TR-6, and this is probably pretty representative of what you’ll get. A very tired TR-6, that will need everything. Nice ones go for 10g’s easy, so one might be ahead doing it this way. You’d spend at least that fixing this up, plus all the headaches of restoring a car like this, the choice is yours. Unless by some fluke, I highly doubt one will find ANY driveable TR-6 for under 5 grand. This is just a parts car, and I don’t think it has OD. OD cars had the word “overdrive” on the Triumph badge above the right tail light. This one doesn’t look like it has that, a “must have” option. Also, I never thought of the TR-6 as an “antique”. Not yet, anyway.

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    • Jamie Palmer JamieAuthor

      Hi, Howard. Define “driveable”. I can guarantee you I can find a TR6 that is running and safe to drive for $5k. The problem will be the rust repair and interior replacement that will then be necessary. Many TR6’s can be made safe to drive due to the robust frame. Heck, I’ve got one right now WITH overdrive that has a rock-solid frame that I could make safe to drive (new brakes, flushed/repaired fuel system, etc.) and sell you for $5k. However, plan on a lot of rust and interior replacement!

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      • HoA Howard AMember

        Hi Jamie, thanks. Driveable to me these days, is plop my bony butt in the seat, and turn the key and operate the controls. I’m an old man now, and my wrenchin’ days are all but over. Make no mistake, I’ve done my share of knuckle busting, ever since that lawn mower I took apart when I was 8 ( and couldn’t put it back together, and the old man was pissed) I’ve restored several cars over the years, and just can’t do that anymore. I blew it a few months back. There was a nice one in the Twin Cities for $4995. ( almost had Scotty G go look at it for me) And another friend in Oregon found one, also in good shape, that was donated to a cause, he got cheap ( won’t tell me how cheap, but I’m thinking 2-3 grand.) I think the hardest part of a restoration, for me, was rust repair. I never had a welder, so everything had to be sent out, and if pop rivets didn’t do it, I stayed away from that. Not easy finding a good one. People didn’t buy these to go putt-putt down the boulevard, they bought them to have fun and beat the crap out of them. I know I did with my MGB. I’ll get back to you on yours (yeah, how many times have you heard that? :)

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    • Rando

      LOL at considering the TR6 an “antique” in your final sentence. I saw a Ford Bronco II this morning with ANTIQUE plates on it. Talk about what I wouldn’t consider an “antique”… But alas they are…. So most of must be “ancients”???

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  2. bcavileer

    OD is not a must have option, I put TR5 ratio gears in mine and it performs great, without the extra weight of the OD unit. As far as restoring, be prepared to do everything and you will easily have 30k invested before you are done. Nice ones for 10k, good luck… there are plenty out there and the secrets hidden are many and costly to sort out PROPERLY. If you want a driver, that is one thing but if you have ever driven a fully sorted example they are magnificent cars too often neglected in the marketplace. Much nicer cars than given credit for. But buy a pre-72 car. The Feds killed later cars with fugly bumpers and anemic heads with smog pumps etc. etc.

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  3. Bruce

    I hope to have finished later this year a 1968 TR6, yes I said 1968. I have in my possession one of the first TR6’s from the transition year between the TR 250 and the TR6. This is an overdrive car, last letters in the VIN are LO.
    I can’t wait to finish the restoration on this car and put her on the road for altitude while before I sell her. I will be sure to let all of you Barn Find followers see it when it is ready.

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    • Jamie Palmer JamieAuthor

      Cool, Bruce, show us now so we can see what you are doing! :-)

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  4. Bruce

    I will take some pics this week and post them.

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  5. Van

    I don’t think the overdrive would servive Katrina either.

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    • Jamie Palmer JamieAuthor

      Believe it or not, I’ve taken apart an overdrive that got flooded in an NC beach hurricane. VERY little was recognizable, so I’m sure you are correct.

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  6. RoughDiamond

    My guess is what happened to it is called Katrina.

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  7. Van

    Funny, no mention of rat rod?

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  8. Bruce

    If the frame is in good enough shape it would make a great base for a Anglia or Henry J project.

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